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AAPG 2009 International Conference & Exhibition Program Book

AAPG 2009 International Conference & Exhibition Program Book

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Your guide for the AAPG 2009 International Conference & Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, 15-18 November, 2009.
Your guide for the AAPG 2009 International Conference & Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, 15-18 November, 2009.

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Reservoir Characterization II

Pavilion 5, Room 201
Co-Chairs: E. Mason, J. B. Paul and R. Schiffer

14:00 Introductory Remarks
14:05 M. A. Moraes, P. L. Paraizo, T. A. Empinotti, G. M.
Ragagnin, M. S. Braga, L. Lima: Using Outcrop
Analogs for Predicting Facies Distribution and Internal
Heterogeneity of Seismic Geomorphic Elements: Oligo-
Miocene Turbidite Reservoirs, Campos Basin, Brazil
14:25 R. Higgs: Famous “Fine-Grained Turbidite” Outcrops
(Ireland, South Africa, USA): Reinterpreted as Lake-
Shelf Hyperpycnites, Unsuitable as Deep-Sea Reservoir

14:45 G. A. Albertao, R. Eschard, T. Mulder, V. Teles, D.
Granjeon: Palaeotopography Restoration and Its
Importance to Predict Turbidite Reservoirs Distribution
Infuenced by Salt Movements

15:05 J. D. Favera, J. G. Leão, D. Monteiro, O. Bagni, A. Amorim,
J. D. Favera: Important Early Cretaceous (Barremian)
Sublacustrine Channel-Levee Reservoir, Taquipe
Formation, Southwest Reconcavo Basin, Bahia, Brazil

15:25 Break
16:05 R. Higgs: Enigmatic Brushy, Cherry and Bell Canyon
Formations (Permian), Marathon Foreland Basin, USA:
Poor Outcrop Analogs for Deep-Sea Turbidite Reservoirs

16:25 R. d’Avila, L. Arienti, M. Aragão, F. F. Vesely, S. Santos,
H. Voelcker, A. R. Viana, R. O. Kowsmann, J. L.
Moreira, A. P. Coura, P. S. Paim, R. Solagaistua, L. R.
Machado: Turbidite Systems in Brazil — Stratigraphy
and Depositional Architecture

*Denotes presenter other than frst author.


Broader, Further, Deeper 15–18 November, Rio de Janeiro

E&P Challenges in the Greater Campos Basin

Pavilion 5, Room 202
Co-Chairs: O. Lopez-Gamundi, R. Eisenberg and K. Reimann

14:00 Introductory Remarks
14:05 J. L. Lewis, M. Dixon, J. Garrity, J. Bergeron: Prestack
Depth Migration at the Frade Field for High-Resolution
Subsurface Characterization: An Evergreen Process from
Appraisal Through Production
14:25 G. E. Holmes, G. L. Stewart: Pushing the Limits:
Putting Seismic to Work on the Brazil BC10 Ostra Field

14:45 G. L. Stewart, G. E. Holmes, L. Stockwell, B. Levy,
A. M. Kenworthy, S. Zambrano, J. Van Konijnenburg:

Meeting Drilling Challenges in Shallow Extended Reach
Wells in a Structurally Complex Field with Heavy Oil and
Low Fracture Gradient

15:05 Discussion
15:25 Break
16:05 M. V. Sant’Anna, D. L. Machado Jr, V. H. Viviani, C. S.
Metelo, C. S. Pontes, H. S. Selbach, M. Bassetto, J.
M. Neto, A. N. Barros, D. S. Coelho, G. S. Santana: A
Geologic Model of the Carbonate Platform in Deepwater
of Campos Basin, Brazil, Constrained by the Jabuti Oilfeld

16:25 A. A. Bender, M. Mello, N. C. de Azambuja Filho, C. L.
Jesus, E. D. Mio: Post-Mortem Analysis of a Dry Well
in Central Santos Basin: A Petroleum System Modeling

16:45 B. Wolff, L. P. Gamboa, M. P. Machado, J. A. Gil, M.
B. Moraes, L. Paula: Pre-Salt in Ultra-Deep Waters of
Santos Basin — A Successful Exploratory History

17:05 M. P. Machado, M. B. Moraes, L. P. Gamboa, J. A. Gil,
L. Paula, D. P. Silveira, B. Wolff: The Pre-Salt Sequence
of Ultra-Deep Water Santos Basin: Geological Aspects
and Key Factors Controlling the Major Oil Accumulations

