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GU-17 - Email Questioning Capital Business Payments 0605

GU-17 - Email Questioning Capital Business Payments 0605

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Published by: Albany Times Union on Nov 19, 2009
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Chris Downie Thursday. June 02. 2005 5:08 PM My rna Newman Rob ert MClcklin FW : What is the

- ----Orlglnal Message- From: Robert Macklin Sent: Thursday. June 02, 2005 11:07 AM To: Chris Downie Subject: RE: \'V'hat is the

That WClS a bill for serv ices . They b ill hourly. I don't know what Capital Bus iness is the n if not Melhm an.
--- -Original Message----from: Chris Do-.... ie n Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 11:04 AN To: Robert Macklin Subject: RE : What IS the

W e pay Goldberg S55k'? I thouq nt Mehlmen was Capital Coa litions and $10 K a mo nth ?
--Original M essage--·· Fro m: Robert r"1acklin Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 11:02 To: Chns Downie cc: Myrna Newman Subject: RE: WI1" l is the

A t~

Goldb erg is Henry Goldb erg's fi rm

Capi tal business is h.1e lhman

-----Original r- essage----1 From: Chris Downie Sent: Thursdav, June 02,2005 11:0 1 AM To: Robert Macklin Cc: Myrna Newman Subject: What is the

$55K bill to Goldberg Godless ? $20K bill to Capital Business Consultant? Christopher W _Downie MOlient Corpor ation Ex ecutiv e Vice President. Chief Operating O ffice r & Treasurer d irec t - 847-478-4 69 1 fax - 847- 478 -4045 chris ,downie@ motienl .com

MT00000 095

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