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Our mission is to help our customers be more productive by enabling multimedia collaboration between companies and between people.

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Lets have a case study,
1. If Officer from Mumbai wants to have very important discussion with Officer from Delhi. Modes by which he can communicate : 1. 2. 3. 4. Telepohone, Video Conference call, Web Conference &, Travel from Mumbai to Delhi.

Sr.No. Modes of Communication Telephone / Audio Confere nce Travelling Web Confere ncing Video Confere nce

Impotant points of Communication 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Verbal Communications Visual Communication Expressions Many People at a time Disturbance during commnunication Confusion on Identifying the Person Unidentified / Unwanted Presence Clear NO NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Clear Clear Clear Yes No No No Ok Ok No No Yes No Yes Clear Clear Clear Yes No No No


Modes of Communication

Telephone / Audio Conference


Web Conferencin g

Video Conference

Cost Calculations 1 2 3 4 Travelling Cost Travelling Time Cost Equipment Cost Other cost No No Less Less More More No More No No Very Less Very Less No No Moderate Less

•If we give the points as mentioned to each Negative & Positive Points, Yes / Positive No/Clear : 5 Ok Quality : 3 Negative Yes / No : 0 For Cost calculations : More cost : 0 points Less / Moderate cost : 3 points Very Less / No : 5 points Then if you calculate point table then average Points will be as : Telephone / Audio Conf. : 5.4 Points, Traveling : 6.5 points, Web Conf : 6.5 points Video Conference system : 9 points.

• As per points calculations video conference system is the best option for communication considering the current market situations.

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