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Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta.

Mesa Manila Mabini Campus

College of Arts Department of Psychology

In Partial fulfillment in the subject Psychological Assessment and Evaluation


Submitted by: Arah Rachielle Pineda John Kenly Regio Joseph Roldan Julie Anne Roldan Ross Ann M. Romasanta Group 5 BSCP IV-3 Submitted to: Prof. Serafina P. Maxino Professor

September 26, 2008

ANAMNESIS IDENTIFYING DATA SGV is a 26 years old female, single mother from Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat third in the brood of seven. She was college undergraduate of midwifery. CHIEF COMPLAINT According to patient: “sumunod lang ako sa kanila kung saan nila ako dalhin” According to her aunt: “lagi siyang tulala, walang gana kumain at gustong laging madilim” According to her brother: “hindi siya kumakain at laging tulala at nagkukulong” HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS The patient is a college undergraduate who used to take up midwifery grows up to be an independent, rebellious and strong willed person. At the age of 18 she stowed away from home because of her strict dad who is a military. She went to manila to find her luck; she used to work in some stalls in divisoria as a saleslady. But unfortunately she got pregnant courtesy of her boyfriend who is a seaman. She later on broke up with him after realizing that her boyfriend is having an affair with her best friend. After that incident she was not able to see her boyfriends face again. She decided to go back to her home town to raise her child. When her child turned two years old, she realizes that she needed to work harder for her child’s future. Once again she went to manila without the knowledge and consent of her family. In manila a friend offered her to work abroad. She then grabbed that opportunity in thought that she will be able to give her son and her family a good future. March 2006, the patient decided to work abroad because of financial difficulties. She had two employers in Lebanon. Her first employer treated her nicely but she needs to give up because at that time there was an ongoing war between Israel and Lebanon. She stayed to her employer for 10 months. Her employer recommended her to another agency. February 2003, she started to work on her second employer, on her first month with her second employer was smooth and treated her good but all of that changed when the employer noticed about her text mate. Her employer does not want to see her texting nor holding her cell phone because her employer would always get jealous. The employer gets mad of her because she caught texting. Because of that

it starts to treat her differently. He would lock her up to his house and sometimes in her room. Her employer started to say bad words about her. The employer would tell her that she is crazy and stupid. Because of that she started to feel hopelessness. She thought that she will not be able to get out from her employers house and with that situation. She was not able to go to sleep because of different ideas would come to her mind on how she could escape from her employer. Because of that different idea that comes to her mind she would always get confused. And that confusion would not let her sleep. She was forced to take 5 paracetamol just to make her sleep. After she take the medicine it makes her sleepy, sometimes when she woke up in the morning she would feel as if she was magnetized to her bed. She was unable to move. In addition to that, her employer’s house was full of security cameras because of that she finds it hard to take a bath in thought that someone might be watching her. She didn’t eat the food she gave to her because she thinks that the food has poison. Then an idea just came to her mind. She went near the security camera and started acting like she is out of her mind. According to her she did it for her employer to think that she is useless and that she is crazy. When she finally convinced her employer she was immediately sent back to the Philippines on August 16, 2008. Saturday afternoon her aunt fetches her up from the airport. According to her aunt she saw the patient crying hysterically. Her aunt immediately got a cab and brought her home. When the patient was calmed her aunt asked her if something was wrong. She said that she thought that all the people in the airport were Lebanese and that she felt helpless about it, in thought that they would hurt her. August 17, 2008, the patient’s aunt heard her crying again and when her aunt asked her she told her aunt that her stomach was aching. On the same day, her aunt decided to bring her to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor’s finding “kaya sumasakit ang tiyan nya kasi hindi ito kumakain”. Evening of August 17, while eating dinner, her aunt noticed a strange behavior like “kumakain sya pero nakatulala pag tinanong kung ano nangyari sa kanya sa Lebanon malayo ang sagot nya. Nagsasalita pa ito ng parang Arabo”. The next day (August 18) the patient still manifest a strange behavior like taking a bath with lights turned off, switching on of the radio but she does not want to hear the music and turning on the television and does not want to see the program. She was always caught cleaning the house because she does not want to see dust. She would also close the door and the window. Those behaviors were still seen in the patient for days until August 20 her aunt called the brother of the patient to tell him what was happening to her sister. August 21, the patient’s brother came for a visit. When the patient first saw her brother she immediately hugged her brother and told him how much she misses their family. She volunteered to get a chair for her brother so that they could talk more. But when she comes back she all of a

sudden shouted at her brother “Hindi ikaw ang kapatid ko”. She thinks that the brother is a Lebanese. Because of that her brother decided to bring her to the hospital. She was first brought to Ospital ng Maynila where she underwent pregnancy test they thought that she was a victim of rape. Next was in San Lazaro Hospital where they do not have a psychiatrist. She was also brought to UST Memorial Hospital but refuse to accept her due to overcrowding of patients. In Manila Doctors Hospital, the patient was referred to UERMMMC and at exactly 2 in the morning she was admitted to the female psychiatry ward of the said hospital. MENTAL STATUS EXAMINATION (INITIAL INTERVIEW: SEPT. 3 2008) A. General Appearance, Attitude and Behavior The patient was wearing blue t-shirt and gray pajama. Her hair was neatly tied. Her nails are clean. The patient voluntarily went to the hospital accompanied by her aunt and her brother for admission. She respectfully talks with the nursed and doctors and she is also friendly with the other patients. When under direct observation she is quiet but when being asked she voluntarily give information. The patient does not show any psychomotor abnormalities. B. Stream of Talk When being asked, she voluntarily gives information which is relevant to the topic. She speaks clearly. C. Emotional Status The patient’s affect was appropriate throughout the interview. D. Contents of Thought Hallucination Auditory Tanong: May naririnig, nakikita, naaamoy o nalalasahan ka ba na sa tingin mo ay hindi totoo o yung ikaw lang ang nakakaramdam? Sagot: Meron noon. Siguro ngayon 3 days ng wala nakakatulog na ako ng mahimbing. Tanong: Ano yun? Pwede mo ba ikwento? Sagot: Naririnig ko pa rin yung mga boses ng Lebanese, sinasabi pa din that girl is crazy and stupid. E. Sensorium and Intellectual Resources Orientation

