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1. I Har-Aha son of Hapi son of Har and Tabijet prom-
ise to you. You Nuwaupians that is Sah Paa-Nazdiru
record your goodness before the presence of the Most
2. Be patient don’t fear: for formerly you have been
disgraced called a fool slandered with evil and with afflic-
tion; however now will you Nuwaupians shine like the lumi-
naries of Illywun in the Heaven.
3. Nuwaupians you all will be seen, and the vortex of Sapt
will open to you.
4. Your calls and cries have cried for an end to your suf-
fering and for judgment: and it has appeared to you: for an
account of all your sufferings will be required from the lead-
ers, and from everyone who has assisted your plunders.
5. Be patient don’t fear: don’t relinquish your confidence
because much joy is coming your way, happier days will be
yours, like that of Paa-Nazdiru in Sah. Conduct your-
selves as you know what is to come for you know. You will
not be concealed in that day. You will not be found
amongst the fallen ones and eternal condemnation will be
far from Nuwaupians so long as the world exist.
6. So Nuwaupian do not have any fears for you keep your
true way of life Wu-Nuwaupu you’re the pure ones when
you see the fallen one who have turned to the world of evil
to live in the image of Paa-Heket-Khasut and look to be
flourishing and look to be prosperous in their ways don’t be
fooled it will fade just as fast and they count it.
7. So don’t associate with them: but keep yourselves at a
distance from them and you will see their oppressor oppress
them they are only being used to deceive the up coming chil-
8. Make your associates those who wish to be with the host
of Heaven.
9. As to you the fallen ones say all our transgressions will
not be taken account of and are recorded. However all
your transgressions are being recorded moment by moment
by who stands amongst you sent from above. The recorder
being Nazdir Tehuti.
10. And you all can be assured by me, that light and dark-
ness day and shadow hour, behold all your transgressions
so don’t be impious in your thoughts. Stop lying: surrender
to the facts of Wu-Nuwaupu before it’s too late for your
11. Don’t follow the ways of Apapis and his evil children.
Don’t use his evil words use only the words of uprightness:
You have your place with us. Stop lying against your own
nature the Holy and the Most High:
12. Glorify not the evil ways of this wicked world making
idols out of persons not of your own be who and what you
are for really that’s all you can be. The costumes all come
off on that day. All your actions, all your words of lying and
all your impiety is not for you by nature but only the ways of
those you choose to follow.
1 3. They only teach you to speak evil things: they will utter
falsehood: execute great undertakings and compose books
in their own words, pictures in their own image even their
God looks like them, speaks like them and only to them if
you only realize it.
14. They will neither change or diminish from their evil na-
ture and you have been warned of them. I have uttered to
you concerning them from day one.
15. Another mystery also I point out to Paa-Nuwaupians
and the wise shall be given more books than they can read.
Books of joy of integrity and Right Knowledge, Right Wis-
dom and the Right Overstanding. The Right Way Wu-
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah
1. Look now at the true light the Black Light which is the
holy pure light. With it you see facts you see truth you see
reality. Amunnubi ReAnkh Ptah son of Ptah and Neith
has incarnated now to reveal Wu-Nuwaupu to you once
again after 24,000 years of blinding white light lies, decep-
tion, fabrication. With him you will as Nuwaupians drive
away deceit and by the Black Light revealed inside the
chambers of Paa Mirty in both Hut-Ka-Ptah and Hut-Ba-
Ptah separated it TuTi his point of incarnation as a
brightly shinning green light which is part of the Black Light.
2. Step by step you walk with Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah
and be rightly guided to the pathway that leads to the lat-
ter of the Henu-aat onto the Mandjet-aat onto the
Bennu-aat on home but woe to those of you who have gone
astray in this time.
3. The hour of true judgment as Tehuti enters the secret
name of each who will have a seat yet for sure deceit and
those who think they are worthy and can deceive Paa-
Nazdiru are only fooling their own souls. They don’t know
that that time is fast approaching. Surely deceit will be re-
tracting. None can ever escape our judgment or the day of
departure as the Great Balls of Fire come as the Great
seas boil over as the mountains begin to fall as the sane be-
come the insane. Blood will be on the hands of many and all
the hypocrites will be in utter disarray and in fact this is not
to come but is upon you now. Then in the past is now and
then in the future is now.
4. The rising sun Re-Har-Akhety shines brightly across
the entire Human passageway as the Sun Re, travels
across the day sky becoming Atum-Re pushed by Khaf-
Re from beneath the sea onto Atun-Re to remove the
shadow where no one can hide. Then onto Amun-Re be-
hind the great mountains of the West.
5. Those who lived in the blinding lies of Paa-Hekat-
Khasus the Canaanites who mixed their blood with all who
they can shall see Wu-Nuwaupu the Great Truth as a
shaft of 8 beams of Sun Light Nun and as Nunet, Heh
and as Hehet, Kek and as Keket, Amun and as Amunet
linked to manifest as 9 the 9th being Atum to create Shu
and Tefnut and Geb and Nut and Asar his brother Su-
tukh and their twin sisters Aset and Nebt-Hut who could
not be told apart for they looked the same in all ways.
6. You each must step by way of Atum to be returned to
your perfect self. Even hardened hearts can return to over-
stand and accept what is theirs Wu-Nuwaupu.
7. Yet, as far as those of you who only follow those who re-
ceived what they only can believe but never really know,
those who came to Tama-Re lived with us, learned from us,
then set up their new found faiths of White Light, trans-
parent, spirits, hopes, beliefs, spooks, ghosts, steam, vapor,
unreal, unproven, unconfirmed, they pray to nothing. They
receive nothing for their prayers as they die sick, poor, ig-
norant, of whom and what they are that which was wor-
8. Yet for those who don’t hear the words of Amunnubi
ReAnkh Ptah those who are plugging their ears, covering
their eyes, using their own hands held by foolishness and
fear of facts with so much might, they have absolutely con-
demned themselves out of sight and are undoubtly lost from
the purity of Wu-Nuwaupu the Ancient Tama-Rean way
of life, the only way out of this dying world.
9. As for those pretenders who use the word Wu-
Nuwaupu who carry the Tama-Rean attributes who wear
the royal robes and headdress, wear the symbols and speak
the tongue Nuwaupic, yet do not truly act the part of the
child of Paa-Nazdiru who don’t do as they profess, who eat
like animals who lust like animals, who lie, deceive know you
are being watched at all times and will be disclosed to ex-
plain our way and your reason concerning your deceptions,
lies, lust, bad habits. You will be asked why did you come
near Wu-Nuwaupu? Why did you call yourself Nuwau-
pian? Did you not know we watch you concerning the dif-
ferent ways you went about your life stubble as dry hay. So
now why don’t you do the right thing before that hour
comes? Obey.
10. We have sent to you the way out like a beam of pure
light you have been singled out of many and handed to you
by Amunnubi ReAnkh Ptah in the words and the actions,
in much writings while we were carefully observing.
Amunnubi ReAnkh Ptah in the words and the actions, in
much writings while we were carefully observing. Amunnubi
ReAnkh Ptah recited Wu-Nuwaupu in your hearing be-
fore your discerning eyes even echoing it in your hearts.
Then I placed it in your hands that its powerful guidance
any cleanse you inside out and outside in of all Human
weakness and usher you into perfection perchance you will
wake the inner you bring it out and recognize your true na-
ture and be transformed back into your true being.
Amunnubi ReAnkh Ptah
aa z
1. I’m often asked how will it all happen that is how will we all
get 100, 000 of light years away. Well it’s called warping
space and time by Paa Mafkuzet or Exotic matter. How it
can be used in the manipulation of space-time. Remember
now is all way be it in the past, then or future then each is
linked by now.
2. It’s possible to modify space-time in a way that allows a
Henu-aat, Mandjet, or Bennu. Crafts or spaceship to
travel at an arbitrarily large speed by a purely local expan-
sion of the space time behind the craft and an opposite con-
traction in front of it-a motion faster than the speed of light
186,272.07 feet per second reminiscent of warp drive.
3. When in warp mode, the craft would not actually be trav-
eling forward at all. The true rate of acceleration will be zero
and for each being inside who must also have taken of liquid
gold, inbu and transform to zero time reference. Here, then
is the form of speed of light travel and will only require min-
imum time and minimum fuel. The chunk of space-time will
ostensibly move from in front of the craft to be relocated
behind it by means of contraction and expansion respec-
4. Yet what is necessary to make it possible is the exotic
matter to generate a distortion of space-time. You see
space is not empty so the craft will have to rest in a warp
bubble between the two space-time distortions. Exotic
matter or white dust, liquid gold. It is matter which has a grav-
itational attraction of less than zero. As each of you must
become taking nine steps backwards. Matter with the prop-
erty of a negative energy density unlike normal matter which
has a positive energy.
