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Dramatic.success.at.Work - Using Theatre Skills to Improve Your Performance

Dramatic.success.at.Work - Using Theatre Skills to Improve Your Performance

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Published by: tps5970 on Nov 20, 2009
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Actors learn to embody what they sell, since they are constantly
attending auditions where they are closely scrutinised. They may be
asked to perform a short piece or read a section of the script, and
their performances may be videotaped. In such a cattle market,
they can only succeed by coming across as authentic.
Much the same applies increasingly in other spheres of
customer-facing activity. So much now depends on being able to
establish trust. Customers quickly detect manipulation and jaded
sales techniques. In its crudest form, for instance, if you sell a prod-
uct that you say is high quality, then that is how you must come
across. The most effective sales people are therefore authentic. They
are clearly telling the truth and present their products with an obvi-
ous sense of commitment and honest admiration. They are often
genuinely excited about the product or service on offer, and it shows.

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