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P2P(Procure-to-Pay) Cycle Tables with Joins

Pre Requisites for Purchase Order:
1.Item Creation:
2.Supplier Creation:
3.Buyer Creation:
1.Item Creation:
1)Attach the Responsibility called "Inventory Vision Operations !"A)"
#)Open the Ite$s for$
Ite$s%&'aster Ite$
()"elect the Or)ani*ation na$e - Vision Operations
+),nter the Ite$ -a$e . Ite$ /escription
)oto Inventory tab chec0 the chec0bo1 called Inventory
)oto purchasin) tab chec0 the chec0 bo1 called Purchasin)
3)4oto 5ools 'enu %& Or)ani*ation Assi)n$ent option to assi)n for the $ultiple
",7,85 9 :RO' '57;"<"5,';I5,'";= >?,R, ",4',-51%@APA8?,@ --
2.Supplier Creation:
1)Attach the Responsibility called "Purchasin) Vision Operations !"A)"
#)4oto the "upplier :or$
"upply =ase%&"uppliers
(),nter the "upplier -a$e 6 "ave supplier nu$ber Dill be created auto$atically6
+)"elect the "ites button enter the supplier site address and other details
2)4oto the 8ontacts tab enter the 8ontact details
Postion and so on66666
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;V,-/OR" >?,R, ",4',-51%@#AA3C@ --V,-/OR;I/%CE(A
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;V,-/OR;"I5,";A77 >?,R, V,-/OR;I/%CE(A --V,-/OR;"I5,;I/ I- +3(B.+3(E)
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;V,-/OR;8O-5A85" >?,R, V,-/OR;"I5,;I/ I- +3(B.+3(E)
3.Buyer Creation:
=uyer 8reation:
1)attach the Responsibility called "!" ?R'" 'ana)er"
#)8reate ,$ployee
People %& ,nter and 'aintain%&"elect -eD button
(),nter ,$p na$e
select action option select "create ,$ploye$ent" select the optiona s "=uyer"
+)enter /ata of =irth
save %& O0 % & ,$poyee nu$ber Dill be )enerated6
2)4oto "yste$ Ad$inistrator open the !ser for$ create or query user
select the Person field attach the e$p na$e >hich De have created)
C)4oto Purchasin) Responsibility
open the =uyers for$
enter the e$ployee na$e and save the transactions6
"etup %& Personnal %&=uyers
",7,85 9 :RO' P,R;A77;P,OP7,;: -->?,R, --P,R"O-;I/%@#2@--,'P7O<,,;-!'=,R%@1#BE@
Purchase Order Flow:
#6R:FRequest for Fuatation)
Requisition: is one of the purchasin) docu$ent Dill be prepared by the e$ployee Dhen
ever he required the $aterials or "ervices or 5rainin) and so on6
De have tDo types of Requisitions 1)Internal
Internal requisition Dill be created if $aterials are receivin) fro$ another Inventory
inside of the or)ani*ation6
Purchase requisition Dill be created Dhile purchasin) the $aterials fro$ the "uppliers6
>e Dill enter the Requisition at three level 1)?eader
Open the Requisition for$ enter the Reqno and select the type at ?eader level
,nter the Ite$s infor$ation at line level li0e Ite$ na$e.qty.unitprice.ta1 and so on
select /istributions button enter the /istributions details6
"elect the =utton called Approve button to )o for approvin) the Requisition /ocu$ent
Open the Requisition su$$ary for$6
,nter the Reqno select find button De can find the Requisition status Dether it is
approved or not6
select 5ools $enu %& VieD Action ?istory to find the history details
"elect 5ools 'enu %&8ontrol option to 8ancel the requisition6
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;R,F!I"I5IO-;?,A/,R";A77 >?,R, ",4',-51%@2C13@
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;R,F!I"I5IO-;7I-,";A77 >?,R, R,F!I"I5IO-;?,A/,R;I/%23BB2 --
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;R,F;/I"5RI=!5IO-";A77 >?,R, R,F!I"I5IO-;7I-,;I/%3ACEC
#6R:FR,F!,"5 :OR F!O5A5IO-)
Once the Requisition is Approved =uyer Dill prepare thre R:F docu$ent Dhich Dill be