5. The Bennu or Phoenix Mufkuzet (Mfkzt) is exotic mat-
ter with the ability to bend space-time or your body trans-
form to a Ka light body. You find the effect of the platinum
group metal ruthenium in relation to human DNA a single
ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of a short strand
of DNA the strand becomes 10,000 times more conduc-
tive, a super conductor, the double helix creates a highly
conductive path along the axis of the molecule, and here
confirmation of the fact.
6. So monatomic ruthenium resonates with the DNA, dis-
mantles the short-length helix and rebuilds it correctly. It is
known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-aging prop-
erties while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with
the DNA and the cellular body.
7. Now Nub or Gold, Good Gold, pure and the platinum
metals in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the
endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens aware-
ness, perception and aptitude in affect transform one mor-
tal into a Nazdiru and to an extraordinary level.
8. So the high-spin inbu or powder of Nub Gold has a dis-
tinct effect upon the pineal gland, increasing melatonin pro-
duction which would repair all your mistakes transform your
colour all by intake of liquid gold.
9. Also, the monatomic powder, dust of iridium has a similar
effect on the serotonin production of the pituitary gland
and would appear to reactivate one body’s junk DNA
along with the under-used or unused parts of the brain. It’s
all about feeding the physical body and the light body to in-
crease hormonal production, the ultimate food for this is
inbu. Both Nazdirt-aat and Nazdir-aat as Nazdiru have it
as you know your gland that naturally produced was named
your barathary gland.
u t
T e g
1. Wu-Nuwaupu is the Right Knowledge and genuine in
every detail. It is true guidance and your way of life from be-
fore creation to a loftier conduct and pure culture after cre-
ation. So therefore carry out its precepts, rites, rituals,
perchance Paa-Nazdiru may have kindness to you with new
2. It is in fact the true black light of facts beyond any doubt
and green light of health, red light of pleasure revealing the
gifts to those who stay in Wu-Nuwuapu as Nuwaupian. It
unmasks dishonesty and what deceivers never display or
even knew.
3. Wu-Nuwaupu have inspired Ancient Egiptian Order
with integrity as validation of your true way of life to super-
sede any so-called religiosity, any sect, group, clan, even if
infidels refuse to accept or even behold it will still stand as
a true vision to the children of Paa-Rashunaat, Paa-Pesd-
jet, Paa-Nazdir-u.
4. Subsequently Paa-Nazdiru inspired Wu-Nuwaupu as
Sound Right Reasoning into the being Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah’s heart Amunnubi Reankh Ptah in turn recorded it
with eloquence so beaming and bright the protectors of
Wu-Nuwaupu from the very start.
5. The fallen have polluted the planet TA “Earth” after
Paa-Nazdiru and purified it for you. Paa Heket Khasut
“The Canaanites” are arrogant and proud for no reason
at all whenever they discover a divine sign they reject it.
Even when the correct path is revealed before their eyes
they and those who follow after them refuse to walk hand in
hand with Amunnubi Reankh Ptah and those who follow him
Nuwaupians. But whenever the counterfeit path is offered
they all immediately follow them.
6. The reason behind their actions is that they are accus-
ing Wu-Nuwaupu of being deceptive. In addition, they have
determined to ignore Amunnubi Reankh Ptah and Wu-
Nuwaupu and consider it fiction.
7. Whenever Wu-Nuwaupu books are recited to them they
state we have heard such as this before, Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah has said it. And if we so desire we can recite similar
books. They are no more than fools who only fools them-
selves for these words of Wu-Nuwaupu by the lips of
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah are works of the Ancient.
8. Yet the fools dispute it even after the difference be-
tween Wu-Nuwaupu and folly has been clearly displayed
ignorance drives them, pride drives them, ego drives them
like blind rats are driven by greed or like cattle are driven to
the slaughter with their eyes wide open.
9. This is a last invitation to those who follow the unassail-
able facts of Wu-Nuwaupu those of you who seek a sub-
stitute will never attain Sapt, Sah, Illyuwn, Rizq. Just as
one who seeks to quench their thirst with their hands hold-
ing water from the Nile they cannot do that it will leak out as
their very Ba-at souls are leaking out of their beings for
water runs off quickly. Thus those who follow their way of
life given to them in the many forms of religions of outside of
Africa will not attain anything but get hopelessly lost in A-
PA-PIS world.
10. Even if there were another way to get to the truth by
faith or belief which had been fashioned by Paa-Heket
Khasut from Tamuz and looked like truth be it called He-
brewism, and the Torah or be it called Christism and its
many Gospels or be it called Islamism and its Quraan, Ha-
diths by which ever dress, robe, hat, turban, yamaka they
decide to wear be it a six-pointed star and crescent if they
pray three times a day any time of day or five times a day.
They are only wasting their time for they only call out to
non existence, nothingness, no one hears them, no one re-
sponds to them.
11. For they refuse to acknowledge even their own relatives
who have moved on. Yet they will call on Abraham’s rela-
tives or Moses’ relatives or David’s relatives or Jesus or
Muhammad while they don’t even know and none of them
hear them. It’s like calling out for help from under the water;
no one hears you. But if you went to the water with a rela-
tive they watch over you when you go under the water they
look for you. They listen for you because you are of them.
So it is with your Ancient relatives of Tama-Re. They
look over you, they listen for your cries, your calls. None
other care for you. Why with all your prayers you have not
received one favourable result. They say don’t communi-
cate with your dead relatives but call on theirs, what decep-
12. Wu-Nuwaupu is mightier and incomparable for our dis-
closure is the ultimate proclamation: but those of our family
who follow Apapis and his way of life and his pronounce-
ments end up in the bottomless pit.
13. Amunnubi Rehankh Ptah has conveyed to you Nuwau-
pian Wu-Nuwaupu in your own true language Nuwaupic to
protect it form being compared to the lies of religious liars
and their false religions to unveil to you all how you have
been misled. Wu-Nuwaupu is the perfect way of life, cul-
ture and the ultimate means of salvation for loosing your
way along the way and replacing your own culture for that of
others. You are not Hebrews, nor Greeks or Romans. You
are not Hindu or Buddish nor are you Indo-Arab you and
Napata that is Ad-Bassa. You are Nuwaupians or some
say Nuwaubians. You are Tama-Reans some say Kemet,
Kahmi, Mizriam, Misri, Egiptian. That is who and what you
are. How great a people are you from Africa as it is called
today is your birth place and in fact the birth place of all be
they called Negroids, Mongoids or Caucasoids, all have
their roots in the Nile valley.
14. Now after this those of you who continue to follow their
foolishness of the liars do it at their own risk but those who
are firmly rooted in their own way of life Wu-Nuwaupu, Paa
Nazdiru will establish them in this world as well as the world
to come.
15. But for those who refuse to accept their own way of
life duat itself and a very miserable end is their eternal des-
tination they will be left behind. What a sad time for them.
16. Now as for the children of the true families of Nuwau-
pians who try to live their way of life and hold firmly and con-
tinue to hold firmly each time you recite the world of Wu-
Nuwaupu and begin with the attribute Paa.Paut the all ex-
isting or call on your relatives by their names and conclude
by expressing gratitude and train your children that each
time they hear the words of A-PA-PIS or Heket-Khasut
and their lies seek refuge in Paa-Nazdiru or Paa-Rashu-
naat or Paa-P.SIT, Pesdjet or your Ancient relatives or
present relatives who look over them to protect them and
they know that they should not wait to hear what is being
said run away from them with grave dread.
17. Wunuaupu is what Paa-Nazdiru sent down as the true
way of life for all who will listen. Its true mercy to the whole
world to and for all humans and animals the reaction of the
skeptics the instigators is to rebuff Wu-Nuwaupu because
Paa-Heket Khasut children of Apapis has fixed bridles on
their hearts in order that they may not overstand Wu-
Nuwaupu as Nuwaupians, Tama-Reans, Khami, Napatan,
18. Paa Heket Khasut children of Apapis also plugged
their ears so they cannot hear the facts of Right Knowl-
edge, Right Wisdom and the Right Overstanding.
19. Nevertheless the ones who put their trust in Wu-
Nuwaupu and Amunnubi Reankh Ptah gain much more en-
lightenment and facts about even their real selves in addi-
tion to exciting their genes. Thus, they will not stumble on
their pathway as they diligently follow Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah and live by Wu Nuwaupu as Nuwaupians being rightly
guided. No one wins the race in racism.
20. Furthermore Paa Nazdiru did not convey Wu-
Nuwaupu according to somebody’s whim. Rather they did
send Wu-Nuwaupu down in its entirety to illuminate the
lives of those who have found their way to the only true way
of life for Nuwaupians and to remove all doubts for their
lives by their own nature rejecting Wu-Nuwaupu placed
them in Chaotic confusion trying to be other than who and
what they really are.
