Known bugs in version 1.

3 of Building Blocks
Many thanks to everyone for reporting these bugs to me. My plan is to
keep a stable version for the duration of 2013 (so, for example, the
page numbers don't keep changing) and then make a new version for use
in Spring 2014.
This file includes only easily-explained problems that are definitely
errors. I also welcome comments on other issues (e.g. higher-level
organization, need for extra examples) that may not fit well into an
errata file.
-- Margaret Fleck (
Chapter 4, p. 43, third line: "gcd(140,6500)" should be
Chapter 5, p. 63, second paragraph of proof in middle of page:
missing period before "Since".
Chapter 5, p. 66, second line from the end: "mathematical" is
spelled wrong.
Chapter 7, p. 84, second paragraph from bottom: "only 1 has a
multiplicative inverse" should be 1 or -1.
Chapter 9, p. 107, fifth line of third paragraph: "creat" should
be "create".
Chapter 11, p. 132, second line of second paragraph: "beucase"
should be "because."
Chapter 12, p. 143, second paragraph right after figure: shorthand
for the n-dimensional hypercube has a superscript where it should have
a subscript. Similarly in the last paragraph of section 12.5.
Chapter 14, p. 171, second line of last paragraph: ")) but So, for example"
should be ")). So, for example".

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