Tenses for the Verb - teach

The Present
Present Continuous - "It's Monday morning and I'm teaching English."
Present Simple - "I usually teach business English."
Present Perfect Simple - "I have already taught tenty different courses this year."
Present Perfect Continuous - "I have been teaching English for ! years."
The Past
Past Continuous - "I as teaching my ne group yesterday hen the head came in."
Past Simple - "I taught them ho to say '"ello' last ee#."
Past Perfect Simple - "$y the time the head came in I had already taught them ho
to say '%ood morning'."
Past Perfect Continuous - "I had been teaching them ho to spell their names hen
e ere interrupted."
The Future
Present Continuous - "I'm teaching a ne group tomorro."
&uture Simple - "I thin# I'll teach some grammar in my ne't lesson."
&uture Perfect Simple - "I ill have taught over ()) students at the end of this
&uture Perfect Continuous - "*his time ne't ee# I ill have been teaching for over
si' years."
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