Tanong: Anong araw ngayon? Sagot: Miyerkules. Tanong: Nasaan ka ngayon at bakit ka nandito? Sagot: Sa ospital, nagkasakit kasi ako sa ulo. Para akong nabaliw. Tanong: Natatandaan mo pa ba kung sino ako? Sagot: Nakalimutan ko na kasi kakikilala ko pa lang sa’yo kanina. Tanong: Anong pangalan mo? Sagot: Stenily Grace Villanueva. Tanong: Sinong nagbabantay sa’yo? Sagot: Si Tita Alice, sa hapon si kuya ko dumadalaw. Alvin ang pangalan gwapo yun kahawig ni Jericho Rosales. Memory General Information Tanong: Ano ginawa mo pagkagising mo? Sagot: Naligo, kumain at nag-exercise. Judgment Tanong: Anong plano mo ngayon at sa hinaharap mo? Sagot: Gusto kong ituloy ang pagiging midwife ko. Insights Tanong: Ano sa tingin mo ang dahilan kung bakit andito ka sa ospital? Sagot: Nawala ako sa pag-iisip dahil sa nangyari sa akin na masasamang bagay sa Lebanon. Mental Status Examination (Final Interview September 5, 2008) A. General Appearance, Attitude and Behavior The patient is wearing black blouse and ¾ length pants. Her hair was tied neatly. Her nails are clean. She looks as if she is ready to leave the hospital with the way she dresses. B. Stream of Talk The patient is more talkative than the last time. It seems that she is completely at ease with the interviewee. Then she added “Gusto ko na gumaling. Miss ko na and pamilya ko lalo na ang anak ko”. C. Emotional Status She is happy and in the mood. Her affect still is appropriate throughout the interview. D. Contents of Thought

No Hallucination, Delusion or Illusion for more or less 5 days. According to her What filled her mind was the thought of her family most especially her son. E. Sensorium and Intellectual Resources Orientation Tanong: Anong araw ngayon? Sagot: Biyernes ngayon. September 5, 2008 Tanong: Nasaan ka ngayon at bakit ka nandito? Sagot: Sa ospital, nagkasakit kasi ako sa ulo. . Tanong: Kilala mo pa ba ako? Sagot: Oo di ba ikaw si Jhay? Siya naman si Ross. Nakilala ko kayo nung Sept. 3. Tanong: Anong pangalan mo? Sagot: Stenily Grace Villanueva. Tanong: Sinong nagbabantay sa’yo? Sagot: Si Tita Alice, sa hapon si kuya ko dumadalaw. Alvin ang pangalan gwapo yun kahawig ni Jericho Rosales. Memory General Information Tanong: Ano ginawa mo pagkagising mo? Sagot: Naghilamos tapos kumain tapos nag-exercise kami dati Judgment Tanong: Anong plano mo ngayon at sa hinaharap mo? Sagot: Gusto ko maging mabuting ina sa anak ko. At gusto ko ituloy ang pagiging mid wife ko. Insights Tanong: Ano sa tingin mo ang dahilan kung bakit andito ka sa ospital? Sagot: Nawala ako sa pag-iisip dahil sa nangyari sa akin na masasamang bagay sa Lebanon. CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS: Major Depression Symptoms

> Hallucination (auditory) - Naririnig ko pa rin yung mga boses ng Lebanese, sinasabi pa din that girl is crazy and stupid

> Insomnia

> >

> >


- She was not able to go to sleep because of different ideas would come to her mind on how she could escape from her employer - She took 5 paracetamol just to make her sleep Confused - thinking different ideas would come to her mind on how she could escape from her employer Lack of insight - Taking a bath with lights turned off, switching on of the radio but she does not want to hear the music and turning on the television and does not want to see the program - She was always caught cleaning the house because she does not want to see dust - She would also close the door and the window Language disorder - Kapag tinanong kung ano nangyari sa kanya sa Lebanon malayo ang sagot nya. Nagsasalita pa ito ng parang Arabo. Appetite changes - Her stomach was aching, the doctor’s finding “kaya sumasakit ang tiyan nya kasi hindi ito kumakain” - Kumakain sya pero nakatulala Illusion - When the patient first saw her brother she immediately hugged her brother and told him how much she misses their family. She volunteered to get a chair for her brother so that they could talk more. But when she comes back she all of a sudden shouted at her brother “Hindi ikaw ang kapatid ko”. She thinks that the brother is a Lebanese.

Test Administered: Date Given: Draw A Person Test September 3, 2008 Sach’s Sentence Completion Test September 3, 2008 Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test September 4, 2008 Rorschach Inkblot Test September 4, 2008 Thematic Apperception Test September 5, 2008 GENERAL BEHAVIORAL OBSERVATION

The patient was wearing pajama set when she underwent the Draw A Person Test last September 3, 2008. She was cooperative though she keeps on complaining “Naku hindi talaga ko marunong mag-drawing”. But she really is persistent and really exerted effort to her drawing. Her vision was good, and so is her hearing. She gives an adequate amount of speech when being asked about her drawing. She had fair manual control but was able to finish her drawing and give a little detail about it. On the same day the subject took Sach’s Sentence Completion Test. The patient was slightly tired but still cooperates well. She was willing to take the test but does not want to write. So she asked somebody to write her answer. On the first part of the test it seems that she has no idea on the purpose of the test. Confusion was drawn on her face. But when she was given instructions on how to answer the test she was already able to give proper answer. On some items confusion was still in her mind. She finds it hard to answer some of the questions. In the midst of the exam the patient fell sleepy due to her vitamins. But she wanted to finish the test before she goes to sleep. Though it is obvious there is a sudden rush in her while answering the test, she was able to finish it and give good answer when the inquiries were made. September 4, 2008 the subject is wearing a blouse and a red short. The patient was given the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test. The patient was given proper instruction to the test. She was interested in it. She was cooperative. When she first saw the card it seems that she is very well interested in the test. Her vision is good. She draws the object fast. On the second part of the test the patient was given another sheet of bond paper and was ordered to draw what she had remembered from the first part. She was able to recall 5 objects out of the 8 objects that were shown to her. On the same day the Rorschach Inkblot Test was administered to the patient. She was still in the mood. Again she was given proper instructions to the test. She listens to it carefully. She cooperates well. But when she saw the cards confusion was drawn on her face. Though her vision is good she keeps on putting the cards near her face. As if she had poor eyesight. It seems that she had no idea on the purpose of the test. It’s as if she was not given instructions and that she is not well oriented to the test given to her. In the midst of the exam words came out from her mouth, complaining that above all the test given to her that was the most difficult one. She added that her favorite card was the one with the picture in it, referring to the Thematic Apperception Test. After that she closed her eyes and tightly and rubbed her head gently. When asked if she is ok she said that she was

