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Dramatic.success.at.Work - Using Theatre Skills to Improve Your Performance

Dramatic.success.at.Work - Using Theatre Skills to Improve Your Performance

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Published by: tps5970 on Nov 20, 2009
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If creative potential is locked away within team members, you need
to release it to get more out of the team. ACE teams – those that are
aligned, creative and exploring – exhibit professional know-how



‘Have you ever seen a man

sit down at the piano and

play the same note over

and over again? If you see a

great concert pianist,they

use all the notes,all the

colours,all the graduations.’

Preston Sturges,


and specific skills while fully engaging every aspect of the person –
their physicality, intellect, emotions and intuition – in a balanced,
healthy way.

One of the joys of acting is that it uses so many of these
aspects of a person. The text demands intellect, the character’s feel-
ings require empathy, the creative process asks for intuitive inno-
vation, and the whole experience of performing uses the actor’s
energy – physical, sexual and psychic. A theatrical performance can
feel like a thorough work-out in all these areas, which is why it is
often so exhausting.

How can your business team encourage people to give of
themselves fully – their enthusiasm, creativity, talents and poten-
tial? Often team preferences push people into typecast roles, when
the people themselves might have wider capabilities. This tendency


How do you cast your team members?
Within a team it can often be worth examining to what extent the team has labelled
certain members and restricted their full potential, preventing them from using all of

For example, a team may label its finance person a hard-nosed realist, when in fact
this person may have many other under-used qualities that could benefit team

Of course, it takes imagination and a flexible approach to tap into a person’s abili-
ty to contribute in what are perhaps unusual ways. For example, who on the team loves
organizing parties and celebrations? Which team member uses intuition superbly when it
comes to recruiting new people? Is there someone who naturally re-energizes the team
when people are feeling jaded?
You could use performance reviews as an occasion for each team member to
commit to doing something new, something innovative, for the team.



to typecast both actors and individual team members wastes
potential. It could be useful to explore this as an item on a team
meeting agenda. Take ten minutes to create ways in which each per-
son could bring their total self to the team’s enterprise. Such a dis-
cussion could highlight areas where people feel restricted or

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