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Essentials of Radio & TV Commercials

Essentials of Radio & TV Commercials

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Our presentation document used in radio and television advertising seminars. Discover the exact essentials of a highly effective marketing and advertising campaign and what to include, what not to include in your commercials.
Our presentation document used in radio and television advertising seminars. Discover the exact essentials of a highly effective marketing and advertising campaign and what to include, what not to include in your commercials.

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Narrow Down your sales message to a very basic thought. then resist the temptation of throwing in other stuff just because you have 15 or 30 seconds. Put it in one sentence.Identify Your Core Message The main thing is to keep the main thing ³the main thing´! More sales messages you have. the less effective your commercial is. spend the time you have incorporating the following elements to get a response from your listener . Instead.

Why are you better? What¶s your marketing advantage? What do you do better or what do you offer that no one else does? Why should people give you their money? Then prove it with a tangible statement! .E. I. better service. better quality.Identify Your Core Message Make sure your core message isn¶t without substance. The best prices.

whereas lunch was just plain boring. Why can Grandma relate a story to you that happened 70 years ago. . and tap into it.Touch Emotions Find out what the emotional state of your target audience is. but she can¶t remember what the old folks home served for lunch? Simple: The story stirs up emotions embedded in her memory.

Touch Emotions No one will remember your sales message six months from now. which is when they may be ready to buy your product. unless it is embedded in their emotional psyche. .

and the chattering of teeth. Anyone who¶s ever had an unreliable car will relate to that scenario and stir up emotions.´.. ..Paint A Picture Radio is a visual medium. howling wind in the background. It can be as simple as a sound of a car that won¶t start. The power to paint a picture in the minds of listeners is what makes good advertising work. Telling a story does not mean every commercial needs to start with ³Once upon a time.

Paint A Picture Once you¶ve painted a picture and stirred up emotions and memory. then tie in your sales message (³A tune up at Acme Auto will prevent...´) .

the listener doesn¶t care about it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself the question ³what¶s in it for me?´ . Sell Results! This is as old as advertising itself. What are the results of them paying you money? While your product or service is dear to your heat.Don¶t Sell Products. You have a solution. The listener has a problem. Demonstrate the product.

it sells safety for your baby Crest doesn¶t sell toothpaste . Sell Results! Michelin doesn¶t sell tires . .Don¶t Sell Products.it sells cavity free kids.

. Not You! Talk about the listener. People do not care about your business. Similar to the previous point.. . They care for themselves and their loved ones.. and tough to swallow for many business owners. but the fact remains.. not your business.Them.

... you need to talk about them.Them. Where is their ³headspace´? What are their problems? What do they value in life? Once you reach them ³where they live´ you are better prepared to have them answer this question? . Not You! To captivate their attention. not you..

Why would I pay money to this business? .

Make a Specific Offer Not every ad needs an offer to be effective. Even if it¶s a larger purchase like a computer or a car. but it¶s one more bullet in your arsenal. once people have shopped around and made up their mind. they will respond to an instant sales message Don¶t be afraid to price. but stick to appealing examples of savings .

. . driving home the message. Does the listener need reservations? To buy tickets? Do they need to get to your store before supply is gone? A call for action generates the need to respond..A Call For Action What do you want the listener to do? Since you¶ve made your core message. why not tell them to act? It¶s the ³nail´ of the commercial.

put your location in easy to understand (picture) terms.If the phone is not your ³Call To Action´. phone numbers are a waste of precious time on the air! Hard To Grasp Address . ³Visit us south of Langdon Drugs in the Gateway Center´ or ³ Corner of Calgary trail and Main´. If you¶re motivating people to come into your store.Common Pitfalls Unnecessary Phone Numbers . . Instead. 112th street´.³Visit us at 10004. there¶s no need to mention it.

.Now that is a call to action! . Off of what? ³Fishing rods. Is that a good price? Dunno! Instead..³20% OFF!´.. reduced to only $99! You save $60 instantly!´ . $129´.Common Pitfalls Meaningless % of Savings .. PROVE THE SAVINGS! .³Bushnell rods. normally $165.

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