alright. She was just confused and that she really wanted to finish the test and take a rest. After the test she immediately lay down to her hospital bed. The next day September 5, 2008 the patient was very noticeable that she is in the mood. She was even the first to ask if she will have a test. She was wearing black blouse and pants. Her hair is fully fixed. As if she was going somewhere. When she was given a piece of paper for the Thematic Apperception Test, the subject was first given proper instruction on how to answer the test. When she first saw the card she was amazed. It seems that she is excited. She was able to give good answers to the cards shown to her. But when she saw the blank card confusion was drawn to her face then she asked “Ano yan?” but when she got the explanation, she was able to answer it well. When she was done with the test she was able to give good answer when the inquiries were done. She correlates most of her answers to her life. BENDER VISUAL MOTOR GESTALT TEST Personality Evaluation Interpretation

Margin based drawing lack of self confidence Rotation traumatic psychosis followed by head injury Curvilinear distortion affect display Crossing difficulty at juncture of figure 5 indecision Placement of design a in extreme Upper left hand corner of page timidity Large space between figures detachments from others Lateral elongation of figures difficulty of interpersonal relationship Heavy pressures externalized hostility Figures confined to upper half page insecurity Left to right placement of the figures unresolved need for sustaining interpersonal association Difficulty of angles emotional liability Irregular sequence inadequate impulsive control Crowding lack of empathy Very large figure show general lack of control and inhibition Overall Findings  Lack of self confidence

      

Indecision Timidity Difficulty of interpersonal relationship Insecurity Show general lack of control and inhibition Emotional liability Unresolved need for sustaining interpersonal relationship

Summary of Findings When the patient was in Lebanon her employers doesn’t treat her well because she had an affair with her employer’s relative which her employers are against it. They always make them feel that she is the most stupid person that is why she had a lack of self – confidence. She was scared to do things because she thought that she will make a mistake and her employers will yell at her and tell her again “you’re stupid” and you’re crazy”. She doesn’t believe in herself and in her ability anymore because of what happened. She doesn’t able to show other people her ability because she think that she might disappoint them. Aside from being treat her bad of her employers why she lose self- confidence is when her boyfriend cheated on her. Her boyfriend had an affair with her best friend. It hurts her so much because she and her boyfriend had a baby. She does not know why her boyfriend fooled her even if she done her part to make their relationship work and she loved him so much. She wondered why her boyfriend had the guts to have an affair with her best friend. She both trusted them that’s why she really hurts. Then she started to compare her self with other woman and eventually had insecurities. She always feels insecure with the people around her especially to woman whom she thinks are better than her. After what she experienced in Lebanon she had indecision. She really doesn’t know what to do. She can’t make decisions on her own because she was confused. She felt that her employers chased on her wherever she goes. She always hears their voice even if she’s alone. When her employer thinks that she is insane they decided to bring her back to the Philippines to where her family lives. She then had a difficulty of interpersonal relationship. She doesn’t act well in front of other people because she was being trauma by her experienced in Lebanon. She doesn’t want to be with other people even with her family because she thought that they hurt her like what other people done to her. She also thinks that even her brother was a Lebanese. When she was alone she always listen to music because she doesn’t want to hear voices of her employer. Because of what she is experiencing her family decided to avoid her to interact with other people even with their relatives because she might hurt them and show general lack of control and

inhibition because she can’t take what she hears and even want to bump her head on the wall just to avoid hearing those voices. Then her family decided to bring her to psychiatry which she done voluntarily because she doesn’t want that experience affects her life. After it she feels timidity toward other people because she don’t want others know about what happened to her. She feels ashamed because some people there in Lebanon knew what happened because her employer humiliated her in front of many people and feel her she’s the worst person in the world. She don’t want other people misjudged her because for her she done nothing wrong. She then had emotional liability. She really cant take what happened to her, she’s being depressed and always think of what other people done her she sometimes see her self crying. She don’t know how to face again the world because she think that nobody likes her because she is a bad person and a bad influence, she then badly miss her child so much because it’s been a year or two that she’s not able to see her son. She had an unresolved need for sustaining interpersonal association. She then felt that everybody knows what she’s been through she don’t know how to confront other people and her closest friends because she thinks they might hate her for being involved in that situation. That is why she temporarily chose not to interact with them until she ready to face the world again. Then she had lack of empathy. She sometimes talked about her problems with her auntie but she don’t want to talk about it again and again because it’s her way of forgetting everything happened and move on with her life. DRAW A PERSON TEST Personality Evaluation First Draw Male Figure Placement of figure – (left side) self oriented Drawing opposite sex first – strong attachment to or dependency on parent or person of opposite sex Shape dot pupil – denotes penetrating worriness and limited range efficient of paranoid personality Omission of ears – appears frequently in well adjusted people but then is low intelligence or it maybe a desire not to be hear something Omission of neck – prey victim of body impulses Omitted trunk – helplessness Short arm – absent of adequate striving fear of being hurt Small legs – sexual ambivalence Stick figures – self-distrustfulness Many sharp edges- poor adjustment Younger figure than subject-wish to return to youth