17:25 M. Mello, N. C. de Azambuja Filho, E. D. Mio, P.
Schmitt, A. A. Bender: The Super Giant Sub-Salt
Hydrocarbon Province of the Greater Campos Basin

New and Emerging Regions — New Ways to Look at Old
Plays, New Opportunities in Frontier Basins II

Pavilion 5, Room 203
Co-Chairs: A. L. Tisi, I. Piazza and N. Ahmed

14:00 Introductory Remarks
14:05 N. C. de Azambuja Filho, M. Mello*, A. A. Bender,
P. Schmitt: Changing Paradigms in the Petroleum
Exploration of the Deepwater Area Offshore Namibia
14:25 B. Sapiie, N. Naryanto: New Hydrocarbon Prospect in
the Fore-Arc Basin of West Sumatera Island, Indonesia

14:45 K. Garyfalou, C. Ribeiro*, C. Reiser, P. Semb, Ø. Lie:

Hydrocarbon Potential of Levantine Basin: A Frontier
Basin in Eastern Mediterranean
15:05 S. Sengupta, V. Dangwal: Tectonosedimentary
Implications on the Petroleum System in and Around
Andaman Basin, India

15:25 Break
16:05 H. Wilson, M. Luheshi: New Insights on Hydrocarbon
Prospectivity Moroccan and Nova Scotian Conjugate
16:25 S. Sengupta, H. Dave: Geographic Information System
as a Tool for Data Integration of Surface and Subsurface
Features and Predictive Modeling for Hydrocarbon
Exploration: A Case Study from Cambay Basin, India C.
16:45 J. Malan, K. Leso, J. Beckering Vinckers: Use of
Fundamental Geological Knowledge in a Revisit of the
Algoa and Gamtoos Basins, Offshore South Africa
17:05 Y. Ma, X. Cai, X. Guo: Yuanba Gas Field: A New
Discovery in NE Sichuan Basin, SW China

17:25 B. Sapiie, B. H. Soewandi, A. M. Ibrahim, I. Gunawan:

New Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Indonesian Region
as Implication for Exploration Opportunity in the Frontier

Formation Evaluation and Drilling Optimization

Pavilion 5, Room 204
Co-Chairs: R. T. Lemos, Q. Dashti and J. Aluja

14:00 Introductory Remarks
14:05 R. R. Tiwari, P. P. Singh, C. Shrivastva*, K. Sikdar,
A. Ghosh: Integrated Geological and Petrophysical
Evaluation for Completion Planning in Carbonates: A
Methodology from Western Offshore India

14:25 B. Widarsono, B. W. Adibrata, E. Biantoro, K.
Sartadirdja, J. T. Musu: Revisiting the ‘Conventional’
Log Analysis Equations for Estimating Coal Bed Methane
Data: A South Sumatera Case, Indonesia
14:45 A. K. Tyagi, T. Dutta, A. Abedeen: An Integrated
Stochastic Modeling of Log and Core Data for
Anomalous Log Responses; A Case Study

15:05 R. Palmer, A. Silva, G. Saghiyyah, M. Rourke, B.
Engelman, T. van Zuilekom, M. Proett, A. Silvan*:

Improvements in Downhole Fluid Identifcation by
Combining High Resolution Fluid Density Sensor
Measurements with New Processing Methods; Saudi
Aramco Field Case Study

15:25 Break
16:05 R. Bacon, M. Berao, J. Lofts, S. Morris*: Reduced
Uncertainties in Geosteering and Well Placement in
Carbonate Reservoirs Through Better Understanding of
the Facies and Sedimentology in Real-Time

16:25 C. Smith, R. Pope, T. Mirzadeh, S. Ramakrishna:

Drilling Environment Created Data Issues Resolved
Through Innovative Data Gathering and Interpretation
16:45 P. A. Romero, N. Acosta, H. Serrano: New NMR-Based
Methodology for Inferring the Presence of Movable
Heavy Oil in Reservoir Layers
17:05 Q. Fisher, S. Al Hinai, C. A. Grattoni, P. Guise: Multi-
Phase Flow Properties of Fault Rocks: Implications
Prediction of Across-Fault Flow During Production

2009 AAPG International Conference & Exhibition


17:25 R. Rodiguez*, V. D. Chitale, J. Quirein, E. Martinez,
E. Pacheco, G. Escamila: New Integrated Formation
Evaluation Technique to Meet the Unique Petrophysical
Challenge Posed by Laminated Anistropic Shaly Sand
Reservoirs: A Case Study from Mexico

