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L02 TASK 2

I am doing an advert about health insurance. In America , if you don’t have health insurance you
would have to pay for treatment which can be a pain. The ones I have found range from £45 a
month to £85 a month , if you pay £85 a month you get all benefits like treatments and MRI scans.
Its quite a lot of money , so in my advert it’s a low sum of money for unlimited cover.
I will be using 2 actor called ****** and ******. The crew will be me as I only need one cameraman.
I don’t need any props, just casual clothes and the location will be locally around Henley.

My target audience is for people who are around 20-50 as everyone should have health insurance. I
will use clear and reasonable language to engage with the audience. My advert will be short but to
the point that something bad can happen at any time and if you don’t have insurance you could pay
some serious money for healthcare.

L02 TASK 3

The channels I would like this advert aired on is ITV1 , ITV2 , BBC3 and the radio. Around evening
time. This is because there is a suggested violence scene. The reason for these channels is that they
are the most popular channels, which display adverts. The reason I would like ITV is because it
contains shows like the Xfactor which appeals to all audiences so if I air it at the right moment then I
could have a potential half a million people view my advert. I learnt that during the ad breaks for
these popular shows the energy companies have noticed an increase in electricity for a short burst
of time due to the watchers boiling a kettle boiling ext which means around 1/5
of people are away
, So to get the Maximum viewers I would have my advert play before the show starts again. BBC3
because it’s the only bbc channel that shows adverts and has some late night comedy which would
appeal to a more young-adult audience and on the radio because the radio appeals to all ages.
Mainly , my advert is aimed for the older audience , however I have added some comic conventions
in so all audiences would understand and appreciate it as what the narrator in the advert says 1/3
people have experienced.

L02 TASK 4

The Code is enforced by the Advertising Standards Authority, who can take steps to remove or
amended any ads that breach there rules, altogether there 32 rules that companies must take into
consideration before making there advert, otherwise there advert may be refused to be on air. I will
be talking about 3 codes that I have picked out.
Number 10 : Prohibited Categories
Prohibited categories are the stuff that absolutely cannot be shown in an advert. An example is
tobacco, adverts must not promote smoking or the use of tobacco based products like rolling paper
or cigarette filters. Also , any adverts cannot have a person smoking. The only time you are allowed if
it’s a stop smoking campaign or an anti drugs message. Another one is guns , even replica ones and
offensive weapons likes swords or knifes. This is because they cannot show items that cause injury.
And then its all the obvious stuff , such as adverts that can help you get around the law , Prostitution
, nudity and the use of illegal substances.
Number 5 : Children
The main aim in this code is that children must be protected from advertisements that could cause
physical, mental or moral harm. The definition of a child in this code is someone that is under the
age of 16. Some rules are that apply are that children cannot be singled out from other children if
they do not own/use this product. If children are in an advert then they MUST have a parental
consent form singed by both parties. They must not condone or encourage unreasonable behaivour
that could be dangerous for children to emulate. Also , they must not condone children going off
with strangers.

Number 4 : Harm and Offence
This is the category I had to look into as there is a very slight hint of violence in my advert. I only
need to make one change now which is to feature a character which is over the age of 18 as you are
unable to show someone underage being harmed. Some rules are that you cannot show an animal
being hurt/tortured and I assume that is the same with a human. The sound also cannot be overly
loud so the user watching the telly may turn the volume down. Some other things are that you
cannot show are people being grossly prejudicial to the protection of the environment like violent
protests and also you cannot distress the audience without a justifiable reason , so we cant exploit
the audiences fears or superstitions.

(All info has been found on

L02 task 5


A shot of the character from the back walking down a hill with all the diegetic sounds. We then get
an OTS shot as his phone rings. As he puts it up against his ear another character comes in shot and
tackles him to the ground. We then get a POV of the victim on the floor and as he rolls onto his front
the other character is over him with a raised fist. As he goes to punch the camera the shot freezes
and we hear a narrator.

Earlier that day, we contacted David about our reduced price on our
health insurance, however he rudely replied

Man on phone
Don’t F****** call this number ever again you stupid *****

Right now, David is about to get 2 swollen eyes, a fractured nose
and he’s going to look like a plum. His skull would also be fractured
by the forceful hard bash to the ground, thus causing concussion.
Unfortunately without our services, David would have to pay £3000
for treatment, but if he signed up earlier he would only of had to
pay exactly £35.78
Screen fades to black then writing comes up on screen with a phone number
Health insurance from £12 a month, get yours today.

The budget for my film is around £0.00 as I already have everything I need, I might have the victim
holding a can of coke so my budget may be £0:50.

I think my advert will be a success because it will shock the audience. The thing I want to achieve in
this advert is the understanding that anything bad could happen at any moment and if your not
covered then you really could be in some serious trouble. We all get those annoying phone calls
from companies enquiring about our health and offering there service to us , however most of the
time we either hang-up without saying anything or rudely say your not interested. In my advert we
have the victim be rude to the operator, I wanted this in my advert because I felt that most people
could relate to this character, and when this characters in danger you would feel a bit on edge
because you would be like ‘What if it were me?’ My Advert will only be around half a minuet long
because I want the audience to keep there attention on the advert and not get sidetracked.