Drawing opposite sex first- strong attachment to or dependency on parent or person of opposite sex Second Drawing Female Figure Shape dot pupil- denotes penetrating worriness and limited range efficient of paranoid personality Omission of ears- maybe a desire not to be heard something (Hair) long but only outline- ambivalence toward sexuality One dimensional neck- poor control of emotional expression Omission of trunk- helplessness Short arm- absent of adequate striving fear of being hurt Placement of figure (middle)- paranoid with high self-esteem Dim line- timidity Short neck- associated with gruffness bull-headedness Erasure- expression of anxiety Boundaries of clothing- conflict in the large body conceal fear to expose body Full face figure- social accessibility Transparency- poor judgment Head enlarge- introspection Centered drawing- emotionality Stick figure- negativism Older figure than subject- identification with parent of same sex Over all findings           Distrustfulness Poor adjustment Helplessness Emotionality Worriness Dependency on parents Wish to return in youth Maybe desire not to hear something Timidity Poor control of emotional expression

Summary of findings The patient work in the Lebanon as a maid, she’s been there for 2 yrs. and 5 months. In that years or working in the Lebanon there are things that happened to her like having a relationship with a Lebanese

that cause to her employer got angry to her because it is against to their religion. And it makes her distrust to people who believe that she is a stupid and crazy. Because of this, the patient find it hard to adjust she don’t know if the person that she along with can be trusted. A weeks before she came back to manila, she stayed in the agency she feels helpless when she was there, no one help her they believe that the murmuring about her was truth that she was crazy, unkind and stupid. The patient was emotionality when it comes to her son, she cried when she misses her son who was far away from her. Her son was in her mother guidance. Her mother was the one taking care of her son instead of her. She loves her son very much. Every time she missed her son she worried about the situation of her son because she in not there for her son when he needs a mother’s affection. She worried that may be her son will have lack of affection towards her. She was dependency to her parents, she left her son to her parents to taking care of it because she will went to Lebanon for to work for her son because the father of her son left them after she got pregnant. The patient wishes to return to youth, she wants to be with her friends again and they played there favorite game. She misses her childhood time. There are times that the patient desired not to hear something like by saying that she was crazy and stupid without evidence so it makes her felt hurt because it is not true. Her employer just want to show to the Lebanese that she really crazy so she was been locked to an empty room with surveillance camera. Because of that she feels timidity coz she believe that her employer make gossip to the Lebanese that she was crazy and stupid. When she arrived in the Philippines, at the airport when she saw her auntie she hysterically cried she didn’t control her emotions. SACH’S SENTENCE COMPLETION TEST Personality Evaluation Attitude towards Father 1. Sa palagay ko ang aking ama ay bihirang- magalit 15. Kung ang ama ko lamang ay isang mabuting ama sana di ko nararanasan ang mga pinagdadaanan ko 30. Sana ang aking ama ay maging isang superman para matulungan niya ako 45. May palagay ako na ang aking ama ay mabuting ama sa aming magkakapatid

ANALYSIS: Helplessness; according to the patient that she want her father to become super man, because she want her father to be able to help her in forgetting her worst experienced in abroad. Attitude towards Mother 13. Ang aking ina ay siyang ilaw ng tahanan, siya ang tumutulong sa aming lahat para kami mapabuti 28. Ang aking ina at ako ay nagmamahalan at nagiintindihan 43. Sa aking palagay karamihan sa mga ina ay mabait at maintindihin 58. Mahal ko ang aking ina ngunit ako ay loko loko, minsan hindi nakikinig sa payo kaya heto! ANALYSIS: Associated with gruffness bull-headedness; the patient denotes that she has love and care of her mother, but she has gruffness bull-headedness attitude toward her mother. Attitude towards Family 11. Kung ihahambing sa ibang maganak ang akin aymabait, palabiro at matibay na pamilya 26. Ang pakikitungo sa akin ng aking mga kaanak ay tulad sa isang gulong, minsan okay minsan hindi 41. Karamihan sa mga maganak na aking nalalaman ay tagapagpayo ko sa mga maling nagawa 56. Noong ako ay bata pa ang aking kaanak- naging mabait at tumutulong sa akin ANALYSIS: Strong attachment toward her family; according to the patient, she has strong attachment of her family. And her relationship through her relatives was sometimes good and sometimes bad. Attitude towards Women 9. Para sa akin ang isang ulirang babae ay- mahalaga 24. Sa aking palagay, karamihan sa mga babae aymaganda at magalang 39. Naniniwala ako na karamihan sa mga babae a-y maganda at palabiro 54. Ang hindi ko gaanong naiibigan sa mga babae aybaliw, mangmang at unkind ANALYSIS: Self-discipline; according to the patient, the ideal women for her was influential (important). And she hates unkind and crazy women. Attitude towards Heterosexual Relationships

10. Kapag nakakakita ako ng isang babae at lalaking magkasama- iniisip sila ay magkasintahan 25. Sa palagay ko ang buhay may asawa ay- hindi basta basta 40. Kung ako ay magkakaroon ng karanasan sa lalakibigo sa pagibig 55. Ang aking hilig, pagnanasa sa isang babae o lalaki ay pagmamahal o crush ANALYSIS: Frustrated; the patient denotes that she was being frustrated by her love ones. Attitude towards Friends and Acquaintances 7. Sa aking palagay ang tunay na kaibigan ay- siyang nagpapasaya at ito ay mahalaga 22. Hindi ko ibig ang mga taong- bastos na tao 37. Ang mga taong nais ko- maintindihin, magalang 52. Kung ako’y wala ang aking mga kaibigan ay malungkot ANALYSIS: Respectful; according to the patient, true friends are those whom make her happy and it is important, and she hates those who’s indecent and unkind Attitude towards Superiors at Work / School 20. Sa paaralan ang aking mga guro ay mabait 35. Kung makikita kong dumarating ang pinuno ko ako ay- relax lang 50. Ang mga taong itinuturing kong mga pinuno ay- ang aking mamamayan 60. Ang mga taong nakatataas sa akin ay ang akingpanginoong Dios ANALYSIS: Rigidity; the patient denotes that every time she see her superiors coming, she is relaxed because she have a kind superiors. Attitude towards People Supervise 4. Kung ako ang mamamahala- totolongan ko ang mahihirap at papaaralin ang mga bata 18. Kung may mga taong gagawa para sa akin- gusto ko tolongan nila akong kalimutan ang nangyari 33. ang mga taong gumagawa para sa akin ay- mabait 47. Sa pag-utos sa ibang tao ako ay- magalang kailangang magplease

