"The wise know that the 12th house

is the most auspicious house in a horoscope."

It is the house of freedom from karma.

All karmas are bad to a yogi.

Gold handcuffs & dirty iron handcuffs are still handcuffs.
They both bind the soul to matter consciousness.

Life fluctuates from dasha to dasha - bhukti to bhukti - transit to transit.

We all yearn for a happiness that is neverending.
To live in a state of unending Bliss
beyond the ups & downs of emotional-mental fluctuations.

To be beyond the reach of the Grahas.
To be free from karma.

To be at one with the Divine Spirit who is beyond karmic law.
We all know in our hearts that there is nothing in this physical universe
that can give this to us.

Career success, money, fame, & power are the illusions
that most inhabitants on this earth pursue with great fervor.

This is usually due to deluded "well-meaning" parents & societal pressure.
(But the root is, as always, the individual’s prarabdha karmas.)
They forget that mortal life is as stable as a dew drop on a lotus leaf
as Shankara says.

It's hard for most young people to realize this
since most of them feel like they are immortal.
The temporal vitality of youth is very deceiving.

As their body ages & by the visitations of various sufferings,
their wisdom eye slowly begins to open.

... The great search for moksha begins ...

Vedic astrology is a great tool which can either trap you in the mundane world
or help lift your soul upto the heavenly worlds.

The evolution of your soul will determine how you use & apply this sacred science.

...May the Divine bless you in your spiritual efforts....

Shukla Purnima
Purvaphalguni Nakshatra

By Drolma Kalyana

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