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Eye Activation
An Urim Thummin Empowerment of circuitry resonance for your
tri-chromatic pathways connecting the 4 eyes of Horus with your eyes.

Your 4
Eye, fully activated by Urim and Thummin Lights supports your
multi-dimensional sight. The tri-chromatic circuitry is infused by 12 of the
Strength Movers of the Light; for your brain and bodys ease to utilize
higher light frequencies. It will also help to translate accurately the messages
that arrive in many sacred languages to your conscious awareness.
Eye Activation energy system channeled and manual written by:
Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT
July 27th, 2010 ~All Rights reserved
Eye Activation has a fixed resale price of $21.99 USD each or the
equivalent in your currency. Always provide this manual with any 4
Activation attunement, fully intact, with no changes.
The Urim and Thummin, in many sacred traditions throughout history, have
been central to the role of Divining. They were written on stone for casting
lots to determine guilt or innocence and were inscribed on the breastplates of
High Priests. They are described as Lights or crystalline lights.
The Urim and Thummins roles are necessary for us because this is but one
of many realities. As frequencies move through the membranes between
realities and worlds, distortion is possible.
Your 4th Eye is the seat of your multidimensional sight and is located in the
back of your head, just below the crown, and just above your Jade Pillow.
The Jade Pillow is the soft spot atop your spine. It is also known as the
Bindu Kshetram chakra point.
The tri-chromatic circuitry form a crystalline grid of resonance. Their
pathways are infused by 12 Strength Movers of the Light, impeccably
connecting your left, right, and 3
(Ajna Chakra), and 4
The Urim and Thummin operate more effectively when a tri-chromatic
circuitry is in place. They prepare and open more memory space within
human brains. This memory is particularly suited to receiving downloads
from Spirit. Now you will have access to it.It is common to hear people
speak of having received a download of energy containing information.
Many times however, it feels as if the download either then disappears, is
irretrievable. Sometimes feels to remains in the loading dock of our 3
area causing pressure and headaches.
This 4
Eye Activation awakens your 4
Eye. Now your third eye doesnt
need to do double duty. Pressure is reduced and ease is known.
Your 4
Eye Activation performs several functions at once:
1) Activates your 4
Eye with Amset and Alephs sacred energies.
2) Provides you with the Urim Thummin Empowerment
3) Creation of the tri-chromatic crystalline grid of circuitry resonance.
4) Swirling vortexes of the Four Eyes of Horus overlay your eyes.
5) Empowerments to 12 Strength Movers of the Light.
The Four Eyes of Horus are thought to have held up the four corners of
Creation. The resonance of their energy with the Urim and Thummin
uphold in perfection the circuitry needed to support your 4
Accept your 4
Eye Activation in the manner directed by your teacher after
you read this invocation with strong feeling.
Gather with our Council! Alentus! Assist!
The Light which exists without being created!
We bring you our Temple Offerings of Sacred Utterances.
Call forth, Galaxies Within to Synergize our Realities.
Prism! Release Reflections of Divinity to Unfurling Design
who will bring it forth. NOW!
Look at this image to strengthen the inflow of your 4
Eye Activation.
Now all of your eyes are active and in resonance with one another!
Many people feel the warmth and tingle that often is associated with the
awakening of your 4
Eye. It is normal even if you do not feel any bodily
sensation. Understand, however, that the activity of your 4
Eyes does alter
your perception of space and time.
Many people find this energy to be particularly altering of their perception
of their reality, even if they do not feel any bodily sensations.
I recommend that you do not drive a vehicle for at least a half hour
(preferably up to an hour), after receiving your 4
Eye Activation and
after any path-working activity. This is true even if you feel normal.
The incoming energy of your 4
Eye Activation will run approximately 8 to
10 minutes. It brings you the energy of the Urim and Thummin and creates
your tri-chromatic crystalline grid system. The Strength Movers of the Light
associated with this attunement infuse the pathways with their energies.
A newly activated 4
Eye will require re-activation to strengthen it. Simply
Say, out loud or in your mind: 4
Eye, Activation On!
You may also activate the Urim and Thummin energies to increase the flow
of their sacred energies for you. Say: Urim, Thummin On!
As with any energy center in your body, good care of your 4
Eye requires
spiritual hygiene. Rosemary Noel has created an excellent 4
Eye Flush to
be used regularly for optimal functioning of your 4
Eye now that it is
active. I highly recommend you purchase this from her at her website:
The tri-chromatic circuitry that your 4
Eye Activation completes is
sketched here. I drew this a few years ago to give a visual image of it.