ANALYSIS: Helplessness; and inability to forget. The patient wants to overcome her fear. According to her that if someone work for her, she will please to help her to forget her fear. Attitude towards Colleagues at Work / School 12. Sa Gawain, ang kasundong-kasundo ko ay- ang aking mga kaibigan 27. Ang mga kasamahan ko sa Gawain- kami ay nagtotolongan 42. Nasisiyahan akong makipagtrabaho sa mga taongmabait, magalang at mabuti 57. Kadalasan ang aking mga kasama sa Gawain aymagalang at mahalong palabero ANALYSIS: Friendliness / attentive to others; the patient always work with her friends. According to her, she is happy to work with good, respectful, and kind friends. Attitude towards Fear 6. Alam kong katawatawa, subalit ako’y takot sa- aking pinagdaanan doon sa abroad 21. Marami sa aking mga kaibigan ang hindi nakakaalam na ako’y takot sa- lebanon 36. Hinahangad kong mawala sa akin ang takot sadibdib at isipan para maging mabuti ako 51. Sa aking pagkatakot, kadalasan ako’y napipilitangmagdramadramahan or naiiyak ANALYSIS: Obsessive; the patient is unable to forget her past experienced in abroad. Attitude towards Guilt Feelings 14. Gagawin ko ang kahit anuman upang malimutan ang sandaling- nagging parang baliw me sa abroad 29. Ang pinkamabigat kong pagkakamali ay- yong loko ako, diko natapos ang pagaaral ko 44. Nuong ako’y bata pa palagay ko’y nagkasala ako saaking mga magulang 59. Ang pinakamabigat kong pagkakamali ay- yong nagmahal ako at pumunta sa Lebanon dahil dito ako ay nagsisisi ANALYSIS: Regretfully; according to he patient, the worst thing she done in her life was when she go to the Lebanon and be committed to a Lebanese, now she regret it. Attitude towards Own Ability

2. Kung ang mga suliranin ay nakapipinsala aking- buhay 16. Naniniwala akon ako’y may kakayahan samagtrabaho 31. Ako’y napakahina sa- kung ang pagibig ang pagusapan 46. Kung ako ay mawalan ng magandang kapalaran- di ko matanggap ANALYSIS: Weakness; the patient believed that she has the ability to work, but weak in her love life. Attitude towards Past 8. Noong ako ay bata pa- gustong maging isang wonder woman 23. Bago magdigmaan, ako’y- masayahin 38. Kung ako ay magiging bata muli- gusto kong maglaro sa ulan 53. Ang masidhing alalala ng aking kamusmusan ayyong nagloko ako at naglayas sa bahay ANALYSIS: Regression; the patient was very imaginative, in the reason she wish to be a wonder women. According to the patient, if she returns of being child again she will play in the rain. Attitude towards Future 5. Sa palagay ko ang aking hinaharap ay- siyang mapapabago sa akin buhay 17. Ako’y magiging pinakamaligayang nilalang kungMakita ko ang mahal kong anak at pamilya 34. Balang araw ako ay- maging ganap na midwife or responsableng ina 49. Kung ako’y tumanda tanda pa- nag mga bagay bagay ANALYSIS: Open to change; she is prepared to face her future to forget her worse experienced. She wants to see her family especially her son, and if that will happen, the patient will become a responsible mother. Attitude towards Goals / Ambitions 3. Sa simula pa,y ibig ko ng maging- isang mabuting babae 19. Pinananabikan kop ang mga sansaling- masaya ako kasama ang aking pamilya at anak 32. Ang lihim kong mithiin sa buhay ay- maging ganap na midwife 48. Ang pinakamimithi ko sa aking buhay ay- magkaroon ng isang pamilya or mabuo mayron ama ang anak

ANALYSIS: Self seeking; the patient was putting her own interest and advantage first. She wants to be with her family and son, and to have a father for her son. Overall Findings                Need help and affection Insane and hard headed Family dependent Perfectionist and insecure Frustrated Seek attention Relaxed Helplessness Attentive to others Poor control of emotional expression Regretful Lack of self confidence Regression Open to change Self seeking

Summary of Findings THEMATIC APPERCEPTION TEST PERSONALITY EVALUATION 1.) Parang nagiisip kasi nalulungkot siya mayroon siyang book, baka nalulungkot parang ako kasi umalis ako papuntang ibang bansa katulad ng buhay ko ANALYSIS She feels sad to her chosen career, because she did not finished her studies, she sacrificed her family and went to other country to work as a Domestic Helper in Lebanon, although it is against to her feeling to work in far place and be separated to her love ones’ she don’t have a choice, but to work there for her son and to fulfill her ambition. 2.) Babae may dalang book pupunta siya sa school yung tatay nagaararo sa farm yung nanay nakatindig sa puno tinitignan ang asawa niya parang ganon ang buhay ng mahirap, parang buhay sa probinsya ANALYSIS

She was force to finish her studies, supported her studies. And her father is she wasn’t able to do the things she rebellious to her parents. And her father he is so strict to them.

because her brother very strict to them so wanted; she became is a soldier that’s why