21. Wu-Nuwaupu is the genuine way of life which all people
desperately need for salvation and responds to their calls
and chants and rituals and rites and prayers. You will not
hear from the ghost, spooks, spirits of others ancestors,
gods, lords, deities, no matter how much you call out to them
be it in Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, or any other be-
side your own Nuwaupic. For their genes are not vibrating
with your genes as is Nun, Nunet and Heh, Hehet and
Ket, Keket and Amun and Amunet and from them to Shu
and Tefnut and Geb and Nut and Asar and Sutukh and
Aset and Nebt-Hut or of them Anpu and Har of from him
Hapy who fathered Har-Aha onto Ner-Mer onto Menes
the first of a long Dynasty of people of your own seed all
overseer by the Nazdiru. Ptah and his consort Neith of him
came Amun and Sokar and Imhotep and Apis and Sobek
and Tehuti and consort of Tehuti was Maat, these are
some of your own descendents, your own genes. So call on
them or Hat-Har or Sakhmet or Khnum or Kunsu or Bes
or Mut consort of Amun who birth Khunsu or look up to
the Heavens for Taweret and the many others you are re-
lated to by blood, sweat and tears. Yet, you choose to re-
place your own family for the worship of others prophets,
others angels, others Messiah, others God or Gods.
22. How do you turn your back on your own expect to re-
ceive their help or blessings in your lives while you pray to
adore honour the 6-ether Spirit forces of others dead and
you ask them in your temples in your churches in your
Mosque in your lodges for their help? Have they helped
you or are they those who enslaved you? Have they helped
you or those who imprisoned you? Have they helped you
or those who openly abused you and your family for six
thousand years and then four hundred years? How long will
you call out to their six-ether forces for help that has not
come and will never come to you no matter how long or how
hard you pray. They don’t have the power to respond to
nine-ether beings as yourself.
23. So this Wu-Nuwaupu is the genuine link to your
helpers if you will call on them for you desperately need their
help and sanctifiers indeed because of their inspiration it
recounts to you some of the most illustrative parables. This
is a fact despite your prior negligence of it.
24. There will be admonition and Right Knowledge, Right
Wisdom, and the Right Overstanding for the rational of
you to be found in Wu-Nuwaupu comprehensible explana-
tion to everything of divine nature of nine-ether beings yet
is included in Wu-Nuwaupu for all people of logical think-
25. The Watchers do analyze the entire counterfeit teach-
ings the plagiarized and have made clear the plots and plans
of the fallen by disguising and by separating the authentic
doctrine of Wu-Nuwaupu which we sent with Amunnubi
Reankh Ptah from the counterfeit.
26. Thus the authentic works belong to the Righteous but
the counterfeit works must be thrown back to the fallen
ones the lost souls of the Unrighteous.
27. Paa Nazdiru and as Nazdirtaat or Nazdiraat even as
Nazdirty sent down Wu-Nuwaupu with brilliant verses, and
miraculous eloquence. It is a beacon of pure facts contain-
ing no falsehood, no blasphemy can ever assail it because
Paa-Nazdiru are its guardians.
28. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the bearer of the good news
of these days and times also with him is to be found bad
news for the liars of the end times and how you will know it
is in fact the end of the evil six thousand year rule to be re-
placed with one thousand years of transformation and per-
fection and a Warner to all people everywhere moreover he
is the right guide the reformer the center and recorder.
29. Consequently whosoever rejects Wu-Nuwaupu and
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah who we sent to deliver into the
hands of all Humans ends up becoming an arrogant people
who will perish with A-PA-PIS and his seed Heket Kha-
30. Each time the authentic Wu-Nuwaupu is recited or
spoken before the deceivers they respond. This opposes
what our parents used to believe and what they worshiped.
What fools these mortals be?
31. Most of these people follow others opinions on spooks,
ghosts, spirit, gas, vapor, nothing but speculations, the lies
and opinions of those who hate your very nature and being
and what they teach you in religion can never be a substitute
for our own true way of life the facts of your nature. You
built the great pyramids you not those you choose to follow
such a people and destined to their own hellfire and are try-
ing to take you with them to dwell in it forever.
32. These evil people even rejected their own saviours be-
cause what he taught them love was incomprehensible to
their nature. Their excuse to kill and great wars and steal
from others lands is to protect themselves from others. Why
are they out of their birth land and in others changing their
cultures so that all will submit to their evil, lustful, drugfill,
lying, stealing composition way of life. They only say no one
is capable of simplifying truth for us that we can still become
drunk, rape, kill, lie, steal and be accepted as good. Some
of them pretend to preach but in time their real nature al-
ways comes out ask them if your God is with you why do
you die such awful death of diseases while you preach of a
God that heals? Yet, he does not heal your preachers who
die in pain so you have some of them who say we do believe
it while others deny it. Nevertheless we can identify the cor-
rupter easily.
33. The deceivers from among you the misguided servants
of them who perverted what they found in Ancient Tama-
Re, Hut-Ka-Ptah or Hut-Ba-Ptah. They even confess to
that fact stating world we got monotheism from Egipt from
the man called Akhnenaten to take his worship of one
Nazdir, Atun or Aton or Aten and they Paa Heket Kha-
sut Hkysos or Canaanite Israelite took the name Aton and
changed it to Adon on to Adonia. They also took the
name Hu of Huti and changed it around to IHUH to
YHWH to YAHWEH and so much more the learnt of
us and changed and now claim was always theirs, what liars
and killers these people are. So they actually disguised
falsehood as facts and shrouded facts with secrecy. It was
all by design to deceive the world that they are chosen.
34. Whenever it is requested of the liars who still claim they
belong to the seeds of Tama-Re. Show us the original rev-
elation from your God to you they each claim the originals
are lost or destroyed. They can’t while our originals are still
to be found on the wall cut into stone. Stop lying you have
35. All you have is lies or tales of your own leaders stolen
from Egipt and changed into tales to suit you.
36. Know this Nuwaupians there is a promise of reward to
those who live by Wu-Nuwaupu in this world as well as a
blessing in the place you will be taken to o what glorious
Heavenly home awaits the true Nuwaupian.
37. At any rate Wu-Nuwaupu came to verify what Hu-
mankind already possessed through Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah surprisingly they had this truth behind their backs as
if they had no better sense.
38. Subsequently they follow whatever the Apostates give
them; teaching them lies or tampered or changed or plagia-
rized teachings.
39. So you were only learning what is harmful to you rather
than Wu-Nuwaupu that is beneficial.
40. O what miserable merchandize did they exchange for
their souls! Catastrophe awaits them if you do not return
to their own.
Peace is so powerful
Love is so powerful
Lust is so powerful
But they don’t work if a person is not true to self.
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah

1. O feuding people who dwell among Nuwaupians: You
insist on living a life of infidelity and the practice of promis-
cuity, drinking intoxicants, smoking, eating un-healthy and
blood meat, cursing and slandering, lying and cheating.
2. While Paa-Nazdiru persist in guiding the true Nuwaupi-
ans to a life of fidelity and the practice of chastity.
3. They the deceivers instigate by living a life of evil, and do
as you wish regardless of who you may hurt from day to day,
debauchery, yet Amunnubi Reankh Ptah reiterates neces-
sity to live a life of compassion and tranquility.
4. The legacy which you left for your devotee ended up be-
coming the words of fools and the inadequate knowledge
of the age of ignorance why do that to them and yourself.
5. Moreover you clutched our doctrine of your own ances-
tors and added to it what you felt which is completely out
of date because what we send by way of Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah is ever changing being it is alive.
6. You need to recognize that such doctrines from a mix-
ture of truth, fact and your own creations is irrelevant ex-
cept to those like you who only wish to deceive those who
put their trust in you.
7. Their grandiose dreams are simply overindulgent for
themselves in sexual gratification, sensuality, lustful abuse
of others calling for woman after woman. As they put the
books behind their backs wish not to be known as African
as they pretend to be Muslims, Hebrews, or others.
8. Even their so-called paradise is depicted as a den of
drunkenness, lust, laziness, luxuries, promises of more evils
of this world. Iniquities for promiscuous and criminal types.
This they loved. Enslaved women to serve them.
9. For them, the ultimate purpose of living is for man and
show off his physical prowess. And rule over the true God-
dess, female from who we all come. How can you mistreat
your mother, wives, daughters, sisters, Goddess? Did fe-
male not give birth to all the men you respect, follow, wor-
ship, praise? And did not each of you come from a womb?
Only in a man made doctrine do you read man was first then
woman while nature reveals that is only a lie told by men.
10. What would man be without woman? Don’t lie to your-
self. Nothing!
11. A woman lives to propagate, to raise, protect their chil-
dren, yet, the male child prowls the Earth with no restraint.
12. Any person that follows these religious regresses
speedily and its people, devotee are to be left behind in the
forward march of progress and growth.
13. In addition, to that they become graves for thought
pockets of poverty, vast fields of diseases and a burden to
bear by the rest of the world’s people.
14. Each individual who has committed themselves to the
religions of those who lost their way has virtually fastened a
milestone around their neck and thrown into the bottom of
the Nile.
15. Yet as for the true Nuwaupian, Paa Nazdiru does an-
swer their calls, chants, rituals, rites, prayers when they call
to the right ones, the right ways at the right times and sup-
port them wherever and whenever they need.