Seen here as if you are laying upon the drawing, with your left eye at the #1
circle, your right at the #2 circle, and your 3
eye in the middle circle, and
your 4
eye at the upper back of your head at the 4
Each circuit is denoted here with a different line color, originating from an
eye and connecting to the other three. Each connecting line has the name of
the Strength Mover of the Light who infuses their part of the pathway.
Look and see how perfect the image looks! The connections are impeccable!
Your 4
Eye is an integral, awake energy center in perfect balance with your
other eyes, contributing to your entire perception of reality!
The 12 Strength Movers of the Light who infuse your tri-chromatic circuitry
are: Royalty, Hidden Temple, Density of Desire, Resonance Beyond, Waters
of Life, Grandmother Time, Intelligence Collector, Weaver, Sensational
Outburst, Temples Within, Sacred Thresholds, and
Facets of Divinity. Your 4
Eye Activation has given you an empowerment
to each one. Strength Movers of the Light are beings of Eternal Light many
of whom you probably know by other names. For the purposes of this
energy system, they prefer to be known by the attributes of Divinity that
they extend forth to you. Call on them anytime, individually or together.
For example: Hidden Temple, activate! and simply send appreciation for
their being and curiosity to know more about Hidden Temple. That is the
key to activating their energies as strongly as is appropriate for you this day.
The empowerment to and entire card deck set of Strength Movers of the
Light may also be purchased from Rosemary Noel at:
What follows here are path working exercises. Do them if you feel called to.
They are ways of strengthening the new muscles that you have just been
given. There is a purpose to putting your conscious attention within each eye
and looking out to your other eyes, one at a time. For now you can do them
while holding a copy of this list of instructions, then you can simply print
the diagram of the tri-chromatic circuitry and activate them while glancing at
it. Eventually you will indeed memorize each circuits Strength Mover if
you feel fond of path working.
You will be instructed to put your attention within one eye and look out
toward another eye while activating the Strength Mover associated with that
path. Hold your intent for 15-30 seconds.
It is okay to simply activate the name of the Strength Mover, then count up
to 15 or 30. Eventually you will be able to hold your intent for a minute for
each pathway. That is a good goal.
If you are sensitive to energy, it may become uncomfortable to hold your
intent for anything over 21 seconds the first time for each pathway.
There is an intensity that builds as the energy runs through a new pathway
and fortifies it to handle higher octaves of those frequencies.
At about a count of 13 in most pathways, the first time I focused on them,
I felt activation. By about the count of 21, a strong warmth, pressure and
sense of disorientation would occur in most of the pathways.
At that point, I thought it best to leave it for the moment and go on to the
next pathway. I was able to hold my intention for longer periods of time in
subsequent path-working sessions.
Begin Here: Your left eye is anchored with the energies of Qebhsennuf Eye
of Horus, representing the direction of West, and Qoph of the Aleph Beth.
Qoph, back of the head. Kedushah: Holiness,implying self discipline.
To be translated and freed from karmic limitation.
Sanctifying the physicality as worthy to thrive in the very Presence of
Your right eye is anchored with the energies of Hapi Eye of Horus in the
North and Heh, of the Aleph Beth.
Heh means window, Illumination and Inspiration.
The Strength Movers of the Light gave me this statement for the direction of
North: Orient yourselves therefore to the stars, and receive illumination
and inspiration from beyond this Space/Time/Sound/Color Configuration, to
know as Divinity Knows. This reflects an aim of 4
Eye Activation.
Your 3
eye is anchored by Tuamutef Eye of Horus, and represents the
direction of East. Tuamutef arrived with many locks and a deep shaft that
appeared to have an elevator within for transportation to various levels of the
Library Within.
Teth, symbol of a serpent, the Kundalini sacred sexuality, creativity and
secrets, hidden under veils, as the way of mysteries is a journey toward
wisdom of the wholeness that you are.
Your 4
Eye is the seat of your multidimensional sight and is located in the
back of your head, below the crown, and just above your Jade Pillow. The
Jade Pillow is the soft spot atop your spine.
Amset Eye of Horus anchors this eye, and represents the direction of South
and the Aleph of the Aleph Beth. It is the link between Creator and
Created. Its symbol is that of an ox, and the four powers of Balance,
Strength, Endurance and Integrity. These are gifts of your 4
PATHWORK: Many of you have English as a second or third language. The
names of the Strength Movers of the Light are how they choose to be known
by us. It denotes their attribute of Divinity that they extend to us. If you
prefer to substitute a word in your own language that holds more resonance
to the intended meaning, thus renaming them, please do so. For it is not their
names, but the intent within their names that is the benefit they bring your
circuits and you.
The colors of the diagram are not indicative of any meanings.
In truth, the pathway colors tend to ripple and change as they transmit
information in the moment, and do not remain constant.
They are operative, functional.
