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Young Engineers Programme (YEP)

All young engineer participants born in or after 1978 will benefit from a reduced symposium registration
fee. In order to encourage active participation of young engineers at the Symposium, the Organising
Committee and the IABSE Fellows offer a series of benefits to the participants:

Two prizes of CHF 2500 each, for two outstanding contributions, either oral or poster, authored and
presented by a young engineer. The prizes are sponsored by the IABSE Fellows and presented at the
Closing Ceremony of the Symposium.

Free IABSE membership for the year 2014, including one year subscription to journal Structural
Engineering International (SEI).

IABSE e-Learning Project (Preliminary - Experimental Phase)
Current activities include: (1) Lectures, (2) Animations, (3) Videos, (4) Previous items on YouTube,
Handheld Sets, Mobiles, (7)Glossary/Translator (Multi-Language Technical Glossary for Structural
Engineering), (8) Database on Structures Worldwide (from Articles in SEI Journal), (10) Links to useful
web-resources. Other Activities are under consideration and preparation by IABSE e-Learning Board.
This project is supported by IABSE Foundation.(Main updates: Dec. 2006, April 2007, May 2008, 19 Aug.
2008, March 2009, April 2010, May 2011, September 2011).
The main objective of the e-Learning project is to Provide an additional forum at IABSE for exchange of
information and knowledge in Structural engineering. This forum should be available to a much wider
group than members of the IABSE using the most recent available technologies, and also it could help
IABSE in reaching a wider audience and in fulfilling its missions and objectives. .
The IABSE Lecture Series on Internet include: Lectures, Short courses, Videos and Animations about the
construction of structures. For each presentation, there are four possibilities: View online, Download,
Print Handouts (copies of the slides), Print References (articles from IABSE publications, relevant to the
topic of the presentation).
The site is still in its preliminary-experimental phase. Your comments and suggestions will be
appreciated. You are most welcome to provide your contributions, which will be considered for
uploading on this website by the IABSE e-Learning Board. [e-mail: ; ]