16. No power on Earth can vanquish them not even time
for they are of us. The protectors on whom they lead. Stay
close to Amunnubi Reankh Ptah.
17. Sadly enough the deceivers and those who follow them
will stand alone and will have no supporters, protectors, or
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah
1. O, all of you who are involved in plagiarism of Wu-
Nuwaubu as given to you by Amunnubi Reankh Ptah and
became false witness and still you have a right to do such
acts. You have definitely lost your soul, you have fathomed
the ghost of plagiarized knowledge wisdom and under-
standing into your own words and as did A-pa-pis had 200
follow him in his fall from grace so also you have followers
who have fallen with you from grace, return before it’s too
2. You only followed because you felt lost yet at first you
were indeed suspicious of these actions.
3. Then you claimed what is plagiarized and denied in your
heart not with your mouth Amunnubi Reankh Ptah and true
A.E.O. Nuwaubu.
4. Furthermore you charged Amunnubi Reankh Ptah and
in the privacy of your chambers slander him. Why would you
do such a thing, when there would be no you without him?
5. Nor did you truly seek his freedom or true answers from
those who overstood Amunnubi Reankh Ptah. You claimed
you knew him, you loved him, when all along it was yourself
you loved.
6. Thus you went far far away from the straight pathway,
lost your throne and crown. It’s not too late for you, if you
are humble enough to see.
7. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah only taught you all that you
should not lie nor steal nor become intoxicated, nor kill, nor
eat unclean things or blood flesh, nor over eat or under eat,
nor lust, nor be over lustful or under lustful and should not
commit immorality. Hate is a weakness as is love of any mor-
tal. The mother is the true Goddess not the father. The
female not the male, the woman not the man, for the “Y”
chromosome is of the “X” chromosome not the other way
around and to this moment all men come by way of his
mother, not the other way around. It is the female body that
fashions, shapes, forms, makes the male from her own flesh
and blood in her womb, 3 times 3 to be born 9.
8. So you should only encourage total respect of the
woman, she is no slave or servant of men. She is never to be
struck by men, nor cursed, nor imprisoned. She is a God-
dess, has a mind, should in no way be prevented from being
all she is, a Goddess.
9. And men encourage each other to implement this way of
life and respect these and godly deeds and always refrain
from any form of vileness and persecution of others.
10. Those who trust PAA.NAZDIRU respond favor-
ably to this superior way of life and its ethics. They neither
distorted it nor do they plagiarize it.
11. Some of you have twisted the true teachings of Wu-
Nuwaubu, as Nuwaubians from its original ways and at-
tempt to mix in to it the ways of those who came to
and took of what we had given them and changed, dates
times, places, names, that it looked as if it came from them
not us. They plagiarized our way of life and gave birth to
their religions and you take that way of thinking to mix with
your own true way.
12. They all claim, be they Hebrew, Christian, or Muslim,
and the very many sects, groups, clans, denominations,
schools, what ever they all subscribe to, this misinformation
that is a man natured creator by many names according to
which tongue they speak or spoke. This man god or gods
created a man to look like himself, to act like him, in his image
and after his likeness, a male being, a man god, a he deity,
man, a male. To love him, but the man he created did not feel
he was enough, he was lonely. He needed more. So the man
god grafted, made from the man or human, another being.
From the male of the male god grafted a female. The human
male fell in love with the Hu-woman or female. This made
the male god lonely again, or the one and only God. Then
he created a male snake being who could speak like the
woman. So it spoke to her. Now keep in mind nothing could
have happened that the male God did not know being the
All knowing. So he, also being the only creator created this
male talking snake god, his mind as well, his thoughts as well,
that is his thinking. What he thinks what he says. The male
God knew all of it. And the male snake told the female that
the man god lied to the man about life and death, that is that
she would not drop dead if she violated the male or he
God’s command, not to eat of the tree. The snake told the
she hu-men she would not die. So in fact he was saying that
the he god is a liar. So she trusted the he snake and did eat
and the he-man trusted her and he also ate and they both
realized they had been lied to by the He-God because
they did not drop dead.
13. So the he-man male god got mad because they trusted
another and found out that he lied to them. So this he god
got mad and punished them for finding out he lied to them.
That is what PAA-HEKAT-KHASUS the Hyksos
the Canaanites who are mixed Hebrews teach, taught, be-
lieve, accepted and call the foundation of their religions and
14. This is what you chose to believe in place of Wu-
15. The he god after that in their holy books only killed,
maimed, shed blood, let people rape, incest, cannibalism,
steal other land, then lie again.
16. Stating he will have a son and this son will come to
Earth to remove all sins and evil, over power the snake, who
has now become the devil.
17. That this son will be the savior 2000 years ago, to some
he came but did he remove sins, No. Did this stop the evils,
No. Did this stop the devil No. Is this another Lie, Yes.
18. So he saw that did not come true so he said he will send
him again soon. Now 2000 years later he has not come yet
Hebrews look, Christians look and Muslims look, while
each claim he is only coming to and for them. So they are
doing what? Right killing each other and any one who does-
n’t believe these age old lies is a cult and must be killed or im-
prisoned and that is what you want to mix with
Wu-Nuwaubu, sound right reasoning?
19. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah only says break the spell of
this ignorance and you will see.
20. O you who have opposed your own true way of life Wu-
Nuwaubu for the lies of the liar. You have urged adherents
to commit vileness and atrocities to the blood lusting he god.
Who ask you to kill animals for his pleasures? You have let
him legalize what he himself has said do not kill. He has dis-
approved and has forbidden what he orders you to do all
being plagiarized, changed, distorted from Tama-Re. des-
picable are the activities which you have found sanctioned.
21. Disastrous retribution is awaiting those who take credit
for changing our words and objecting to whom we sent and
what he gives.
22. Heaven and earth as is being taught by the liar will pass
away as their Ancient structures, their temples, their
churches, and their mosque all have passed. Yet the pyra-
mids still stand as a testimony of your greatness. Also our
words are found on the walls, which predate the Torah,
Bible, Sumerian Tablets, the Quran. Our way of life is
still found today, not lost as all these claim their originals
are. We and only we still have the very original words of our
Nazdiru to this very day.
23. Ourselves guarantee their protection in every way for
you. To find your way back home to Wu-Nuwaubu
24. Our authentic records identified for you the difference
you read of us, you even see us on the walls as we were.
25. You see who you are, how can you doubt your own
eyes. You see the difference between the earthly and the
heavenly and the heavenly treasures promised you. Yet you
shielded yourselves from the truth about yourself by lying to
yourself. Changing and distorting your true way of life. You
are the Egiptians. Not Hebrews, not Greek, Roman,
Christian, you are not Indo-Arabs, Syrians, Judeans, all
of these mixed seeds came from you but they refuse to rec-
ognize you as their Gods.
26. As a matter of fact you eliminated the prohibited en-
deavors by legalizing them and accepting their cultures over
your own.
27. You replaced facts with fictions, truth with faith and be-
came faithful to ghost, spooks, gas, faithlessness, false
hopes of a better day that has not and will not come.
28. You are supper charged, your sensual desires and over
stuffed your lust of the flesh.
29. You performed any depraved thing which Paa-Hekat-
Khasus the Canaanite taught you.
30. Now you fantasize whatever else Apapis glamorizes for
you. From your wicked lifestyle, we he gave you in place of
your own. Of shame you have none.
31. It is obvious that those who are busily seeking after what
this passing world offers will end up as heirs of Paa Duat,
the abyss.
32. But those who are busily seeking after the journey,
through fulfilling our way of life shall certainly reach Rizq.
33. After all, is it not their ultimate goal?
34. After all do they not work day and night for their place?
35. After all, did they not recognize those fallen beings?
36. After all, did they not turn away from those who pla-
giarized what Amunnubi Reankh Ptah was sent to give?
37. And earned this great trip.
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah
1. To you who are children of Paa Nazdiru who live by Wu-
Nuwaupu as Nuwaupians and to those of you who have
lost their way on this great journey from then to now to then.
2. Those who fell back asleep as they walk around under
our sun each day and sleep under our moon each night the
apostates now conjecture fabricate, their own opinions con-
cerning our way of life to create a spell binding religion of
hopes, wishes, faith, beliefs that never come to help them.
3. And the true Nuwaupians of the Ancient Egiptian
Order testified that Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah has ap-
peared to them in the flesh in manifestations demonstrating
three beings in one to some it is the phenomenal manifesta-
tion as well as the fantastic one with the power of transfig-
uration for all who touch Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah.
4. Furthermore they the true Nuwaupians accepted
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah as a incarnated Nazdiraat as
Atum and beheld you all as in need of the Right Knowl-
edge, the Right Wisdom and the Right Overstanding in
need of the removal of a 6000 year spell of ignorance and
restore Sound Right Reasoning. Acknowledging the re-
former the renewer who stands in our center with this, the
true Nuwaupian does not malign themselves neither do they
blaspheme nor do they add, change, tamper or created from
what is given by the Medet words.
