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Product Development in Context

Market/Customer Needs
Objective • Solve a Problem Seek • Opportunity Scan Evaluate • Option Generation Select
• Makes Decision

• Achieve a Goal

• Narrows Options

What You Need
Evaluation Screen Research Objectives Market Research Identify Issues Clarifying Strategy


Structured Program

Development Process


Elements of the Process
Evaluation Screen / Criteria
– – – – – – – – – – – – – Conceptual Definition & Fit Marketing & Sales Engineering Manufacturing Financial Evaluation Collect Convert Discuss Develop Customer Competitive Product & Technology Business Systems & Skills

Development Process
– – – – – – – – – – Material Planning BOMs / Routings Cost Capacity Capital Expenditures Product Strategy Value Proposition Program Strategy Initial Quantities Customer Planning

Market Research

Structure Program

Market Issues

Program Launch
– Manufacturing Readiness – Sales Training – Channel Training


New Products Impact All Areas
Shifts in One Area Cause Movement in the Others
Marketing & Sales Current Product and Service Mix

New Products and Services

Engineering (Expertise) Operations


A Product Development Template
Business Case Identify Market Need Research Required Solution Unique Solution Benefit Positioning of Product Marketing Plan Market Awareness Plan Customer Acquisition Develop Intro Program for Sales Force Assess Mkt. Size Pricing/ Margins Market Requirements

Product Performance

Buy, Build Partner Identify Thought Leaders

Product Roadmap

Operational Requirements

Sales Process

Customer Retention



Market Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Product Strategy

Product Planning

Program Strategy

Sales Readiness

Channel Support

Assess Technology Requirement Competitive Analysis

Payback Analysis

Establish Value Proposition

Channel Requirements

Launch Plan

Collateral & Sales Tools

Channel Training

Win/Loss Analysis

Release Milestones

Product Messages

Product Demos Benefits Over Competition

“Special Calls”

Gather, Define, Analyze, Commit: where the real work occurs

Use Scenarios

Lead Generation

Answer Desk