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(One Word Substitution):

1. A continuous discharge of firearms=fusillade.

2. A lady who remains unmarried=spinster.
3. Having womanly manners=effeminate.
4. A noisy abusive, scolding woman=termagant.
5. A person who lays too much stress on book learning=pedant.
6. A physician who assists women at child birth=obstetrician.
7. Animal or plant living in or on another=parasite.
8. Bringing into, or taking out of, a country goods contrary to law=contraband.
9. Cast off skin of a snake=slough.
10. Coining or using new words=neologism.
11. Correct spelling=orthography.
12. Deceptive image in atmosphere=mirage.
13. False or malicious statement about a person=slander/calumny.
14. Five hundred anniversary=quincentenary.
15. Full of twists or bends=tortuous.
16. Irrational hatred or fear of strangers or foreigners=xenophobia.
17. Lady's private sitting room=boudoir.
18. Large scale departure of people=exodus.
19. Living in flocks or herds=gregarious.
20. Loss of memory=amnesia.
21. One delighted in eating and drinking=epicure.
22. One journeying on foot=pedestrian.
23. One who can use both hands=ambidextrous.
24. One who deserts a party or principle=renegade.
25. One who is never tired=indefatigable.
26. One who walks on stretched ropes=funambulist.
27. Filled with abnormal enthusiasm=fanatical.
28. Protest loudly and bitterly=fulminate.
29. Release from captivity for payment=ransom.
30. Small powerful political committee=caucus.
31. Tending to be mentally weak=imbecile.
32. That can not be understood or known=inscrutable.
33. That which cannot be conquered=invincible.
34. Still existing=extant.
35. The act of practice of spying=espionage.
36. The dead body of a beast=carcass.
37. Time or signal for people to remain indoors=curfew.
38. To dig by force or corpse=exhume.
39. To overlook a fault or wrong=Connive.
40. Type of mental disorder marked by lack of connection between thoughts, feelings and
41. Young male horse=colt.