As you do this pathwork, you will be practicing the art of putting your
awareness in a certain area of your brain, and looking out from there.
Begin your pathwork by being in your left eye with Qebhsennuf in the West
and looking out to your right eye.
The word Activate in these instructions means to intend for the Being of
Light to extend forth their energies actively infusing their pathway.
While doing this pathwork, it is helpful to think about what each Beings
name means to you in your life. How might their presence assist you?

Hold your intent once you activate each one, for a count of 15-30 seconds,
then move on to the next instruction.
Activate Royalty from within your left eye. Hold your intent as looking
down that pathway to your right eye.
Now look out your left eye toward your third eye and activate Hidden
Continuing to be in your left eye, now look back to your fourth eye and
activate Density of Desire.
Density of Desire means a Desire so strong that it gains density so that it is
tangible. Closer now to real than a thought, almost reality.
Now go to Hapi in your right eye in the North and look back toward your
left eye and activate Resonance Beyond.
Still within your right eye now look toward your third eye and activate
Waters of Life.
Once more from your right eye, look toward your fourth eye in the back of
your head and activate Grandmother Time.
Now move your consciousness, and be in your 3rd eye. Look out toward
your left eye and activate Intelligence Collector.
Return to being in your third eye and now look toward your right eye and
activate Weaver.
Now, once more return your awareness to your 3rd eye and look back to
your fourth eye and activate Sensational Outburst!
When you are ready, move your consciousness to your 4
This may feel odd to some of you whove not had reason to practice looking
out from that part of your head previous to this exercise.
Look forward to your left eye and activate Temple Within.
Return your awareness to simply being in your 4
eye with
Aleph and now look outward to your third eye.
Activate Sacred Thresholds.
One final time, return to being in your fourth eye and look outward to your
right eye while activating Facets of Divinity.
While you are there in your 4th eye, use any sense you have of its clarity or
cleanliness level. Do you need to call in assistance to tidy or wipe its
windows? Might you need to purchase and activate Rosemary Noels 4
Flush? Is a vault door in need of being opened before this eye will function
well? Simply be there a moment and if any sense arrives to you that any
cleaning action is needed do so or call in help.
It is not often, unless we perform a specific exercise, that we put ourselves in
the back of our head and look out from there!
Now complete your path working session with an invocation:
I receive the blessings of the Light Beyond the Light!
I hold close the truth of who I AM!
Bring me now the sight which exists throughout all that IS,
to know my way, this day.
If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently send the
Eye Activation in the manner of your choosing.
Advise your student on the best way to receive the attunement you have sent
out. 4
Eye Activation manual may not be sold apart from the activation
itself. It must be included freely, and fully intact with no changes when a
Eye Activation is provided.
Eye Activation is an original energy system channeled and Manual
written by Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, DD, RGMT and is unlike any by
any other person previously or any that may arrived in the future.
July 27th, 2010 ~All Rights reserved
Disclaimer: Legal Reasons, Mariah Couture states that this4th Eye Activation

attunement/ empowerments is/ arefor entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form of
natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment or
initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future.
This empowerment/ attunement is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice.
Mariah Coutureis not engaged in rendering medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Couture
has made every effort to provide accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations
made and no guarantees are issued toward the validity of information.
By receiving the empowerment/ attunement in this manual you are agreeing to indemnifyMariah
Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or
publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage allegedly caused. Mariah Couture
is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising this empowerment. You further agree to
indemnify Mariah Couturefrom all liabilities and expenses including lawyers fees arising from such
claims based on this manual.July 27th, 2010
Front page image created by Ian Lee specifically for this energy system and is royalty free.
All other photos I own a lifetime royalty free license to use commercially.
Reference: The Book of Knowledge; Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak
Pages 512-513 Key 316: 11-17 and 31-38
11) Each of the sons represents a creative aspect of the Eye.
12) Qebhsennuf represents the external surface of the eye with the facets of the
transparent cornea.
13) Hapi represents the conical elements of the ommatidia which are transparent in the
center, but covered laterally with opaque pigment.
14) Tuamutef represents the optic nerve fibers in contact with the lower tips of the
transparent cones. The endings of these fibers are sensitive to ongoing light changes.
15) And Amset represents the optic ganglion of the brain on which the optic fibers
16) The beams of Light emanated by each of these four are uniquely connected so that
each sends out three beams of Light which are connected to each other creating a
trichromatic system.
17) Within this grid network, all parts of the body can be found because the eye is the
primary grid of physical creation.
31) Presently your brain works according to the consciousness plan of the species which
establishes the flow of ions through the membrane circuitry.
