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Prophecy Proof Insights of the Future Information and Insights About the End Times That You Wont Hear in Church

Prophecy Proof Insights of the Future Information and Insights About the End Times That You Wont Hear in Church

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Published by Michael Hodgson

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Published by: Michael Hodgson on Nov 20, 2009
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I used Fourmilab‘s calendar converter software36

, which is the in public domain, to

calculate the start and end dates of Daniel‘s first 69 weeks. I made calculations using the Julian

calendar system rather than the Gregorian calendar system, which is the system we use. The


The first day of Nisan was not until April 3 of that year.


Walker, John. Calendar Converter. 2006. 1 Aug. 2006. http://www.fourmilab.ch/documents/calendar/.



Julian calendar system was first used in the Roman Empire and is still utilized by astronomers
today to perform arithmetic with dates.37

It is an effective and efficient system to perform
arithmetic with dates because each date is represented by a number. A Julian day is
approximately the same length as a Gregorian day, so there will be little problem transitioning
from Gregorian to Julian days (and vice versa).

Fourmilab also gives a corresponding Hebrew date for each Julian date that is shown.
Therefore, I know the actual date on the Hebrew calendar when the 1st

week of Daniel began and

the 69th

week ended. The Gregorian representation on B.C. years will be a year ahead of what it
should be since the software accounts for a year 0. In reality there was never a year ―0‖ as we
went from …2 B.C., 1B.C. to 1A.D. 2A.D...

Before I show the results of the calculation, here are the conditions that the calculation
must comply with. A deeper discussion of these conditions is available in the appendix.

The start of 1st

Week must be in the month of Nisan in either 445 or 444BC

A crucifixion year between: 26-36AD
A Crucifixion date that falls on the 14th of Nisan and that falls on a Friday
The End of 69th

Week must be 40 Days after the resurrection date
These calculation should be able to be replicated by others

To begin the actual calculation I converted the 69 prophetic weeks into prophetic days.
First I converted 69 prophetic weeks into prophetic years and then prophetic years into prophetic

days. The key assumption I made is to equate the length of a Hebrew day to a prophetic day…

Calculation of # of Days in 69 Prophetic Weeks

One Prophetic Week = 7 Prophetic Years
One Prophetic Year = 360 Days
69 Weeks of Seven Prophetic Years = 483 Prophetic Years
69 Weeks X 360 Days X 7 = 173,880 Days38

The only realistic year among the three that had Nisan 14 on a Friday from 26-36AD (26,
33, and 36AD) that could comply with the conditions set earlier is 33AD. In 33AD Nisan 14
occurred on April 1 on the Gregorian calendar. Next add two days to get Sunday Nisan 16
(April 3), which was the resurrection date. Afterwards add 39 more days to get Iyyar 26 (May

13), which was Christ‘s ascension date. Finally employ Forumilab to subtract 173380 days to

find the start date of the 1st

week of Daniel.





The 69 Week Timeframe (Arithmetic Dates are in Parentheses)


Our Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

Julian Calendar


April 1, 33AD

Nisan 14, 3793

April 3, 33AD…



April 3, 33AD

Nisan 16, 3793

April 5, 33AD


May 13, 33AD

Iyyar 26, 3793

May 15, 33AD

Start of the 1st

April 19, 444 BC39

Nisan 23, 3317

April 24, 444 BC

Christ was ―cut off‖ on May 13, 33A.D., which was 483 prophetic years or exactly 69
prophetic weeks after the decree came to rebuild Jerusalem on April, 19 444BC late in the month
of Nisan. This is the only timeframe that truly satisfies the conditions that were established by
the text.

The only way to fit Daniel‘s 69 week timeframe is to not claim that Christ‘s crucifixion

date was the end of the 69th

week. This is a bittersweet tradeoff because we can no longer point
to Daniel and claim that the Bible predicted that Christ the Messiah would be crucified at the end
of Daniel‘s 69th

week. However, we can still say that Jesus is the Messiah because the prophecy

refers to him as having that role. In return we gain precision that reveals Christ‘s true crucifixion
date and fits Daniel‘s 69 week timeframe so we can dispel critics about the prophecy‘s accuracy.
In addition, we can now point out that Jesus is the Son of God since Daniel‘s 69th

week ended on

the day he was taken away to Heaven.

The next accurate prediction of Daniel called for the destruction of the city and the
temple of Jerusalem. This was achieved by the Romans in 70AD.

o Dan 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself:
and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the
end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

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