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Katie Elliott

The television show Criminal minds

is a crime drama thriller, which first
aired on September 22
, 2005. The
show is about a team of FBI
profilers who wor for The
Behavioral !nal"sis #nit that
anal"$es the worlds most twisted
criminals and
tr" to pin point
their ne%t
moves before
the" strie
a&ain. The team travels all over the
world with their private 'et to help
with the most serious cases. The
show focuses more on the
criminal(s minds rather than the
actual crime itself.
Thomas )ibson pla"s
Supervisor" Special !&ent *SS!+,
#nit Chief !aron ,otchner, which is
one of the most important
characters in the show. ,e(s a
prosecutor but also the leader of
the team. ,e maes the official
decisions and is in char&e of
main& sure ever"one on the team
is doin& their 'ob correctl" and
safel". ,is character is ver" serious
and doesn(t show much emotion.
!side from bein& in char&e, he also
anal"sis(s and mae the arrests
alon& with the rest of his team.
!nother important character
in the show would be -irsten
.an&sness, who pla"s /enelope
)arcia, which is the team0s
Technical !nal"st at the B!#.
)arcia is one of m" favorite
because of her
fun and
She(s the &irl behind the computer
doin& an"thin& and ever"thin& the
team needs as far as technolo&"
&oes. ,er 'ob also involves &oin&
throu&h the bac&round and histor"
of an"one involved in the cases to
find records, important events and
!nother important character
in the show is SS! 1r. Spencer
2eid, who(s a &enius that &raduated
from 3as .e&as ,i&h School at a&e
42, pla"ed b" 5atthew )ra"
)ubler. ,e(s a prosecutor but
mostl" spends his time stud"in& the
suspects and victims. Spencer is a
pure &enius who is alwa"s thinin&.
,e never for&ets an"thin& and can
fi&ure out the most difficult cases.
,e(s 6uiet, sh" and awward, which
is a lot different from some of the
other characters. This is one of the
reasons wh" he(s m" favorite.
Criminal minds is m"
favourite show because of the
followin& reasons. Firstl", it(s a
thriller and I love to &et scared
ever" now and then. !lso, the
actors are awesome and pla" their
characters ver" well. This reall"
helps mae the show so much
more interestin& and fun. 7ach
character has their own personall"
which is different from ever"one
else. 3astl", I find crime solvin&
ver" interestin& and would
considerin& doin& somethin& lie
that in the future. If I had to choose
one character to be, I(d choose
2eid. I would pic 2eid because
he(s a &enius and seems to now
ever"thin&. I would love to be that
smart, where an"thin& I wanted to
now was 'ust eas" for me. I
believe nowled&e is ver" important
in life because it &ives "ou so man"