Petroleum Systems Geochemical Methods and Regional
Studies II

Pavilion 5, Room 103
Co-Chairs: E. Porsche, A. Prinzhofer and E. S. Neto

14:00 Introductory Remarks
14:05 J. R. Biteau, G. Choppin de Janvry, P. de Clarens, J.
Jarrige: The Gulf of Guinea Petroleum Systems Pre-Salt
and Post-Salt Dichotomy: Is the Exploration History

14:25 E. Ricard, A. T. Gourlan, A. Prinzhofer*, C. Pecheyran,
O. F. Donard: The System U/Th/Pb in the Kerogen and
Associated Oils: Is It Possible to Calculate an Age for an
Oil Accumulation?

14:45 A. H. Satyana, L. Parulian, M. Purwaningsih, K. Utama:

Regional Gas Geochemistry of Indonesia: Genetic
Characterization and Habitat of Natural Gases
15:05 H. L. Penteado, L. M. Araujo: Compositional Kinetics
with a PVT Description Applied to the Prediction of
Petroleum Quality in Brazilian Basins

15:25 Break
16:05 D. R. McConnell, R. Boswell, E. Jones, T. Collett,
M. Frye, W. Shedd, D. Hutchinson, S. Mrozewski,
G. Guerin, A. Cook, R. Dufrene, P. Godfriaux: The
Discovery of High-Saturation Gas Hydrate Sands in the
Gulf of Mexico — Results from Leg II Joint Industry Project

16:25 P. J. Eadington, R. Kempton, J. Bourdet, H. Volk:

Fluid Kinematics in the Stepwise Fill and Spill of Oil in
Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Observed Using Fluid Inclusions
in Reservoir Grains.
16:45 A. Mosquera, H. Villar, C. Zavala, M. Alarcón: New
Insights on the Neuquén Basin Lower Jurassic Petroleum
Systems and Deep Gas Play

17:05 M. Mello, V. Elias, P. J. Brooks*, T. Takaki, S. Barbanti,
P. Xu: New Technologies Applied to Well Drilling
Evaluation Using High-Resolution Oil and Gas Biomarker
and Isotopic Logging (HRGWD): Examples from Offshore
17:25 R. Herdeiro, V. Elias, S. Barbanti, D. Souza: The Use of
DNA Analyses Moving into Petroleum Exploration


University Students Academic Research Poster Session

Pavilion 2, Exhibition Hall
Co-Chairs: E. Pereira and M. H. Seidner

SP01 E.N. de Moura-Lima, F. H.R. Bezerra: Post-Rifte
Tectonism in the Potiguar Basin

SP02 A. K. R. da Rocha, H. Vital, G.R. da Rocha:

Morphodynamic Characterization of the Açu River:
Applications to Oil Industry, Potiguar Basin, NE Brazil
SP03 D.F. A. Gaspar, F. C. Alves da Silva: Architecture of the
Hangingwall Faults and Folds in a Flat-Ramp System:
Infuence of the Flat Inclination: A Physical Modeling
SP04 F. M. C. Cardoso, E. F. Jardim de Sa: The Palestina
Graben: Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of a Rift
Depocenter in the Araripe Basin, NE Brazil
SP05 C. M. Santos, A. J.Magalhães: Stratigraphic Analysis
of Mesoproterozoic Guine and Tombador Formation,
Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

SP06 T. M. Januario, J.H.P Severiano Ribeiro, J.A. Barbosa:

Investigation of Petroleum System in Mini-Basins
Developed in Deep Waters of Santos Basin, Brazil
SP07 M. C. Ribeiro, F. S.Moraes: 2D Marine Seismic
Processing with Amplitude Preservation, Pelotas Basin
SP08 W. C. da R. Nascimento, R.C. Pestana: Seismic
Imaging Using Anti-Dispersive Wave Equation
SP09 G. P. da Silva, C. A. Dias: Graphic Study of the Behavior
of Dias Constitutive Function to Describe the Electric
Polarization on Rocks
SP10 P. Maia, H. A. F. Chaves, C. M. Jones: The Meaning of
Country’s Self-Suffciency in the Production of Oil and Gas

SP11 D.F. Lima, O.M.C. Oliveira, M.J.M. Cruz, J.R.
Cerqueira, J.A. Triguis, A.F. de S Queiroz, R.C.
Santana: Oil Geochemical and Source Characterization
of Rio São Paulo Estuary in São Francisco do Conde,
Baía de Todos os Santos, Bahia, Brazil

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