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The Pit Bull Nutters

The Pit Bull Nutters

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Published by Elton Camp
Blindly ignorant, they praise their devil dogs.
Blindly ignorant, they praise their devil dogs.

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Published by: Elton Camp on Jun 01, 2014
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The Pit Bull Nutters

By Elton Camp
The pit bull attacks they don’t mind
To suffering and death they’re blind
No matter how many cases you cite
They think their foolish view right
It’s the human handler they blame
Or else, it’s the victim they name
“They shouldn’t scream and run.
ince !ruiser was only having fun."
“It’s not the breed#" they decry
$alling indisputable facts a lie
%rom the nutters be sure to flee
They are far too blind truth to see
&ather, vile profanity they use
Others, of dog hate to accuse
Pit bull nutters disregard the facts

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