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International conference on Applications of Gene Technology-ICAGT 2014


Day I June 5 (Thursday)

9.00 - 10.00 A.M Registration of Delegates
10.00 -10.30 A.M Inauguration of the conference
10.30 11.00 A.M Tea Break
Technical Session I
Chairman: Dr. Samarjit Das, John Hopkins University, USA
Co-Chairman: Dr. Vasanthakumari, BSAU, Chennai
11.00 11.30 A.M Invited Lecture:
Safe and Effective Gene Delivery using Electrical and Lasr Pulses
into Living Cells
Dr. Raji Sundarrajan, Purdue University, USA
11.30 12.00 P.M Invited Lecture:
GM Foods -A Boon Or Mystery
Dr. Sarat Chandra, Veterinary University, Chennai
12.00-12.15 P.M Oral Presentation:
Genetic engineering of Tobacco streak virus resistance in
tobacco(Nicotiana tabacum L.) triggered by RNA silencing
Dr. S Rajamanickam, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
12.15-12.30 P.M Oral Presentation:
Epidemiological Surveillance and molecular characterization of
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Kanchipuram
Dr. V Karthikeyan

Karpaga Vinayaga college of Engineering and
Technology, Maduranthagam
12.30-12.45 P.M Oral Presentation:
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Madras Red Sheep of Tamil Nadu using
Molecular Marker
Dr. T Ravimurugan Veterinary College and Research Institute, Tirunelveli
12.45-01.45 P.M Lunch
Technical Session II
Chairman: Dr. Raji Sundarrajan, Purdue University, USA
Co-Chairman: Dr. Hannah Racheal Vsanthi, Pondicherry university
01.45 02.15P.M Invited Lecture:
Mitomir: A New Player In Heart Failure
Dr. Samarjit Das, John Hopkins University, USA
02.15 02.45P.M Invited Lecture:
Cell and gene Technology
Dr. S. Das, Eppendorf, Germany

02.45 03.00P.M Oral Presentation:
A Computational Epigenetic Approach in Multi-Drug Designing
towards Targeting DNA Methyltransferases (DNMTs) using
Phyllanthus Emblica as a lead compound: A New Approach for an
emerging frontier
Dr. P L Sujatha, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai
03.00 03.15P.M Oral Presentation:
Effect of exogenous application of Salicylic acid on the morphological
and biochemical constitutions in UV-B (285-325nm) stressed
Ms. M Veeralakshmi, Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi
03.15 03.30P.M Tea Break
Technical Session III
Chairman: Dr. Sarath Chandra, Veterinary University
Co-Chairman: Dr. S. Das, Eppendorf, Germany
03.30-04.00P.M Invited Lecture:
Your Future Its Personal
Dr. Saleem Mohammed, XCODE Life Sciences, Chennai, India
04.00 04.30 P.M Invited Lecture:
Climate change impact on maternal recognition of pregnancy
Dr. Mondal, NIANP, ICAR, Bangalore
04.30 04.45 P.M Oral Presentation:
Identification and Systems Analysis of Stage-Specific Novel Driver
Genes and functional Modules in the Progression of Colorectal Cancer
Ashok Palaniappan, Chettinad Academy of Research and Education,
04.45 05.00 P.M Oral Presentation:
CO1 gene sequencing and in-silico analysis of two colonial ascidians of
Hare Island, Thoothukudi coast of India
A S Akram, Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi

Day-II June 6 (Friday)
Technical Session IV
Chairman: Dr. K.P. Kumaraguru Vasagam. CIBA, Chennai
Co-Chairman: Dr. Easwaramoorthy, B.S.Abdur Rahman University
09.30 10.00A.M Invited Lecture:
Evolution of Genomics - The Past , The Present and the Future
Dr. Dhivya Viswanathan, Labmate Asia
10.00 -10.30A.M Invited lecture:
Impact Of Host Plant Resistance For Viable Integrated Pest
Dr. S. Pasupathy, National Pulses Research Centre, TNAU
10.00 10.45A.M Tea Break
10.45 11.00A.M Oral Presentation:
Cloning and Expression of Tobacco Osmotin (Tbosm) in Soybean cultivar for
fungal pathogen resistance
M Manickavasagam, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli
11.00-11.15A.M Oral Presentation:
A pilot study on the determination of antioxidant potential and lethal
dosage of hydro alcoholic fruit extract of Terminalia chebula
M Amutha, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
11.15-11.30A.M Oral Presentation:
Effect of polyethylene glycol on callus induction and somatic
embryogenesis in cultures of greengram, Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek
N Udhaya Kumar, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
11.30-11.45 A.M Oral Presentation:
Phylogenetic analysis of freshwater copepods with reference to 18S
rDNA and mtCOI
Sivakumar K, Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and
Technology, Madhuranthagam
11.45-12.00P.M Oral Presentation:
Fungal-Mediated biological synthesis and characterization of
intracellular Titanium Oxide Nanoparticles synthesis using the
Fusarium oxysporum sp: Potential in inhibition of Urinary Tract
K Siva, V.H.N.S.N.College, Virudhunagar
12.00-1.00P.M Lunch
1.00-2.00P.M Poster
Technical Session V
Chairman: Dr. Dhivya Viswanathan, Labmate Asia
Co-Chairman: Dr. Shameem Banu, B.S.Abdur Rahman University
2.00-2.30P.M Invited Lecture:
Omics technologies and advancements in diabetes
Dr. M.Balasubramanyam, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation
2.30-3.00P.M Invited Lecture:
Status and prospects for nutrigenomic analysis in aquaculture nutrition
Dr. K.P. Kumaraguru Vasagam. CIBA, Chennai

3.00-3.15P.M Oral Presentation:
Heart and Retrotransposons: piRNA the guardians
Dr. S Ramasamy, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
3.15-3.30P.M Oral Presentation:
Fabrication of Bio polymer scaffold and their characterization, bio
compatibility and applications in Tissue engineering
S Kanimozhi, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai
3.30-3.45P.M Oral Presentation:
Detection of cell-free fetal DNA in bovine maternal plasma by Y
chromosome specific PCR analysis
G Priya, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.
3.45-4.00P.M Tea Break
4.00-4.30P.M Valedictory function