delivered to the supplier6 "upplier Dill respond for that Dith quotation6
De have 5hree types of R:F docu$ents
=I/ R:F:5his Dill be prepared for the secific fi1ed quantity and there Don@t be any
catalo) R:F: 5his Dill be create for te $aterials Dhich De Dill purchase fro$ the
suppliers re)ularley . and lar)e nu$ber of quantity6 ?ere De can specify the
Price =rea0s6
"tandard R:F: 5his Dill be prepared for the Ite$s Dhich De Dill purchase only once
not very often.?ere De can include the /iscounts infor$ation at different
auantity levels6
R:F Infor$ation Dill be entered at ( 7evel
()Price =rea0s8A5A7O4."5A-/AR/) or "hipp$ents Only for =id R:F)
5er$s And 8onditions:
>hile creation of the R:F docu$ents De Dill select the 5er$s button and De Dill enter
the ter$s abd condition details6
Pay$ent 5er$s: >hen Or)ani*ation is )oin) to $a0e the pay$ent and Interest rates
:ri)ht 5er$s: >ho is )oin) to =ear the 5ansportation char)ers Dether =uyer or "upplier
:O=:reeOn=oard): If any $aterials da$a)e or any $issin) quantity is there then the
the responsiboility of those $aterials6
8arrier : In Dhich 5ransportation 8o$pany Or)ani*ation Required 'aterials
5ransportation co$pany -a$e6
Open the R:F :or$
R:F and Fuotations%&R:F@s
select 5<pe and /ates and so on
enter the Ite$s details at line level
select ter$s button enter the 5er$s and 8ondition /etails
"elect the Price =ra0s button enter the Price brea0 details
"elect the suppliers button enter the suplier details >ho are receivin) this /ocu$ent)
"elect the =utton called Add fro$ 7ist to Include the supplier list auto$atically6
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;?,A/,R";A77 >?,R, ",4',-51%@(+C@ A-/ 5<P,;7OOG!P;8O/,%@R:F@
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;7I-,";A77 >?,R, PO;?,A/,R;I/%(#BC3 -- PO;7I-,;I/%(BA3(
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;7I-,;7O8A5IO-";A77 >?,R, PO;7I-,;I/%(BA3( --7I-,;7O8A5IO-;I/%C#+#2
Fuotation is another purchasin) docu$ent De Dill receive fro$ the "upplier Dhich
contains the supplier quote details . Price. Pay$ent ter$s and so on6
>hatever the quotations De have received fro$ the supplier De Dill enter in the syste$
throu)h for$6
>e have three types of Fuotations 1)=id #)8atalo) ()"tandard
:or =id R:F De Dill receive =id quotation fro$ the "upplier
:or 8atalo) R:F De Dill receive 8atalo) quotation fro$ the "upplier
:or "tandard R:F De Dill receive "tandard quotation fro$ the "upplier6
After enter all the quotations in the syste$ $ana)e$ent Dill do quote analysis as per
that one best quotation Dill be elected as Purchase Order6
Fuotation Report

Ite$ -a$e 5able Value set '57;"<"5,';I5,'";= "e)$ent1)

Fuote-o 5ype 8date "upplier "ite 8ontactPerson =uyer 8reated!ser-a$e)
+6P!R8?A", OR/,R:
PO is one of the 'ain docu$ent Dhich Dill be prepared and approved by the buyer and
send it to the supplier6 Dhich contains the folloDin) infor$ation
ter$s and 8onditions
Ite$s deails
/istiribution and "hip$ent /etails and so on6
>e have four types of Purchase Order 1)"5A-/AR/
Purchase Orders%& Purchase Orders
Open the PO for$ enter the Infora$tion at header level select line level infora$tion
enter the ite$s and quantity.price details
select shipp$ents button enter the shipp$ent details select the /istributions button
enter the /istribution /etauils6
"elect the =utton called Approve !nchec0 ,$ail 8hec0 =o1) . /ocu$ent Dill be sub$itted
for approval6
open the Purchase Order su$$ary for$ enter PO nu$ber "elect :ind button De can find
