Oregonians for Competition | PO Box 15280 | Portland, OR 97293

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}une 4, 2u14
Contact: Pat NcCoimick - SuS-2S2-1u1S

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0iegonians foi Competition, a coalition seeking to enu the state goveinment monopoly on
liquoi sales in 0iegon has withuiawn the final two veisions of its statewiue ballot initiative
touay. The coalition, which is leu by the state's gioceis, citeu a lack of sufficient time to
collect the votei signatuies neeueu to qualify the veision sponsois piefeiieu foi the
Novembei 2u14 statewiue ballot.

"We still believe 0iegonians aie ieauy to enu oui state's piohibition-eia monopoly on
liquoi sales anu allow 0iegon consumeis to buy liquoi at qualifieu gioceiy anu ietail stoies
- just like consumeis uo in most othei states," saiu initiative co-sponsoi Lynn uust,
Bivision Piesiuent of Poitlanu-baseu Fieu Neyei Stoies. "Bowevei, a seiies of ievisions we
maue to impiove the initiative leu to uelays in ieceiving a final ballot title foi the piefeiieu
veision of the measuie."

"0ui coalition founu tiemenuous suppoit foi getting the state out of the business of
piomoting anu selling liquoi," saiu co-sponsoi Lauien }ohnson, C00 of Newpoit Avenue
Naiket in Benu. "0iegonians agiee that state iesouices shoulu be focuseu on alcohol law
enfoicement, compliance anu euucation, insteau of piomoting liquoi sales in state stoies,"
Ns. }ohnson continueu. "We plan to continue to auvocate foi piivatization in the next
legislative session oi, if necessaiy, on the 2u16 ballot."

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