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End World Hunger

One project I worked on last semester was for my digital Literacy class, it was
called “End World”. Ms. Espinoza my teacher enrolled my class in a website to be able
to make a difference in our community. Our task was to create a plan to end World
Hunger, in this case though it was in our community only. We had to make a team with
other people in my class. My group was Maritza Lopez, Daisy Zamora, Hugo Vega, Lila
Torres, Ahtziri Escalera, Angela Velasquez, Anthony Hernandez and Karina Lepe. Our
group name was S.O.S. (Share Our Strength). Our group plan was to collect money and
with the money we would collect we would go grocery shopping and buy two families a
dinner for Christmas. We would collect money by putting decorated tissue boxes in
restaurants where a lot of people go to eat, or grocery stores with population. The boxes
had pictures and the reason why we were collecting money.

While doing this project the GLPO my group and I met was Take Action Enact
Global Solutions. I was able to identify collaborators across discipline and involve others
in collaborating actions across borders to address a situation, event, issue or phenomena
in ways that improve conditions. For example I was able to solve the situation of hunger
in my community and come up with a plan. I also used this by coming up with ideas on
how to collect food for the families. I also collaborated with different people for example,
teachers, students, storeowners, and administration. This project-helped people realize
and learn about world hunger as well.

During this project I learned many different things. I learned how to talk to people
and contact them. For example I had to call stores and ask for permission to put our
fundraising boxes in their cashiers. I progressed in my communication skills, because I
talked to store representatives and managers where I had to be not shy and outspoken.
Another thing I learned was how to write an accurate proposal, how to put what I wanted
and how to say what I wanted. During this project it helped me see different things I
never thought I’d realize, for example how some people out there do not have what to eat
for the holidays or special days in their life.

In this project I believe there was many things that we accomplished and did
good. For example we managed to tell the companies how we wanted things to work out
and they cooperated as well in many ways. Another thing I feel my group and I did well
on was that we created a plan where all my group and I agreed it would work out. We
would have created a bigger better more informative plan but this was only for the
community so we had to make it small. This project was successful and my team and I
feel we accomplished something good in our community.