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Homework 01.06.14 – 05.06.


Central Idea: Light and Sound Helps Us Experience Our World
Light Inquiry
This week we will continue to investigate the uses of light and
Shadows. In art children will need a flash light to begin
Their silhouette project. If you have not sent in the flashlight, please try to
bring one this week. To further investigate light and shadows we will be
measuring our shadows at 2 different times of day to realize that the sun
changes as the day goes on.
Monday: Go to this Science games link and experiment with shadows. Then play
the game where you change the suns position and watch the shadow move. Use
the worksheet to record the time of day in the pictures.

Sound Inquiry
This week we are investigating sound waves and pitch. We will be playing
musical bottles and making shakers. Please send in a small plastic
Yogurt cup before Wednesday so we can make our shakers. If you have extra
ones please send those too.
Wednesday: Watch this Sid the Science kid video to learn about sound waves.


9.4 Solving Problems in two
Complete page 219 in your home
links book. Draw the total
number of base-10 blocks and
then write the total.
Practice telling the time:
9.5 Symmetry
Complete page 221 in
your home links book.
Complete each design so
that the two halves


9.6 Fractional Parts
Complete page 223 in
your home links book.
Mark the fraction that
tells what part is
shaded and Shade the
Continuous Practice. is a great resource of games and support to enhance your child’s
math skills. is a great website to see what skills your child needs to practice for
grade 1.
Use the Espresso link to practice Math concepts. Follow this link and the user name a password below.
USERNAME: student49720
PASSWORD: alkhail
Complete the Spelling
Word/ picture sort.
Students are to cut out the
pictures/words and paste
them under the correct

Practice your spelling words. Use magazines to
make the words.
Play the Picnic on Pluto games with Obb and
Bob and decide if the word is a real or a
nonsense word.

Practice writing your
spelling words.
Please log on to
and read a levelled book.
Practice your spelling words for
the quiz tomorrow.
We will be doing Reading
Assessments this week so please
use Raz-kids.