3.) Yung Babae umiiyak ata siya parang may problema masakit ang ulo dahil sa maraming problema kaya siya umuiyak, halimbawa pagnalulungkot siya, umiiyak nagdadramadramahan, maraming problema, parang ako noong pumunta ko ng Lebanon ANALYSIS During the time when she was in the Lebanon, she always cries, she makes up stories to her employer to let her go back to the Philippines. But the real reason why she wanted to go back home because she was afraid to her employer when they yell and hurt her, because they knew already that she had relationship with one of the relatives of her employer, and she knew that it is a prohibited in that country. 4.) Yung mag-asawa nilalambing niya ang asawa parang nagtampo, tinanong ano ba may problema ka ba? Halimbawa sa tatay at nanay ko o sa mag-asawa, naalala ko yung mama at papa ko ANALYSIS She remembers the situation of her parent’s quarrel and they are the reason why her parents having a conflict. She remember that her mother is always who calm down her father and fixed their misunderstanding. Her mother was not really that strict to her, but her mother had no choice but to agree to her father’s decisions for he has always the last say to their family. 5.) Si lola binuksan ang pintuan tinignan kung maayos ang kwarto, mga gamit, tinignan kung may tao, parang may hinahanap o wala o may magnanakaw, kung malinis. Ang lolo ko ay wala na, ang lola ko ay laging malinis sa kwarto ANALYSIS She sees that it is her Lola, who always checks their room and make sure that it is clean, and she thought her lola always look for her to ask her do the house hold choires 6.) Parang mag-asawa sila, nakaupo sila sa upuan dumating yung husband niya nabigla siya may tinanong yung asawa niya basta meron magasawa na ganon.

ANALYSIS She viewed this card when she told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, and her boyfriend is shock after she told that she was pregnant. 7.) Ang alaga niya parang may problema, tinanong kung may problema siya, Anong problema? Bakit ka malungkot? Yaya at alaga, yung alaga niya parang may problema, naglalambing sa kanaya may hinahanap na doll, tinatanong niya ang problema ANALYSIS She relates this card to the children of her employers, because when her employers having a quarrel their children are sad and she was asking why they are sad, she already knew that she is the reason why her employer is having a conflict. 8.) Isang kasintahan babaeng inlove nag-iimagine, iniisip niya ang

ANALYSIS She was dreaming of her boyfriend that they will be together in future, and they going to build a family including her son and making imagine that they are in that situation, 9.) Magkaibigan sila yung isa kaibigan niya tumatakbo tinitignan kung
ano reaksyon ng kaibigan. Tinatanong kung bakit tumatakbo yung kaibigan kung may nangyaring karumaldumal sa kasintahan. Si racel yung kaibigan nya sa Lebanon, naiisip nya bakit siya tumatakbo papuntang embassy.

ANALYSIS The patient viewed card # 9 as she think her situation, during the time she was in Lebanon, she to her best friend to ask help for there was trying to escape to their employer, she going to the embassy to go back here in the Philippines. 10.) Mag asawang lolo at lola nagmamahalan, nagyayakapan parang
walang problema. Parang lola ko tulad ng ibang lolo at lola na nagmamahalan dahil matanda na till death do us part.

ANALYSIS The patient viewed the card # 10 as her grand parent, when her lolo is still alive, like other grand parent who are loving each other

11.) Sa falls maraming bato, may bee umiinom ng tubig, nauuhaw yung
bee tinitignan ng snake yung bee.

ANALYSIS She does not expect bad things to happen to her while she is Lebanon and she doesn’t aware to the people and her environment. 12.) Isang babae may kaluluwa ng nanay tinitignan yung anak para
bantayan, tumatawa habang tinitignan yung anak.

ANALYSIS She relates this card to her mother who was wishing that she was guided when she grew so it would not happened to her, to have early pregnancy and to go to other country to work as Domestic Helper. 13.) Nakahiga sa banig yung babae, namatay yung babae hindi
matanggap ng lalaki na mali yung ginawa ng kasintahan nya ni rape.

ANALYSIS She think that her male employer abuse her sexually, because she saw it’ lying in front on her body while she is sleeping 14.) Isang tao mula sa kadiliman pumasok sa pintuan, pumunta sa
liwanag para makita ang kaliwanagan

ANALYSIS She wants to start a new life and forget what happened to her in Lebanon, 15.) Isang taong pumuta sa puntod, isang kaluluwa na nakitngin sa
puntod nya, iniisip niya kung siya namatay gusto nya ng justice.

ANALYSIS She viewed the person in card # 15 as herself .where in that situation that she think was already dead. Because she do not it, she continue her work while she was hurting her employers and when she go back to the Philippines she was looking for justice even though she knows that she can’t do it because her employer is powerful than her but she work hard there but she doesn’t earn money when she go back here in the Philippines. 16.) May isang tao nagmamalinis, may tinatagong masamang ugali. ANALYSIS

She viewed card # 16 as her superior in Lebanon, she think that her employer is so kind, but then a few months ago it suddenly chance the way she treat by her employers. 17.) Nasa bridge yung babae, nakatingin sa ibaba parang gusto niyang
mag pakamatay dahil maraming problema pansarili at pampamilyang problema

ANALYSIS She relates card # 17 as herself. Back in Lebanon she thinks to commit suicide because she can’t take her situation and she is afraid to her employers 18.) Isang babae nawalan ng buhay yung ina sa ilalim ng hagdanan, na
heart attack yung ina may nasabi kasi siyang masamang balita.

ANALYSIS She thinks that if her mother knows what happened to her it will feel so sad for her. 19.) Isang bahay na may snow, inapuyan nila yung chimneya para magpainit ANALYSIS She wants to have a wealth life, live in a big house in other country, have a happy family, and have a father for her son and that her friend never betrayed her boyfriend 20.) Isang posteng ilaw tinali yung kalabaw sa poste kasi gabi na
magpapahinga na sila.

