Example how it should look.

Also, send a color photo 200x200 to go with your pro
The Lord is from Sweden. This born in 1973, 6.7, 135 kgs of pissnvinegar infested na
rcissist runs Global Domination and watches over the slaves (aka staffers) so they
provide material for the site regularly. If they dont they will mysteriously van
ish from the site, never to be seen again. The legend has it that they are conde
mned to a life in IsuckyourpenisforfreeVille, but theres never been any proof. Besi
des being in charge of Global Domination, The Lord is occupied being a UFC fan o
f insane proportions as well as, most importantly, being the undisputed leader o
f The Project Hate MCMXCIX and one of the army of three that is Torture Division
. The Lord likes it when you obey him, and he expects you to. Anything else is u
nacceptable. And punishable by total death.

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