5. Because Amunnubi is the Father and the son and the
soul as Atum and Atun and Amun a triune is one being.
6. There are many false accusations, slander and lies to mis-
lead the weak who seek faults, mere gossip by the lost souls
from among your own seeds your own creatures who have
gone astray tragically enough, they have been spell-binded
by 6-ether ghost forces who blinded their hearts and put a
seal over their eyes resulting in their total ignorance con-
cerning what is about to befall this planet as happened
some 10,000 years ago and must happen again very soon.
7. These ones who lost their Ba-aat souls were from among
us. Some have taken what they were fed and changed it for
their own profits and spell-binded others.
8. What a blasphemous addition they may sound like
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah yet they are not. Amunnubi Re
Ankh Ptah has never given nor granted permission or au-
thority to any of them to use Wu-Nuwaupu for their own
9. They have betrayed many for they have become the
greatest of deceivers in a state of contradictory saying they
only follow Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah when in fact they only
follow their own greed for wealth and power misleading many
form their own salvation.
10. Far be it from true Nuwaupians to be described by the
lying children of Paa Hekat-Khasus, the Hyksos, and
those who serve what he has severed A-PA-PIS.
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah is Atum-Re, Atun-Re, Amun-
Re far above their wildest imaginations.
11. In reality what they have enunciated is not the by-prod-
uct of their own imagination, but was by the powerful influ-
ence of A-PA-PIS the wicked one.
12. And surely the lies of the fallen ones are conspired by
those who do not follow true to our teachings as they come
to you consequently PAA-Nazdiru condemn them as im-
13. Their path has utterly become a lost path and those
who follow them are lost souls in this earthy life and will be
left behind on that day the names on the list kept by Tehuti
is read for those worthy to enter Paa-Henu-aat because
they have denied Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah for others re-
sulting in the rejection of their good works assuredly. They
will not be granted a seat with the transformed ones.
14. As for those who do the right things by what Amunnubi
Re Ankh Ptah brought to them from beyond the stars Wu-
Nuwaupu and only publicize it as it is given word by word,
symbol by symbol, school by school, change by change until
you come to AEO on the True Triune in unity united in
Trinity essentially so without separation or addition they
in fact do speak the facts concerning Atum, Atun, Amun,
but the imposters lie.
15. To you who are of our creatures who have not gone
astray you shall receive new everlasting life a new form, a
true peace, joy, fulfillment for you trusting Amunnubi Re
Ankh Ptah and for your labours in freeing him from the
cares of A-PA-PIS for the triune being has the force in
born for your salvation your redeemer. Did I not appeal to
you all as one of you? Did I not serve you with my life?
16. Sadly, and tragically enough, PAA Hekat Khasus,
Hkysus has imprisoned Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah to pre-
vent the transformation of the elected. He defended some
ears and blinded some eyes and hardened some hearts.
Then he A-PA-PIS inspired some to lie and rebellion
took place. They definitely believed in the perfect way Wu-
Nuwaupu but then became hopelessly lost.
17. And as for whosoever declares loyalty to A-PA-PIS
as their redeemer, as their saviour as their Messiah,
prophet, or God, rather than the true Nazdiru, Rashunaat,
Pesdjet, P.S.T ourselves has for certain compromised their
destiny and will be left behind and on that day of the de-
parture will be among the losers.
18. The example of those who rebelled and rejected Wu-
Nuwaupu as revealed to you by Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah
from 1963 on to 2003 on to the transformation and jour-
ney home their actions and deeds are more or less like the
ashes which are blown away by a strong wind. They can
never receive any reward for their labors for their effort is
only vanity of vanities.
19. Those who continue reject Wu-Nuwaupu and
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah. Then accuse you with false ac-
cusations are incorrigible imposters. They conjecture Wu-
Nuwaupu is not real and will cost them greatly, as the hour
is near and the Henu-aat are here all waits on the three
tones in one which is with Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah.
20. Furthermore some have come among you to divide you
into groups when you should be one. The end result is
polytheism, spookism, ghostism expressed in an elaborate
21. Who could possible be more of a lost soul than those
who have spun such lies, then make themselves a compan-
ion to Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah using his name, his works,
even his image to deceive many into thinking they walk with
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah as Nuwaupian falsely stating
that they continue to walk with Nuwaupians and also ac-
cuse the true devoted Nuwaupians of being untrue or liars
when it’s they who are not true and are liars.
22. They are the ones with their mouth and their actions
victimize our true Nuwaupians by putting the verbal sword
to their necks by slander when they try to convert them to
follow after them. It’s all about their own worldly personality.
23. Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah has never sent them to do his
works. They for their own reasons disobey orders. Yet,
what difference does it make to Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah
whether they manifest themselves as Nuwaupians or He-
brews or Christians or Muslims or any other’s culture.
Their blood is Egiptian, their seed is Egiptian, their flesh
is Egiptian, their soul is Egiptian, their spirit is Egiptian.
They will always be Egiptians no matter who else’s culture
or religion they pretend to be of.
24. Surprisingly enough being they are by nature Nuwau-
pians Egiptians there is always a place for them among the
Nuwaupian if they decide to return for Amunnubi Re ankh
Ptah overwhelms his being by truth and facts not delusions
of grandeur or claim to be other than what he is sent to do
for whom he was sent with superior facts. And knows that
they were only misled and not cognizant of the fact that they
were criminalized and corrupted by Apapis.
25. The master deceiver led them to become backsliders
and only they can announce their own counterfeit religions
all grafted from your Ancient Egiptian cultures to become
Monotheism under many names all from the original birth
place of all humans on this planet Hut-Ka-Ptah to Hut-
26. Paa.Hekat-Khasus the Hyksos who came in among us
as Hibiru or Hebrews mixed with Canaanites and dwelled
in our land for 430 years because the God they worshiped
could not provide or protect them while in the land of
Canaan as he promised their father Abram or Abraham or
Ibrahim. He, their God by many names did not keep his
covenant because they did mix their seed with the cursed
Canaanites and they came to us and we took them in for
430 years only to receive from them their curse of Leprosy
and deceitful treatment after our kindness. And they took
with them our Heka, our Nazdiru and changed them to be
their own even reversed the very name Hu Hi to be come
IHWH or YHWH to protect them against us. And he did
because many among us mixed with the Canaanites until
they named their own king Apophis after A-Pa-Pis of the
15th Dynasty and they did kill one of our own Seqenen-
Re Tao of the 17th Dynasty and his seed Toa I, Toa II
and Kamus did fight them and Ah-Mus of the 18th Dy-
nasty did chase them across the burning sands and back up
into the land of Canaan.
27. Is there any more outrageous ignorance then for a
Nuwaupian Egiptian to follow after the religions that were
born out of his own culture? That is ignorance and illiter-
ate. It’s all manufactured, unfounded claims of ghost,
spooks, of things they don’t even comprehend. Yet they
proclaim to be faithful to nothingness.
28. Do not pride yourselves with these manmade religions
furthermore you should never declare anything concerning
yourself but what you are. Be honest to your own nature.
Be true to yourself. You are Nuwaupian Egiptians.
Amunnubi Rehankh Ptah
1. Now at this point in time Paa-Wadjet “The Cobra” the
one with the full knowledge of Heka secrets magical powers
who only whisper the secrets of divination. Tehuti he is
called by some keeper of the records he was more prudent,
cunning, wiser than any living creature in flesh of the Simian
Baboon beast of Tama-Re which Paa-Neb-Ptah shil Paa-
Nazdiru had brought from Sapt and appointed it was this
Tehuti son of Paa-Nazdir Ptah and Paa-Nazdirt Neith
one of many Tehuti as Wadjet spoke with the female Nut
of the sky daughter of Shu and Tefnut of the Air, Breath
of Life and the Moisture Liquid circulatory system. So
Nazdir Tehuti said to Nut: Did a Nazdiraat say, “You
should not betake of any and all the trees of Hut-Ba-Ptah.
2. And the female Nut answered Tehuti and said to Paa-
Wadjet we myself Nut and my consort Geb of the ground,
Earthling are allowed to betake of the Fruits of the Trees
of Paa-Hut-Ba-Ptah:
3. However, of the fruit of the tree which is in the center
temple Denderah of Edfu a Nazdiraat has told Geb you
are not to betake of it. Nor are you to touch it or you will
drop dead.
4. And Paa-Wadjet said to the female Nut that Paa-
Nazdir Bes is lying to you. If you betake up the fruit you will
not drop dead. That’s a lie.
5. Because Nazdiraat only told Geb that lie because Paa-
Nazdir Bes knows the truth. That the very moment you be-
take of this Paa-Mafkuzet “Liquid Gold, Elixir,
Monatomic Gold” that your Udjat “eye” will open up and
your light body Akh will activate your Ka and Ba in your
Khat and Paa-Mfkzt “the Elixir” will transform, transfigure
you back into Paa-Nazdiru and as such you will recognize
the agreeable Nazdiru from the disagreeable Nazdiru. He
will have no power you don’t have.