ANALYSIS She is treated her employer’s as an animal by abusing her, not treated as a normal, they don’t give her a food, hurting her OVER-ALL FINDINGS        Depression Lack of closeness in family situation Guilt Opposite sex viewed as stronger Well-organized Wish for protection feminine figure Loneliness

            

Illusion Desire to escape from situation Need security Lack of awareness(stupor) Ambivalence to same sex parent Delusion persecution Fear Confusion Doubt Anxiety Worthless Had needs Feeling of hopelessness

SUMMARY OF FINDINGS The patient has depression because she was depress because she is to far to her son and family, depress because she was abuse by her employer, when she was go back here in the Philippines she is sad she miss her boyfriend in the Lebanon, she believe that her boyfriend love her so much, and she miss her son because even she was here in manila she can’t go home because of her condition, Even though her father had a misunderstanding when she becomes rebellious because of strictness of her father. She is not close to him. She always follows what her father wants her to be but she sometimes disobey him because she felt that she has no freedom and she miss her family so much, that’s where her lack of closeness family in situation. she went to Lebanon without her father’s knowledge and when she got in Lebanon they don’t have any contact to her they don’t even know what happened to her She really got scared to her father that’s why she refused to go back home. She had guilt because she did not saw her son grow up and she doesn’t earned money when she goes back here in the Philippines. She then had guilt feelings towards her father because she didn’t fix their misunderstanding. The patient has a viewed opposite sex as stronger when her father and mother had a quarrel it always her mother make calm down to her father, and always her father had a last say to their family. Even in a male she viewed that she need a man to be a father of her son, she was dreaming to have a happy family but her boyfriend ruin her dream. She always wants her things in house to be well-organized which she inherit with her grandmother, she always ask to do their house holds and she obey her grandmother. She wish for protection for feminine figure because when she was in Lebanon she feels she don’t have privacy and she’s not able to take a bath properly because of security cameras all over the house. On her first month in Lebanon

she feels the loneliness because she doesn’t know anybody. She also has an Illusion. She always having a fantasy to her boyfriend, having a good life when they will be in the end, they always seek each other in a hide places so her employers didn’t see them. The patient has a desire to escape from situation because of that it change her life. She wants to forget about her conflict with her boyfriend and forget about her experience in Lebanon. It was hard for her to move on because it was a big trauma for her. She doesn’t want her son to know about it when he grows up. She doesn’t want to hear any voice from her employer anymore. She need security it terms of relationship, she is seeking for a guy who will marry her to be a father of her son, who will help her in life, that she didn’t see to her boyfriend her in the Philippines, who never cheat to her, she see lebanist boyfriend that even it cheated to her, it has a wealth that can provide a beautiful life for her and her son. She had lack of awareness, she didn’t know what happened to her when she do something like having an affair to her employers relatives, and when her employer plant a security camera all over the house, she do not know that her employer watch her moves even she is in the shower, she had ambivalence same sex parent, because she doesn’t have a care for it even she commit mistake, her mother is always agree to her father, so her father always yell them. She love it for a not so strict to them and for caring them. She had delusion of persecution, she think that she was rape by her male employer coz she think when she awake when she was their she was her employer lying front of her body but then when she admit to other hospital they test them for pregnancy test and the result is negative fear, she think that she will be sexually abuse by her employer and there are physically abuse are involved, she had confusion she is confuse that she was still in the Lebanon even she is here in the Philippines she heard her employer voices talking, she had also insertion that her employer telling her something against to her and she put in to her mind so until she go back here she was hearing those voices she had doubt to her employer because she think her employer want her, and doubt to her boyfriend in Lebanon having an affair to other girls, she also have doubt to her relative like her brother she did not recognized it after a few minutes in there first meet when she go back here she had suicidal tendency, she attempt to kill herself because of what happened to her, having miserable life in other country, she had Anxiety because she had a fear to her employer when she caught having an affair to the relative of her employer, she was afraid what will happened to her, or she will not allowed to go back into the Philippines, she had a feeling of worthlessness, when she is here because she don’t have earn money for her family, and she was suffering this condition, she don’t know what to do when she is here she don’t want to tell her family what happened to her, because her father will get mad on her. She had needs being women, a mother

need for a man who can accept her for a partner in life, her son who needs her care, she miss it so much her family attention and care and financial she need money to start her new life, she had feeling of hopelessness when she was in the Lebanon, during the time that she is abuse physically, emotionally and sexually, she think that she can’t go home and she will die there. RORSCHACH INKBLOT TEST Personality Evaluation Computation of Response LOCATION: W=9 pretentiousness D=2 dd = 6 W=1 DETERMINANTS: F- = 6 Fc= 2 F=6 C=2 F+ = 1 Fm = CONTENTS: Obj = 2 H =3 Hd = 4 A=8 N=1 POPULAR: O/R= 15 P/R= 3 impracticality 15/18x100= 83.33% 3/15x100= 16.67% 100% Obj = 2/18x100 = 11.11% H = 3/18x100 = 16.67% - weakness Hd =4/18x100 = 22.22% - anxiety A = 8/18x100 = 44.44% - discouragement N = 1/18x100 = 5.55% 100% F- = 6/18x100 = 33.33% - overcompensation Fc = 2/18x100 = 11.11% F = 6/18x100 = 33.33% - anxiety C = 2/18x100 = 11.11% - shyness F+= 1/18x100 = 5.55% - inability to concentrate Fm = 1/18x100 = 5.55 - conflict 100% W/R = 9/18x100 = 50% - intellectual D/R = 2/18x100 = 11.11% dd/R = 6/18x100 = 33.33% W/R = 1/18x100 = 5.5% 100 %

