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Google, the ultra patriotic US company, has decided to shut

its Moto X factory just after just one year in operation because
of very unbearable labour cost and other associated overheads.
Google took over Motorola Mobility which makes numerous
models of cellphones smartphones for the US and world
markets in !"#! for $#!.% billion, and promptly announced
that it was going to move Motorola&s production lines away
from cost'efficient foreign centres and back to the US. (hus
it set up the Moto X factory in !"#).
(his year it agreed to sell the outfit to *enovo for $!.+ billion.
(he costs of trying to be overly or very unnaturally patriotic
was simply too great to bear.
(he huge Motorola factory in the state of (e,as just could not
manufacture its handsets without incurring continuous losses
due to so'so productivity, high labour costs, and also relatively
uneconomic offerings plus high shipping costs. (his proves
that the US is now a big laggard in industrial manufacturing.