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All prices must be in Rs ( Indian Rupees)
Rate quoted should be on CFR-E+H,Aurangabad basis.
Material should be despatched by road thru regular transport.
Packing must be export type SEA worthy packing.
Component Data ( Estimated for quotation purpose)
Weight in As CAST condition.
Weight in Duly MACHINED condition.
Material cost ( Considered for quotation purpose)
Raw material specification.
Raw material rate / Kg
Ni rate / Kg.
FeMo rate / Kg.
FeCr rate / Kg.
Component Cost
Rate per piece in As Cast condition.
Rate per piece duly machined condition.
Extra process cost ( if any ) / pc
Inspection cost / pc
Packing cost/ pc
Total rate per piece in fully machined condition.
List of investment cast tools required.
Investment casting die development cost.
Investment casting die development period. Indicate die
development period , sample submission period separately.
List of investment machining fixtures required.
Machining fixtures development cost.
Machining fixtures development period. Indicate fixture
development period, sample submission period separately.
Payment terms
Die + machining fixtures payment terms.
Payment terms for regular supply.
Sample batch size.
Pilot lot batch size
Production lot size
Delivery time
Sample batch size
Pilot lot batch size
Production lot size
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