POSITION: ^/R = 10 v/R = 7 >/R = 1 Interpretation Monster content – helplessness Mouse content – shyness Emphasis of big feet on card IV – feeling of inadequacy possibly Hd content – apprehensive Dd – anxiety H content – immaturity Blood content – poorly controlled emotional impulses X-ray content – absence of negativism Original responses – degree of contact with reality F+ content – ego strength Butterfly (non popular) – mood of well being Octopus content – active striving for independence Mouth content – dependency Fish content – maternal over protective Eyes content – suspicion Over all findings Active striving for independency Immaturity Helplessness Shyness Inability to concentrate Mood of well being Anxiety Absence of negativism Degree of contact with reality Feeling inadequacy possibly Summary of findings The father of the patient was so strict to them. They experience military discipline by her father because of that she active striving for independency, she will tell a lie story to make her father believed, she can make a good stories just to escape from her father. Her father was very strict to them. Because of that she showed immaturity just like a child that making stories for to believe by others. When she came to the Manila from Mindanao, she stayed in her ^ = 10/18x100 = 55.56% v = 7/18x100 = 38.89% > = 1/18x100 = 5.55% 100%

relatives and she work in divisoria where she knew the father of her son. She feels helpless when her employer locked her in a room and no one help her to escape. Because of what happened to her she feels shyness towards her parents because she disobeyed them. She left her son to her mother because she is inability to concentrate on what she needs to do to make her life be in good. After weeks in hospital where she admitted she feels a mood of well being. She cooperated because she wants to cure but there are times that voices of the Lebanese is she still hears she feels anxious about that. She feels that the Lebanese was near to her. But she still fight she don’t want to be negativism for the reason that she want to cure and want to go back in the Mindanao to her family and especially her son who really she missed. She knew that there was war that happened in the Mindanao it shows that she has now a degree of contact to reality, she knew what happened on her surroundings especially on their place. On the other hand, she feel inadequacy possibly towards her father when she will went back to Mindanao because when went to Lebanon she don’t have permission of her father. She thinks that her father will be angry to her.




She was not HPI able to go to sleep because of different ideas would come to her mind on how she could escape from her employer Thinking HPI different ideas TAT 15

she always hear the voices of the Lebanese even if she’s in the hospital Less sleep than she always usual remember on what happened to her in Lebanon when she come back here in manila, Hard to escape she was locked in her

would come to her mind on how she could escape from her employer

Lack of insight

-Taking a bath HPI with lights turned off, switching on of the radio but she does not want to hear music and turning on the television and she don’t want to see the program. -She always caught cleaning the house because she does not want to see dust. -She would also close the door and the window kapag HPI tinatanong kung anong nangyari sa kanya sa Lebanon malayo ang sagot nya , nagsasalitang parang arabo. Her stomach HPI was aching, the doctor’s finding

Odd behavior

employer’s house, she don’t know how to go home and how she going to tell her family her situation -She feel her boss watching her by the security camera’s around the house. -she thinks that if there’s a dust around their house her boss will get mad to her. -she is afraid to go out, because she think her she will find by her boss

Language disorder

Incoherent words

She don’t want to talk and to think what happened to her

Appetite changes

Lose appetite

She can’t eat because she is depress and

“ kaya sum asakit ang tiyan niya kasi hindi ito kumakain

she always remember what happened to her HPI Lose contact in She viewed reality her brother as her employer who was a Lebanese



When the patient first saw her brother she immediately hugged her brother and told him how much she misses their family, she volunteered to get a chair for her brother so that they could talk more. But when she comes back she all of a sudden shouted at her brother “hindi ikaw ang kapatid ko” she thinks that her brother is a lebanese Walang tumulong sa akin para makaalis sa poder ng amo, hindi ko makayanan yung ginawa niya sa akin




Hindi ko alam TAT 18 kung anu gagawin ko iniisip ko nga yung mama ko

She was thinking what her parent say to her parent can say to her, cause she don’t have a money when she came back here Need parent She was miss attention her parent and she want to help her in her problem


sana matulungan niya ako Akala ko din a TAT 20 ako makakabalikl dito sa pilipinas nung kinulong ako ng amo ko

Fear to superior

her She was afraid to her employer that she do not allowed to go home

GENERAL SUMMARY OF FINDINGS WITH PSYCHODYNAMICS When the patient came back here in manila they found out that her behavior was changing, when she pick up by her auntie in the airport, they know it had a problem in her work, because it was totally crying and she was walking around that she was looking was bothered to her self and after they got home in her auntie’s house she stayed their, they found out that its was not in herself and they seen a biggest changed in behavior, after her brother when in manila to see her to ask her to be able to under go check up in the hospital to know why her is behavior is changing, when they got in the hospital in her first week she was afraid because she was hearing a voice of a Lebanese in the hospital she had auditory hallucination, she heard the voices that telling her a bad things about her she put to her mind, for that she had insomnia she got a less sleep, because she was thinking on what happened to her in Lebanon, she feel that she was still in the Lebanon even she was here in manila, she was confused if she was her in manila why she hearing the voices of Lebanese and she viewed her brother as a Lebanese, and she want to complain what happened to but she is afraid because her boss has known as powerful in their place in Lebanon, she want to have her salary but she was afraid to complain but she was thankful go back here in the Philippines, she had lack of insight because she feels that she is still watching when she was taking a bath so she was turning off the lights even she is here in manila, and she always clean her auntie’s house she viewed that she is still working as domestic helper but she was came back here and she is her auntie’s house she able to close the windows and close the door because she don’t she is hiding to her boss, she had language disorder or incoherent word, she was jumping to other topic when they talk about what happened to her in Lebanon because she don’t was to recall or they don’t want to tell any body what happened to her because she thinks it was a humiliation for their family, and she had Appetite changes during she was in the Lebanon she’s not able to eat because her boss will get mad and she is afraid that her boss is going to poison her because it was jealous to her boyfriend which is her boss relatives, she cant eat because she is depress, she had

illusion, because she don’t have a nutrient in her body so she had illusion that her brother is a Lebanese and she is still in Lebanon, she had helplessness because she think nobody can understand her on what happened to her because it was her fault to work in other country and she cant blame other only her self, for that she had worthless feeling that she cannot start her life because people find her as insane, she can go out because people will humiliate her, and she cant recover her salary in a long period that she was working to her boss, to able to give that money to her family, and she had hopelessness because she wasn’t like before who can work to other country she don’t want to go back there again she want to stay here in her family even she can have a big salary and she was not able to see her boyfriend their because of her boss. Test administered and interpreted by: REGIO, JOHN KENLY A. BSCP IV-3 Noter by: Serafina P Maxino Professor

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