32) In order for you to go beyond the increments of the chemical time scale requires the
use of Urim circuitry which overrides the old flow time of the sodium ions and allows for
immediate information transfer between the brain codes and the new memory storage.
33) Here, the Urim circuitry allows for the reception of information at rates faster than
analytical comprehension. In fact, when the time frames of memory (past reference) and
thought stability are compared with the new incoming information, consciousness time
actually speeds up.
34) The Urim are the crystals that work within a harmonic grid arrangement. Through the
modulation of these crystals with the energy fields of sound and color, spiritual beings
can directly send and receive thought-forms which can be absorbed consciously or
35) Through the Urim, the Brotherhood of Man is coordinated with the Brotherhood of
Light by means of light crystal frequencies which activate the channels of Love and
36) The Urim are the Lights which connect the processes of the mind with the different
threshold levels of spiritual power. They are energy jewels which connect with the
template grid of the eighth chakra so that the flame over the head can be focused into
the spiritual pathways being served by the Living Light.
37) Each crystal works at a different vibrational frequency which coordinates our
program with the other universal programs within the Living Light. The Urim are the
highest and most perfect form of crystals available for the coordination of human
intelligence with the Higher Evolution.
38) On the other hand, the Thummin are the energy changes around the Urim crystals in
which the thought-forms, coming from God and His Hierarchy to His chosen servants,
stay in perfection while in dimensions of imperfection.
4th Eye is also known as Bindu
From that Bindu came ether, air, fire, water, earth and the letters of the alphabet. Bindu is the cause of
the creation of word and meaning, now entering and now separating from each other. (Kama- Kala- Vilasa)
The Bindu is where the individual consciousness breaks away from the undifferentiated consciousness, to
inaugurate the birth of the individual. Swami Nishchalanda states each one of us is an atom of the Whole.
Bindu is the gateway to Shoonya the void; but not a barren existential space, but the rich golden womb
of plenitude, the state of undifferentiated consciousness.
A favourite quotation of Swami Nishchalananda is Consciousness is a circle, of which the centre (Bindu) is
everywhere and the circumference is nowhere (Giordano Bruno).
Swami Satyanandas descriptions are hard to better, and I make no apologies for quoting him liberally in
these notes: Bindu is mysterious; it is an ineffable focal point within which the two opposites, infinity and
zero, fullness and nothingness, coexist. The word Bindu means drop or point.
He also says that Bindu is both the means of expression of consciousness and also the means of
limitation; and that every object evolves into material existence through the medium of the Bindu and every
object is withdrawn back to the source via the Bindu as well.
Bindu is a trapdoor opening in both directions. It is the means through which conscious centres such as
man can realise the totality of Sahasrara.
Swami Satyananda describes two paths on lifes journey- the evolutionary or pravritti path- looking away
from Bindu towards the outward world; the other path is nivritti- the path of involution through Bindu to
Sahasrara, the inner path of Yoga.
Bindu is located at the top of the back of the head, at the spot where Hindu Brahmins leave a tuft of hair
growing. In Tantra, Bindu is symbolised as a crescent moon and a white oozing drop; the crescent moon is
depicted against a night sky, the night sky being the infinity of Sahasrara in the background, realisable by
the waxing of the moon that comes with Yoga sadhana.
The oozing drop (Bindu Visarga) is the nectar amrit dripping down to Vishuddhi chakra. According to
Tantra, Bindu produces exotic ambrosia, which is the nectar of immortality, and on which one can survive
without physical sustenance; however this downward-flowing nectar is normally consumed by the lower
centres and old age incurs.
Bindu is known in other mystical traditions- it is the mole in the body in Sufism, and the centre of the
spiders web.
Bindu is the dot depicted in the glyph of the mantra OM, representing the gateway to the fourth plane of
consciousness that transcends the three planes in which we normally exist.
Location point: back of top of head
Kshetram point: same
Basic Colour; black or white
Material constituent (Dhatu) : semen/ovum
Inner organs: none- Bindu transcends the physical body
Plane; Satyam Loka- the plane of truth
Sheath: Causal/ Anandamaya Kosha
Musical note: NI (Indian); TI (Western)
Seed mantra: OM
Sphere mantra: Satyah
Symbol: a back or white oozing drop; a crescent moon
The Point was in its principial state of impenetrable secrecy where there is neither separation nor union,
neither after nor before, neither breadth nor length, and all the letters were obliterate in its hidden Essence,
just as the books, despite the divergence of their contents, were obliterate in the letters. (Book of the
Unique Archetype by Shaikh Ahmad Al- Alawi).
~Michael McCann
I would like to acknowledge the teachings of Swami Satyananda and Swami Nischalananda
Saraswati- particularly the book Kundalini Tantra
Some photos and content and fall under the fair use permission to copy.