6. And when the female was exposed to Tehuti’s tree of
Life everlasting and saw that the tree fruit elixir taste good
an intake like food and that the liquid gold elixir and tree of
Tehuti looked good his phallus at the ritual of Paa-Nazdir
Min and that Nut’s sensual sexual desires to learn even
more wisdom of pleasures. She reached out and betook of
the ritual of Min and raised the apron of Paa-Wadjet to re-
veal the serpent of Tehuti and betook of the Elixir the gold
of the Nazdiru, its fruit thereof. And she Nut became a
personification of the cosmic elements and evolved, trans-
formed into a Nebt-aat of Paa-Waat-aat Hat-Har of On,
Annu, Heliopolis over the skies as she is seen today.
Mother of All Living. What took place when she drank the
Liquid Gold the Elixir of Paa-Nazdir-aat her physical
body transformed and the process took place. Nut’s
bartholin gland on the inside of her vaginal orifice started
to secrete a lubricant like mucus like the vulva urethral
glands in Paa-Nazdiru. This discharged fluid is the Liquid
Gold and is the semen or spermatozoa and Nut as all fe-
males of Earth after her can produce seminal fluids on their
own without male. So being she was first to be transformed
as a female she received the Mitochondrial DNA the gene
responsible for transferring to the child. It’s hereditary, it’s
from the mother not the father. From Nut not Geb. She
was first to be transformed into Nazdirt-aat, so she re-
vealed the Bes kept secrets to Geb her male part who was
now under her and Geb did betake of it from her. And was
also transformed and they both knew who the real liar was.
For they did not drop dead.
7. And after that both of them was transformed. Their
Udjat-aat were opened. They realized they had sexual
parts and were exposed as was Tehuti when Nut raised his
apron and exposed his Wadjet so they sewed fig leaves to-
gether and made for themselves aprons.
8. And Geb and Nut heard the voice of Paa-Neb-Bes shil
Paa-Nazdiraat as he was walking in Paa-Denderah in the
afternoon breeze and Geb and his female Nut hid them-
selves from the real liars presence Paa-Neb-Bes shil Paa-
Nazdiraat amongst the trees of Paa-Hut-Ba-Ptah.
9. And Paa-Neb-Bes shil Paa Nazdiraat called out for
Geb and said to him “where are you hiding?”
10. And Geb came out to him and said, “I heard you talk-
ing in Paa-Denderah and I became afraid of you because I
was nude: And I hid myself from you?”
11. And in anger Bes said, “Who told you about naked-
ness? Did you betake of the tree whereof I commanded you
that you should not betake of?”
12. And the male Geb said, “The female whom you your-
self gave to be with me, she gave me. She introduced me to
the tree and yes I did betake of it.”
13. And Paa-Neb-Bes shil Paa-Nazdiraat said unto the
female, “Nut what is this that you have done?” And the fe-
male Nut said, “Paa-Wadjet Paa-Nazdiraat Tehuti se-
duced me and yes I did betake of it.”
14. And Paa-Neb-Bes shil Paa-Nazdiraat said unto Paa-
Wadjet Tehuti son of Paa-Nazdir Ptah and his consort
Paa-Nazdirt Neith, “Because you have violated our law
and exposed the mortals to our rites and Elixir you will be
hated, execrated above all Apis Bovine and even more
than every living creature of Paa-Hut-Ka-Ptah. On your
belly will you go and Gold powder, gold dust will you con-
sume all the days of your life as the green one of the Lower
Hut-Ba-Ptah is your domain not the Upper Hut-Ka-
Ptah. Your shrine is at Paa-Per-Nu. Your consort is as
Tehuti Paa-Nazdirt Maat.”
15. “And I Bes will put hate between you Wadjet, Tehuti
and the female Nut and also between your Tehuti and
Maat’s offspring and Nut and Geb’s offspring. Her off-
spring will bruise your leadership and yours will bruise and
how Geb’s offspring ends up in the end”
16. Unto the female Bes said, “I will greatly increase your
pains and the amount of offspring. While giving birth you
will suffer much pain and still have sexual desires for your
male part and because of sex he will have powers over you.”
17. And to Geb Bes said, “Because you listened to the
voice of your female part over my voice and did betake of
her Elixir of her fruits of which I commanded you and said
You are not to betake of it: Cursed is the ground because
of what you did in sorrow will you have to get your own food
all the days of your life.
18. “Thorns also and thistles will it bring forth for you: No
more easy life in the enclosed Garden of Delight Tama-
Re and you shall only eat herb of the field.
19. And the sweat dripping off your nose will you get food
to make bread until you die and return to the ground: be-
cause you were taken out of it coated in gold powder, dust
and you will die and return to powder.”
20. So Geb called his consort “Hay” because Nut swal-
lowed as it’s recorded. Re sails in his barge along the elon-
gated body of Nut until Amun-Ah-Min or evening when
the disk of Re “sun” approaches the mouth of the sky
Nazdirt Nut to be swallowed the Re travels with the stars
sperm through the hours of night safely inside the Nazdirt
body Khat at Atum dawn the red glow blood of which was
called the daughter of Nut: the disk of the Re is seen
emerging from the vulva of the sky Nazdirt Mother of All
21. Unto Geb also and his consort Nut did Paa-Neb-Bes
shil Paa-Nazdiraat make full coats of panther skin or a kilt
and clothed them.
22. And then Paa-Neb-Bes turned to his fellows and said,
“Now look the mortal has become just like one of us.
Nazdiru. He knows who is good and who is evil and now
that he knows I lied to them he will not trust what I tell him
and he will put forth his hand like Atum and raise his own
phallus or take hold of the tree of Life and also of his con-
sort and betake of her and never die.”
23. So because of all this Paa-Neb-Bes shil Paa-Nazdi-
raat sent Geb forth out of Paa Denderah in Edfu. No
more would he live without labor in an enclosed Garden of
Delight. He will have to work the Ground from which his
flesh was taken.
24. So Bes drove out Geb and placed at the East of
Denderah’s enclosed Garden of Delight at the temple of
Hat-Har in Aruba Bekka, Mecca. Evil Nazdiraat who
had weapons of Tehuti the Serpent of Brass, the Brazen
Serpent full of flames which they turned every way to keep
the pathway to the secret temple of Hat-Har where the
rites of Min was performed on the Tree of Life. Well as
time passed on, men mixed with mortals and lost their pow-
ers. But the women each month her body purified itself and
rebuilt her power so the son of Nazdiru came to Earth to
chose from the pure ones who have not lost their powers to
breed with them. And this is how it was and this is what must
be done if you are to be transformed to make the trip home.
First the woman must be transformed then she will transform
her man. But first they both must be cleaned inside out and
outside in. So in time Geb and Nut begot Asar and Aset
and Sutukh and Nebt-Hut and again Asar and Aset
begot Har and Har begot Hapi and this is the seed of the
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah
As it was recorded by Sokar “Tammuz” son of Ptah and
A a Da u
1. O you who have enmity within your heart and yet and still
you claim to be a Nuwaupian a child of the loving Nazdiru
listen to Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah and overstand, Ashug
is our top priority. Therefore, if you can teach Wu-
Nuwaupu and even speak the language of Nuwaupic with
brilliance you study The Ancient Egiptian Order’s teach-
ings but do not consider true A’shug for one another, your
life is for naught for Paa-Nazdiru will never consider you for
the journey or transformation it would have been preferable
that you never came upon Wu-Nuwaupu., Nuwupic or
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah.
2. Even if you are a Waab or Waabt or even a Neb or
Nebt if you are endowed with the Right Knowledge, the
Right Wisdom and the Right Overstanding Sound Right
Reasoning peering through your Ba, Ka, and Khat from
your Akh and even integrity; neither is any goodness re-
siding in your being. Making all you do unreal.
3. Even if you give you wealth to the cause of Wu-
Nuwaupu your hands on building Tama-Re or even sacri-
fice your free time in the service. Yet without Ashug, it
would be as if you have neither contributed anything nor
made any sacrifices in the services of Wu-Nuwaupu the
Ancient Egiptian Order or for Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah.
4. Ashug is a verb it is patient with others tender toward
other Nuwaupians it is not lust, it is not sex it is not greed it
is not selfishness.
5. It does not embrace jealousy, hate, demonstrate ego,
pride or practice aggression to others.
6. Ashug has you treat all Nuwaupians kindly. It does not
get upset quickly it does not slander or seek its personal
desires. Ashug is contented and does not contemplate
vengeful thoughts concerning other Nuwaupians.
7. Ashug does not revel over oppression but over Freedom
and MA’AT justice. Ashug accepts whatever one’s other
Nuwaupians say as fact, but turns away from the hyp-
ocrites, pretenders.
