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%nglish Paper &ontains '0 (ultiple &hoi&e
)uestions* The+ &o,er the ,o&abular+- so&ial
situation- gra((ar and &o(prehension aspe&ts o. the
In Se&tion $- pupils are to answer )uestions whi&h
test their ,o&abular+*
Pupils are gi,en three di..erent t+pes o. )uestions
na(el+ word le,el )uestions- phrase le,el )uestions
and senten&e le,el )uestions*
/or this se&tion pupils need to stud+ the pi&tures
gi,en in order to answer (ost o. the )uestions* Pupils
&an use the 01h2 )uestions to deri,e the in.or(ation
.ro( the pi&tures*
3ake sure +ou read all the options gi,en* Understand
the( and .inall+ (ake +our &hoi&e* Re(e(ber to
&hoose the best answer*
In Se&tion B- di..erent so&ial situations are gi,en
through the spee&h bubbles in the pi&tures* Be.ore
pro&eeding to the options 4$- B- 5 and 67- look at the
pi&ture and then read the dialogues in the spee&h
bubbles* Understand the so&ial .un&tion in the
)uestions 4to en)uire- to assure- to in.or(- to e8plain-
to apologise7* Then &hoose the best senten&e that .its
the e(pt+ spee&h bubble base on the so&ial .un&tion*
In the gra((ar se&tion 4Se&tion 57 pupils are re)uired
to answer )uestions on gra((ar- pun&tuation and
spelling* /or gra((ar- pupils need to read the
)uestions and understand the gra((ar rules that
need to be applied* $.ter &hoosing the answer- +ou
need to think whether the answer +ou ha,e &hosen is
the best answer* Reason out the answer b+ re&alling
the gra((ar rules +ou ha,e learnt*
1hen &hoosing the answer .or the pun&tuation
)uestions- pupils need to read all the options gi,en*
1hile reading the senten&es- &ir&le the errors* Then
&o(pare the senten&e with the other options in the
)uestion until +ou .ind the senten&e without errors*
1hen answering )uestions on s+non+( or anton+(-
(ake sure +ou gi,e the s+non+( or anton+( in
&onte8t 4the (eaning o. the word used in the
senten&es7 and not its general (eaning*
/or )uestions that test spelling- pupils need to read
the options gi,en &are.ull+* $.ter that &o(pare the
words with the other options and &hoose the word
that has the &orre&t spelling*
Usuall+ )uestions in Se&tion 6 test pupils on
,o&abular+ and gra((ar* Read the te8t gi,en .irst
then deter(ine the tense* 9ook .or &lues 4words that
show the tense7 in the te8t to help +ou* :ou also need
to to the pi&ture gi,en*
$ linear and a non linear te8t are gi,en in the
&o(prehension se&tion* Pupils need to read the te8t
gi,en at least twi&e* 6uring the .irst reading- pupils
need to get an idea what the te8t is about* This will
help the( to get a general ,iew o. the te8t* 6uring the
se&ond reading- (ake sure +ou understand the whole
te8t espe&iall+ the i(portant points* I. there is a word
in a senten&e that +ou don2t understand- underline it
and read the senten&e again a .ew (ore ti(es* :ou
(a+ be able to guess the (eaning o. the word* Then
read the )uestions &are.ull+ and &hoose the best
answer* 3ake sure +ou read all the options gi,en
be.ore &hoosing the best answer*
P$P%R 2
Se&tion $
; This se&tion tests pupils2 abilit+ to write senten&es*
Pupils will be gi,en a pi&ture and the+ ha,e to
&onstru&t .i,e senten&es* Pupils (a+ &hoose to
&onstru&t the senten&es without using the helping
; Pupils need to &onstru&t a ,ariet+ o. senten&es
Si(ple senten&e
%8a(ple: The bo+s are pla+ing .ootball*
5o(pound senten&e
%8a(ple: The bo+s and their .riends are pla+ing
.ootball in the .ield*
5o(ple8 senten&e
%8a(ple: <ohan- who is wearing jerse+ nu(ber se,en-
is pla+ing .ootball in the .ield*
; 6o not (ake assu(ptions* 1rite senten&es on what
+ou see in the pi&ture* I. +ou want to use na(es- (ake
sure that +ou des&ribe &learl+ the person +ou are
writing about*
=ul is sitting with his .riends* 41RO>?7
=ul- who is the tallest a(ong the bo+s- is holding a
ho&ke+ sti&k* 45ORR%5T7
; $.ter +ou ha,e &o(pleted all the .i,e senten&es-
(ake sure +ou &he&k the gra((ar- pun&tuation and
spelling* 1rite &learl+ so as not to &on.use the
; 6on2t relate +oursel. to the pi&ture*
3+ un&le and aunt are wat&hing tele,ision in the li,ing
roo(* 41RO>?7
$ (an and a wo(an are wat&hing tele,ision in the
li,ing roo(* 45ORR%5T7
Se&tion B
; This se&tion &ontains two )uestions* Pupils need to the in.or(ation .ro( the )uestion into the
table* Then- the+ ha,e to (ake a &hoi&e based on the
)uestion gi,en and state the reasons .or the &hoi&e*
; /or in.or(ation pupils need to be aware o.
