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IDC ls-Wire = a, 3-wire Inductive Global Sensors Cylinder design, M30x1.5 PS a a0%4.5 a0%4.5 Ma0«1.5 Mo0«1.5 Flush Fush Fuh Fish Fash 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm 0.8mm 0.8.1 mm 0.8.1 mm 0.8.1 mm 0.8.1 mn BESOOFS BESOOAS ‘BESOOAS ‘BESOOFS BESOOAO FESNGIMEASCIOBSMGOIS BES NGOMLPSCICE.SOIK BESMGOVI-PSCIOG-SO4G BES MOIMDPSCIOE-BPOZON BES MIOML-PSC10B-EVO2 ‘BESOOFS ‘BESDOGP ‘BESOASH ‘BESOSTC BESOOSM FESNGINEPOCTOE SHG.003 BES MGOMI-POCTOB-SUK BESMGONE-POCIOE-SIAG BES MSIMDPOCIORARIZG0G BES MaQMLPOCYOB-Av02 ‘BESOOFS 'BESOOGH "BESOOFO BESOOSC FES NGIMENSCWG SHG-03 BES MGOM-NSCTOE-SOAK BES VONMO-NSCTOBEPT2.ONY BES MGOMLNSCTOB. vO ‘BESOSTA 'BESOOST ‘BESOSTE ;BESOOOG FESNOIMENDCG SOGATG _BESMGOME:NOCTOR SOAK FESNGINDNOCHEEPI2O BES MGOMNOG1OB-AV02 70,.20006 72,2006 TE aOVES 70,40 De 72, a0 DC a5V 25V 25V asv 25V 7SV0C 250 VAC) 75V0C 75 vc 250V AC 120mA 200 mA 200m 120mA 200 mA YesvYesYes Yes/Yes/es| Yes/YesYes| Yes/Yes/Yes Yes/Yea/Yes -25..10°C. -25..70°C. -25..70°C. -25..70°C. -25..70°C. sso He 400 He 400 He so He 400 He Yeliow LED Yelow LED Yelow LED Yelow LED Yetow LED er IPeSperSWNPL20 Per \P67 IP 68 per BWN Pr. 20 Ce, cUtue Ce, cUtue Ce, euLue CE, euLue CE, eULus Brace-coated Brass-coated Brass-coated Brass-coated Brass-coated PA 12 PAZ PA2 PAt2 PAZ M12 connector 4-pin M2 connecter, 4-pin_--MM12.connector 4-pin 2m PUR cable, 2mPVC cabe, 340.34 me? 340.34 mm? n 4 —_ ey mwbatutcom BALLUFF yer ‘tore 4a IC 3-wire Inductive Global Sensors Cylinder design, M30x1.5 2 2 @ ce @ o ° Series 3001.5 M015 aoe 5 Insaaton ype sine econsin Bae fora chpta) Flush Fish Fush Fated switching distance & 15mm 15mm 15mm Assured switching distance sa 0.12 0.122mm 0..122mm Switching estance marking PNP, NO Ordering code ‘BESOOFD BESOOAH BESOOAF [Partnumber MOVEFSCTSSSINGODS BES MSOWLPSCISS-SOAK BES MIOMLPSCISS-S04G PNP, NO ‘Ordering code ‘BESOOF7 BESOOOU BESOGRK [Partnumber NEOVE-FOOTEE SNGDG BES MIOWLPOCTSB.SOAK BES MIOMLPOCTSE-SOMG. NPN, NO ‘Ordering code BESOOO [Partnumber BES MOOMNSO158-S04K NPN, NO: ‘Ordering code BESOO9E [Partnumber ES MGOMNOOTSB-SOAK Supply voltage Us TOW ES 70.-a0V BS TOV ES Vatage crop Usat ls max asv 25v 25v Rated insulaion volape U frotectin cass) Dc 250 VAC 1 250VAC (2) Fated operating current, 120mA 200mA 200 ma Folstyrooralocscedtaepsten plete pekca Yos/YeaYes YosrYos/es YosrYos/Yes Ambient temperate Ts -25..70°C, -25..70°C -25..70°C Switching frequency f max se 100 He 100 He Output tineton incator Yalow LED Yalow LED Yetow LED Degree of protection as per IEC 60529 Per or Per Approvals ce, cUtus OF, cULus CE, cULus Material Housing Brass-coated Beags-coated Beass-coated Sensing surface PAI Patz Pate Connection M2 connector, 4-pin M2 connecter, 4-pin. M12 connector, pin pase se oe ‘Aditona cable lengths and PUR cable jacket mater => aw! | Baliabieon request | 4| e a Levee 72 a Gi©®bal IDC ls-Wire IC 3-wire Inductive Global Sensors Cylinder design, M30x1.5 i XK & FF Moet 5 Ma0«4.5 Ma0%01.5 301.5 aoe 5 Fuh Fish Not tush Not tush Not tush 15mm 15mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 012mm 0.4122 mm 0.24 mm 0..24mm 0.24 BESOOFS BESOOAA ‘BESOOAZ BESORE BESooAY EESWGIVDFSOISBSACE.OO BES MOMLPSOISS-BV02_BESMGOMM-PSOSDE-SOAK BES MGCMM-PSOSOF-SO4G _ BES MOOMM-PSCOOF-2V02 ‘BESOOFZ ‘BESOOST ‘BESOOAU ‘BESOGAC BESOOAT EESNSINDFOCKBSRZO0G BESMGOMLPOCTSE-BVI2 BES MGOMM-POOSDF-SOAK BES NCOMIM-POOSDF-SO4G BES MGCVIM-POCSOF-BV02 ‘BESOOFT ‘BESOGAH ‘BESOOAP BESOOAN, FESNGIVDNSCUBEPLG0S BESMIOMLNSCISE-EVCE EES MOCMNSCGDF SOAK BES MEE NSC2OF 20 BESOGR ‘BESOOAL, ‘BESOOAK BES MSOMLNOCISS-BV02 BES MSDN NOCZOE-SOAK BES MCDM NOCSOF- B10 TOSOWES 70.-a0 VDC 70.30 VDC TOOT 70-30 BS 35v 25v 25v 25V 25v 75v00 2e0VAC 250 AC 250 VAC 250VAC 1) 120mA 200 mA 200 mA 200mA 200 ma Yestves/Yes YosiYes/Yes YosiYes/Yes YosrYes/es YosrYos/Yes -25..70°C -25..70°C, -25..70°C -25..70°C -25..70°C 75He 100He 300 He 00 He 300 He Yelow LED Yotow LED Yalow LED Yalow LED Yotow LED Por ipor Per Per Per Ce, cUtus CE, cttus ce, cUtus (8, cULus E, cULus Brass-coated Brass-coated Brass-coated Beaes-coated Beass-coated Pat Pai PET Pet Par 2 mPUR cabe, 2mPVC cable, M12 connector 4-pin M12 connector 4-pin 2m PYC-cabl, 3.0.34 mr 3.0.34 mr 3s0.34 mn 0085 ou, poets yoo soe a H + 4 mwbatutcom BALLUFF yer ‘tore 433