8. Ashug is longsuffering and eternal across the eons of
time yet will not let A PA PIS and his evil seed and slaves
take advantage of them by Ashug it never means be weak,
passive or stepped on. Ashug is power, strong in the way of
9. Paa Ashug will still glow when all else shall be silent, Wu-
Nuwaupu will still glow triumphantly.
10. You have to be Ashug if you are Paa Paut.
11. If the true Nuwaupian from the Ancient Egiptian
Order children of PAA Nazdiru who are with Amunnubi
Re Ankh Ptah declare that they are our spiritual offspring
and chosen to make that journey thru the stars. Let them
be true, real to self and kind.
12. For a true Nuwaupian is never a liar or neither hypocrite
nor have they misled themselves for our Nuwaupian family
are truly out progeny and we cherish our holy seed. And
are standing close to Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah as his chil-
dren the key is Ashug.
13. Which key do you hold Ashug: Divine Love; Habub:
contact Love; Dawud: Darling Love of Another; All three
or self love.
14. As you as a Nuwaupian stand at the gate which kind of
key will be in your hand which gate will you open.
15. A true Nuwaupian living Wu-Nuwaupu recognizes
each for what they mean to them.
16. Yet his life is only ruled by one of the three.
17. Ashug will open the gate to Paa Nazdiru.
18. For Paa Nazdiru be they Nazdiraat or Nazdirtaat live
by Ashug as Nazdiru.
19. Once you make your transformation you too will live
only by Ashug as will your love ones.
Amunnubi Re Ankh Ptah
1. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah the triune in unity. The three
voices in one, three colours in one, three tones in one, three
beings in one. One is his BA “soul” one is his KA “spirit”
person, one is his Khat physical “body”. And set afar off
yet attached by the thin filament his over existence his
AKH, his “etheric” being as a three fold Etherian. Triune
united in trinity. In his physical body the three is dam his
blood, moya his water, INBU his semen by these three is
life eternal giving for the transformation and rebirth back
into PAA.NAZDIRU. He is YAA-NUN, indivisible
seen yet unseen.
2. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the giver who has given birth
to self as ATUM in perfection in the state of the undif-
ferentiated to raise as ATUM-RE who was born with the
unique gene as ATUN-RE and kept his true nature hid-
den, his whole life as AMUN-RE or AMUN-NUBU-
3. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the Medet beautiful truthful
words, spoken by his voice of three.
4. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the HEKA manifested
power of PAA.PAUT.
5. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the BA living soul of the true
light of each person inner RE solar plexus sun to be relit
by his three tones and touch. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah has
taught many each time one who is taught rebels to cause
others to become the fallen.
6. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the KA spiritual light of
green essence, the incarnation of growth and creation, the
maker, shaper, fashioner, of the person and personality.
7. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the AKH which soars
above from state to state into the heaven, the Etheric
8. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the KHAT, flesh, blood,
bone, person you touch. Three times three equals nine.
9. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is HE, who, which is sent to
you every 24,000 years absolute power in being of truth to
reform to reshape to rebuild to re-establish Wu-Nuwaubu.
Seek out the true Nuwaupians, teach them their tones by
Nuwaupic and transform them back to their original state
of being to link up and by each tone open the BAWABA
gateway to complete his works to raise the inner powers of
royal majesty, is to be extended unto him from eternity to
infinity for those who will stand close to him in mind, body,
spirit, soul and ether.
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah
1. As we cross the desert of life to death as a Nuwaupian
from the first sun Atum-Re to the high sun Atun-Re to the
last sun Amun-Re. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah. Each day and
shadow hour of our real life journey.
2. Be we riding upon our camel or walking on our sandals in
the hot sands of the desert of Tama-Re or resting in the
shade of an oasis under our black tents.
3. Always keep this as close as your sword. I am your re-
deemer Amunnubi Reankh Ptah or your follower. Your fa-
ther or your Mother, husband or wife, son or daughter we
as Nuwaupians of Ad-Bassa are truly related by blood rel-
atives I yours you mine.
4. We who live by Wu-Nuwaupu are of the exact same oath
by blood. The same genes, the same Ad-Bassa tribe of
Liberia these days Tama-Re in the past. We are truly one
family speak our tongue Nuwaupic live on Nuwaupia,
Africa same seed, mind body, spirit and soul.
5. I will never desert you while on this great journey of a long
walk on a short path across the desert of life to death to life
6. We all stand under the same nine rays of Atun. They
shine upon us all. They shine even when it appears to be
dark under us all.
7. It shines even when it appears cloudy to us all.
8. It even shines when what we call night.
9. It even shines when it’s raining with these natural gifts we
Nuwaupians must demonstrate our unconditional tribal
blood for all true Nuwaupians, Napatans.
10. Perchance you will find in the deserts hot sands. A de-
serted one of us who keeps the rites, rituals, prayers, our
11. Give that one fresh pure cool water of life to drink his
or her fill.
12. Remember it’s all only a mirage.
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah

1. After 400 years under Paa Heket Khasut “The Amor-
ite Tribe of Canaanites”.
2. After much mis-treatment, abuse, killings, imprisoning,
and of our other family members spread all over this planet
chased from our original home you now find us Ad-Bassa
all over the world lost.
3. Who came for us? To give us our home, to show us who
we really are where our roots come from and can be found
4. I, Amunnubi Reankh Ptah come before you lost but now
found, unclaimed but now claimed to do what I incarnated
here in the new land of Canaan to do.
5. So I will did my best for over 40 years; I laboured in the
belly of this beast with Wu-Nuwaupu in my heart, while you
asked me only what you wanted to know or who you wanted
to be other than your real true self.
6. So I came before you giving you what you wanted until
you could learn to want what I came to give Wu-Nuwaupu,
Sound Right Reasoning, Facts beyond any doubt.
7. As you know you came to this planet, others grew here
while on Earth the two brothers rule you Ptah and Bes and
their sister Neith from them we come. Our blood was their
blood until the Human beast of Apapis mixed his seed with
8. His children spread us all over the planet took from us
who we are and replaced it with who we think we are.
9. And the great Nazdirty two brothers Ptah and Bes
could not agree on anything so the Great Nazdirt Neith
moved in to use her own genes to breed with those grown
10. But that did not work out as she planed. So Ptah set
out with a consort Sakhmet to breed from her who was also
a Nazdirt six sons and many daughters. Their sons are
Amun and Sokar and Apis and Sobek and Imhotep and
Tehuti, the Ptahites. You are from these sons while Ptah
also took two Human females to breed with by his own seed
did come Atum-Re or Amun to breed Shu and Tefnut
and from them Geb and Nut who was advised by Ptah’s
own son Tehuti whose consort was Maat who bred Nunet
and twin part Nun and Hehet whose twin part is Heh and
Keket whose twin part is Kek and mixed with Amunet
whose twin part is Amun. So by way of Geb and Nut was
born Asar and Aset Nebt-Hut and Sutkh and from Aset
wsa born Har and Har and one Nazdirt Hat.Har birth
Har-somtus and by another consort Ta-Bitjat Har fa-
thered four sons, they are: Imseti and Hapy and Duamutef
and Qebehsenuef and the son Hapy fathered a son
Menes followed by nine Human rulers from Het-
epsekhemwy, Re-Neb, Periben and Kha’sekhemi this is the
second dynasty on to the 3rd dynasty ruler Sanakht and
Zoser onto Sekhemket onto Kha-ba onto Huni. Next is
the 4th dynasty ruler Senefen onto Khufu onto Ra’Zd-
edef onto Khafre “Kham” onto Menkaure on to Shep-
11. And Human bloodline passed on unmixed all pre-dy-
nastic people were Ptahite or Besites or distorted seeds
of Neithites. But after the first dynastic rulers many out-
siders came into Tama-Re and many mixed their seed with
the people and some of us became mixed seeds.
12. These were bad times for the pure Nuwaubians who if
they would not mix in was mis-placed, overtaken, pushed
from Hut-Ka-Ptah and Hut-Ba-Ptah Southward and
across the land. Lost for many years. So lost they even lost
their minds knew not how great they were. Some crossed
the sea and even ocean lost for far too long.
13. Well once the evil ruler of the 15th Dynasty who was a
Heket Khasut Hyksos who even called his name Apapis,
Apophis. He was ruler of the 15th Dynasty than the weak
16th Dynastic rulers was enough of these invading Hebrew
mixed seed Canaanites and their 11 tribes in our land.
14. So by the time it came to the 17th Dynasty and we had
15 Theban rulers of Hut-Ba-Ptah in the south.
15. We were still all pure seed Ptahites, Nuwaupians who
kept our way of life Wu-Nuwaupu. We kept secrets of the
great son of Ptah, Tehuti.
16. Well three of the sons of Paa-Heket-Kasutaat mixed
seed of Israelites killed a Waab shil Tehuti, his name was
Seqenen-Re Tao I, on to Tao II.
17. Enough was enough, we rose up under the Great Ka-
mose we moved on the Heket-Khasut to push them out but
they were killers by nature and was a bit too much for us.
