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This course aims to provide training, guidance and practice for all seafarers in safe and efficient mooring
This training covers theory, practical demonstrations, and assessments utilizing the mooring station and ancillary
equipment on the basic principles of mooring particularly during berthing and unberthing, single point mooring
(SPM), multiple buoy mooring (MBM), ship-to-ship (STS) mooring/unmooring, and anchoring of ships in
accordance with the industrys best management practices, taking into account the applicable requirements
prescribed in Table A-II/5, Contribute to berthing, anchoring and other mooring operations, of the STCW Code
2010 Manila Amendments, including the recommendations from the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant
Seaman (Consolidated Edition) of United Kingdoms Maritime Coast Guard Agency (MCA).
Intended Learning Outcomes
After the training, the participants shall be able to:
be familiar with the different equipment used in mooring and unmooring operations;
understand the general principles in safe working practices during mooring and unmooring operations;
execute a planned safe and efficient mooring arrangement for ship?s arrival and departure.
Entry Standards
All seafarers involved in mooring operation.
24 Hours (3 Days)
Course Intake Limitations
Maximum of 12 participants
Special group/class can be accommodated upon request.
May - 07-09 , 09-12 , 12-
14 , 14-17 , 19-21 ,
June - 02-04 , 04-06 , 09-
11 , 16-18 , 18-20 ,
July - 07-09 , 16-19 
August - 04-06 , 13-16 
Safe Mooring Operation (SMO) Safe Mooring Operation (SMO)