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The topic taken for this study is A STUDY ON FINANCIAL STATEENT

ANALYSIS! "hich has #een carried out for Senthi$ %apain Food %roducts %&t Ltd'
The study has atte(pted to ana$y*e the need and i(portance of financia$
perfor(ance and present state of the sa(e of Senthi$ %apain Food %roduct Co(pany)
The study fu$$y #ased on secondary data fro( records' annua$ reports and profi$e of
the co(pany) This has #een or+ani*ed into three chapters)
The first chapter inc$udes t"o (ain cate+ories) The first one is introduction
a#out needs financia$ ana$ysis' industry profi$e and co(pany profi$e) Second one is
inc$udes o#,ecti&e of study' scope of the study' re&ie" of $iterature' research desi+n'
(ethodo$o+y' too$s of financia$ state(ent ana$ysis and $i(itations of the study)
The second chapter inc$udes ana$ysis and interpretation "hich inc$udes
co(parati&e state(ent ana$ysis' co((on si*e state(ent ana$ysis' trend ana$ysis and
ratio ana$ysis of the study)
The third chapter inc$udes the findin+s' su++estion and conc$usion of this
study) After that it inc$udes reference "hich are used to (y pro,ect)