18. Yet, by the 18th Dynastic we were prepared and raised
a Great one Ah-Mose then we pushed them out chased
them across the burning sands back to the land of Kadmon
later called the Land of Canaan and then by one of his
sons Jebus of the Jebusites became Jerusalem, a city of
mixed seeds none of the original.
19. With them gone we attempted to purify the land and the
people. The next ruler was Amun-Hotep I then onto
Tehutimose I then onto Tehutimose II then onto the Great
female ruler Hat-Shep-Sut from her we had 10 more
20. In peace we lived onto to the 20th Dynasty which had
10 rulers onto the 21st Dynasty which has 7 rulers onto
the 22nd Dynasty which had 10 rulers onto the 23rd Dy-
nasty which had only 1 ruler and the 24th Dynasty also had
only 1 ruler.
21. Then onto the 25th Dynasty and this is what I speak to
you about yourself. The ruler was Kashta father of Pi-
ankhy and Shabaka and Pi-Ankhy was the father of Sha-
bataka and Taharka also called Taharko.
22. You see him standing between the paws of Paa-Ruti
the Great Feline Sphinx.
23. And his brother Shabataka was the father of Ta-Nut-
Amun who are these Great people? They were called by
many different names.
24. Nubians, Cushites, Put, Sudanese, Ethiopians, the
name Pi-Ankhy the living two or ruler of the lands master of
the two lands Misr “Egipt” and Kush “Ethopia” or Hut-
Ka-Ptah and Hut-Ba-Ptah.
25. They called us Hamites, Khami, Kemet to imply we
came Westward into Egipt when the very word Ham or
Kham is Egiptian meaning “Black”.
26. They even changed Ta-Ma-Re or Earth-Water-Sun
into Tamary or Ta-Mery “Earth Beloved” and some even
say that Kemet comes from Hebrew Khaam and Kem and
Khemnu “Eight town” for the Ogdoad Eight Deities yet,
it was us so we know best.
27. Ta-Ma-Re the place called Ad-Bassa.
28. Our land began with the first cataract on the Nile. The
Nile is 4,145 miles long and flows from the so-called lake of
Victoria. That’s what the Heket-Kahsut name John Han-
ning Speke called it in the year 1858 AD but it was really
called MWANZA flowing up to Uganda through the
Sudan onto Tama-Re and meets at Tuti, the junction of
the two Nile rivers then flows on up to GIH-ON GIZA
and breaks into four rivers to the left PIS-ON and to the
right TANIS.
29. On into the Mediterranean Sea on up to become two
other rivers which flow back down to become the Hiddek-
El to Sumeria and to become Euphrates which itself di-
vides into four rivers at Persian Gulf.
30. Yes the four rivers flowed out of Ganawa, Tama-Re
as the Hebrews, Hibiru record and the Indo-Arabs record
in their so-called Holy Book Bible and Quraan stories
that we the original people on this planet settled in Hut-
Ba-Ptah and Hut-Ka-Ptah as Nuwaupia called Napata
and Meroe from where they get the name Moor, Blacks
called the Meroitic Era and of us pure seed the Napatan
31. The Nuwaupic language was called the Napata tongue
and the Merotic tongue became Kushite tongue which be-
came Geez, Amharic, Aramic, Syritic, Chaldean, Akka-
dian to Hebrew and Arabic and Nabatian, Farsi.
32. So you will see what looks like Arabic or Hebrew
tongue or script in with Nuwaupic because they all come
from Napatan or Nuwaupic
33. Today also Butana was known as Put or the land of
the Ad-Bassa people.
34. The Latin speaking Italians changed it to Abyssinia
the Indo-Arabs to Habassiyya or sons of Mbog Bassa.
35. Who were Shabaka, Shabataka, and Taharko the
builders of 19 temples with two great ones at Jabel Barkal
and Napata, Nuwaupia.
36. We the Bassa people of Liberia West Africa today
have been spread all over the planet. Now our home is right
in Liberia West Africa most other places that were our
original home have been taken over by mixed seeds.
37. We get our name from BAH-SOOH who suc-
ceeded SUAHNUHENEH BAS or BA from
Egiptian BAA-BA Spirit Being Personality.
38. Divine Father BA BA and SOOH which means
Rock or Stone.
39. BASSA from tow words BAH-SOOHH Father
SOOH or Stone
40. As you see our name took many changes as we lost our
power. The PAA-MAFKUZET, the UM, The Gold
Powder, Liquid Gold our Monatomic powers as Nazdiru.
41. Mis-placed, mis-informed, invaded everything taken
from us even our minds. We as a people are out of our
42. We pre-date them all. They all come from us. We are
not Hebrews NO. We are not Israelites. NO. We are not
Ishmaelites. NO. We are not Asiatics. NO. We are not
Moabites. NO. We are not Canaanites. NO. NO. NO.
We are not anything but what we are Nuwaupians. Now by
mixing our seeds we became a part of all of them but they
are not what we are by Nature only by submission.
43. Who in this day is claiming the lost seed. None other
than Liberia. None Others. Did Arabia claim you? NO.
Did India claim you? NO. Did China claim you? NO. Did
American Indians claim you? NO. Did Sudan claim you?
NO. Did Nigeria claim you? NO. Did Ghana claim you?
NO. And I can go on 24,000 miles around the planet
Earth. You are not Jewish. You are not Arabs. You are
not Roman or Greek with their religious beliefs. Who are
you? Nuwaupians. What’s your way of life? Wu-Nuwaupu.
What is your language? Nuwaupic. How can you be found
in the past? As Napatans. You built Egipt. You are not a
Nation. You are in another’s Nation. Your Nation is in
Liberia West Africa and she claimed you as her, a part of
her without a question. You are today Liberians. That’s
your country and your tribe there is Nuwaupians a part of
all the tribes there. Who came looking for us? Liberia.
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah

1. Enen Nazdiru use this shall Amunnubi Reankh Ptah we
convey what you all will need.
2. For you each will be asked in Nuwaupic questions: Each
of his or her actions, words, deeds, none will be able to
speak on your behalf save one of us, Amunnubi Reankh
Ptah alone.
3. Amunnubi has spoken the three tones: Ah-Tum – Ah-
Tun – Ah-Mun in one Ah-Nun by his voice as Yaa-Nuwn.
4. You will not be able to say you did not hear it. You will
not be able to say your eyes did not behold him. You will
not be able to say your hand did not get to touch him.
5. You all recognized the tone of us in his voice.
6. It is that tone which will bring the three suns as you see as
stars into alignment.
7. So that our Hen-aat will be able to come close enough
to lift the few fifty beings per Henu.
8. Only those few who earned the trip back through Sapt.
9. Onto Sah through Kahf-Re up to Paa-Hutudet into Il-
lyuwn then to port on Rizq.
10. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah must give each of you first your
tone as a secret Ren then align your center solar sun to
your true eye.
11. That your true being will find its place on its own seat by
receiving your crown of life. For you and your only it is in
tune and aligned to each beings’ zero time reference.
12. Your throne can only be sat in by you alone.
13. None other.
14. Not your consort nor your siblings nor your father nor
your mother nor those you wish to be seated near. To each
his own.
15. In fact the ones you love for your own reasons may not
have their name on that list kept and recorded over time by
16. They may deceive and fool you however, they cannot
deceive and or fool us.
17. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is of us sent for you.
18. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah acted as many of the sons of
Ptah and Neith be he in the form of Tehuti or Amun or
Min or Imhotep or Apis, or Sokar or Sobek.
19. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah is the one who will enter Paa-
Ren-Aat fi Shefun.
20. Amunnubi Reankh Ptah will soon come down off the
Ankh by the power of Sakhmen and Hat-Har the daugh-
ters of Neith by their Heka.
21. In order to raise Re-Har-Akhety, sun of far away of
Nun raising out of the East Atum-Re and the West
Amun-Re the two horizons to complete the 24,000 year
journey one year per mile around the planet Ta from the
planets Ma as the source of Life Re.
22. The long awaited return of Har son of Asar and Aset
the true virgin mother daughter of Nut twin sister to Nebt-
Hut mother of Anpu all of this time the Great days of Paa-
23. The time for which we all have waited is upon you right
24. A-Pa-Pis, as Apophis knows the time has come his
6,000 years to rule is ended.
25. You must be transformed you must be cleaned inside
out and outside in your brown rust colour must be returned
to green. All metals must be cleaned from your blood. Are
you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?
26. For you all will not get another chance if you miss the
alignment. It will not come again before 24,000 years.
27. This is time.
28. You may ask and what is time?
29. Time is
30. Time is what
31. No. Time just is.
32. Paa-Paut
33. Not from here to there or from there to here. All time is
right now, not then, not when, just Now.
34. Can’t you all see him for who and what his is now? And
was there then will be there when and is right now.
Hotep Wa A’shug
Paa Nazdiru Bi
Amunnubi Reankh Ptah

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