the spelling- pun&tuation and their writing* The+ need
to write &learl+ and obe+ the pun&tuation rules* I. the
answer written is not legible- no (arks will be
awarded .or the answer* Pi&k and &hoose the
in.or(ation based on what is re)uired in the table* 6o
not &op+ in an+ parti&ular se)uen&e*
; /or the se&ond part o. the )uestion- pupils need to
(ake a &hoi&e and state the reasons .or their &hoi&e*
Be.ore +ou start +our answer- read the instru&tion*
3ake sure +ou write based on the &hoi&e (ade*
:ou and +our .a(il+ are going on a trip* Based on the
in.or(ation gi,en- whi&h t+pe o. tour would +ou
suggest@ ?i,e reasons .or +our &hoi&e*
; 6on2t onl+ write state(ents* Support the( with
logi&al and suitable reasons* ?i,e so(e elaboration
on +our reasons*
I would &hoose $erobus AB0 be&ause it &an &arr+ the
(ost nu(ber o. passengers* It is also the longest and
the widest a(ong the three planes* Thus- it will be
(ore spa&ious and I will be able walk around in the
plane espe&iall+ sin&e I2( going to Paris* It is the
.astest and does not need an+ re.ueling until its
destination* It is powered b+ .our jet engines* It will be
able to rea&h the destination .aster than the others*
; $.ter &o(pleting the answers- pupils (ust &he&k the
senten&es .or gra((ar- spelling or pun&tuation
Se&tion 5
; Pupils need to write &reati,el+ in this se&tion based
on the pi&tures and words gi,en in the )uestion*
Pupils (ust read the instru&tion be.ore writing their
answer* Pupils (a+ need to use all the words*
So(eti(es the+ (a+ not need to use all the words*
This depends on the instru&tion* There.ore- it is
&ru&ial .or pupils to read the instru&tion &are.ull+*
* 1rite a stor+ based on the pi&tures below* :ou (a+
use the words gi,en to help +ou* 1rite +our
answers in the spa&e pro,ided*
2* 1rite a stor+ based on the pi&tures below* Use all
the words gi,en to help +ou* 1rite +our answers in
the spa&e pro,ided*
; Pupils are .ree to na(e the &hara&ters in their
answer* The+ &an also na(e the pla&es in the
; Start +our answer with an interesting introdu&tion
and end it with an interesting &losure* :our
introdu&tion need not be too long* Two or three
senten&es will be su..i&ient*
; 1rite at least .our senten&es .or ea&h pi&ture* 3ake
sure +ou des&ribe the pi&tures well* :ou (a+ use
pro,erbs and si(iles to (ake +our answer (ore
; $.ter &o(pleting the answer- read through the
senten&es* 5he&k .or an+ errors in gra((ar-
pun&tuation and spelling*
O,erall- pupils need to be alert and &on&entrate while
answering the )uestions* 9ea,e the )uestion that are
di..i&ult- answer the easier ones and &o(e ba&k to the
di..i&ult ones later* Read the instru&tion be.ore
atte(pting to answer the )uestions* /inall+- &he&k all
+our answers be.ore +ou hand in the answer s&ript to
the in,igilators* So- good lu&k and (a+ ?od bless +ou
ENGLISH PAPER 2 - SECTION B 2(b)- how o w!"# $o%! !#&'o(' -'&)*+#'
UPSR: %nglish Paper 2: Se&tion B C Duestion 2 4b)
1. Place / Venue/ Location I can go there easily.
It is near my house.
I can go there at anytime.
It is a nice / beautiful place.
2. Society It is very enjoyable.
It is very useful an has a lot of benefits.
I can gain more !no"lege.
I can improve my vocabulary.
I can "ien my !no"lege.
I shall be more confient of myself.
I can get a lot of ne" friens.
I can o something beneficial uring my free time.
I shall be able to !no" more about ne" things.
It gives me a pleasant feeling.
It teaches me to inepenent / confient.
#y parents al"ays encourage me.
$. Price / %ee / %are / &ent It is reasonable an afforable.
I can save my money for other e'penses.
It is a reasonable price an I thin! I can affor it.
It is also "orth buying.
(he price is lo" an reasonable.
I can affor to pay for it / buy it.
It is cheaper than the others.
). %ree gift / *iscount / +ffer /
It is attractive offer.
I can save my poc!et money.
I o not have to buy it anymore.
I on,t have to spen more.
-. %oo / *rin!s / #enu / *ishes /
It is elicious an
It is nutritious/ tasty an
It is my favourite foo / rin!s.
It is goo for my health.
0. (ransport It is comfortable / convenient.
I can rela' myself uring a journey.
It is an economical "ay of travelling.
It is suitable for a long journey.
It is fast an I "on,t feel bore.
I can enjoy "atching the beautiful scenery along the journey.
1. %acility I can enjoy them.
I can use them.
It is comfortable an convenient.
2. *ate / (ime / *uration I am free at that time.
It ta!es a shorter / longer time to finish it.
I "oul not feel bore.
(he time is enough for me to spen it there.
3. 4olour / %ashion / Pattern / *esign It is beautiful / attractive / eye5catching.
It is my favourite colour / esign.
It suits me.
It is the latest fashion / pattern / esign.
16. +ccupation I can earn money for living.
It teaches me to be responsible / inepenent.
I "ill commit to my job.
I can support my family / parents.
11. Pen5pal 7e can e'change ieas.
7e can share the same hobby / ieas / interest.
I can learn many ne" things from her / him.
I shall be able to !no" more about his / her country.
I have a chance to visit him / her country one ay.
12. Pets It is cute.
It is easy to loo! after / to ta!e care / to manage.
It is easy to fee.
I can play "ith it.
It can be a great company to me.
It can help to loo! after the house.
1$. #aterial It is cool an comfortable.
It is long5lasting.
It is "orth it to buy.
I can "ear it for a long time.
1). %inally / Lastly I am sure I have mae the best choice.
*efinitely/ my choice is right.
I hope my father / mother / brother / sister "ill li!e my choice
an appreciate it.

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