the status of the Purchase order6
4oto 5ools $enu
Action ?istory %& >e can find Dho hs sub$itted for Approve HReIect H8ancel details
8opy /ocu$ent %& 5o 8reate Another PO based on this PO
8ontrol %& 5o 8lose the Purchase Order or to cancel the Purchase Order6
Types of Purchase Order: -
Standard P.O Planned P.O Blanket P.O ContractP.O
Terms and Conditions
Goods or Service Known
Pricing Known
Quantity known
Account Distributions Known
Delivery Schedule Known
Can be Encumbered
Can Encumber releases
#ay be
#ay be
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;?,A/,R";A77 >?,R, ",4',-51%@+21+@ A-/
5<P,;7OOG!P;8O/,%@"5A-/AR/@ --PO;?,A/,R;I/ %(#BCB
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;7I-,";A77 >?,R, PO;?,A/,R;I/ %(#BCE --PO;7I-,;I/%(BA32
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;7I-,;7O8A5IO-";A77 >?,R, PO;7I-,;I/%(BA33 --7I-,;7O8A5IO-;I/%C#+#C
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;/I"5RI=!5IO-";A77 >?,R, 7I-,;7O8A5IO-;I/%C#+#B
",7,85 9 :RO' PO;7OOG!P;8O/," --7OOG!P;8O/,
A!5O 8R,A5,:
It is one of the Purchasin) feature to create the R:F and PO docu$ents auto$atically
by usin) requisition lines6
1)8reate Requisition and approve
#)Open the Auto8reate for$
()"elect 8lear button enter the Requisition-O
+)"elect find button Dhich Dill shoDs all the requisition lines
select the lines Dhatever De Dant to include into the R:F
2)select Action % 8reate to create neD R:F
Add5o to add lines to e1isitin) to R:F
3)"elect /ocu$ent5ype % R:F
C)select Auto$atic button Dhich Dill create R:F docu$ent auto$atically 6
Receipts are one of the docu$ents it Dill be used to find out hoD $uch quantity "upplier has supplied6 >e Dill
find out Purchase Order status if it is successfully approved then De Dill create the Receipt6 >e Dill )ive the PO
-u$ber select $indbutton chec0 the PO lines ri)ht $ar0 and save6 It Dill create the Receipt nu$ber select ?eader
button it Dill shoDs the receipt nu$ber and date6
",7,85 9
:RO' R8V;"?IP',-5;?,A/,R" >?,R, R,8,IP5;-!'%C+C# --"?IP',-5;?,A/,R;I/%31+#1
",7,85 9 :RO' R8V;"?IP',-5;7I-," >?,R, "?IP',-5;?,A/,R;I/%31+#1 --
",7,85 9 :RO' R8V;5RA-"A85IO-" >?,R, "?IP',-5;?,A/,R;I/%31+#1
Once Receipt Dill created )o Inventory $odule and chec0 Dhether the requested ite$s are received or not by
usin) these tables6
",7,85 9 :RO' '57;"<"5,';I5,'";= >?,R, ",4',-51%@APA8?,@
",7,85 9 :RO' '57;O-?A-/;F!A-5I5I," >?,R, I-V,-5OR<;I5,';I/%#AB1C A-/
",7,85 ",4',-51 :RO' PO;?,A/,R";A77 >?,R, PO;?,A/,R;I/%(#BB1 A-/
Match Approval Level :- >hile creatin) the Purchase Order De Dill $ention the 'atch Approval 7evel
at "hip$ents De Dill have ( types they are
2-way:- Purchase Order and Invoice Fuantities $ust $atch Dithin tolerance before the correspondin) invoice can be
3-way:- Purchase Order. Receipts and Invoice Fuantities $ust $atch Dith in tolerance before the correspondin)
invoice can be paid6
4-way:- Purchase Order. Receipts. Inspection and Invoice Fuantities $ust $atch Dith in tolerance before the
correspondin) invoice can be paid6
Account Payables (A.P) Module:-
Account payables Dill be used to do the pay$ent transactions6 A6P 'odule is inte)rated Dith both P6O and 467
'odules6 In Account Payables De Dill create the invoices and De Dill approve once invoice is approved successfully
De Dill $a0e the pay$ent6 Once pay$ent is over De Dill $ove the transactions fro$ A6P to 46l6
%& 'ithout su((lier we cannot create )nvoice&
*& 'ithout invoice we cannot make Payment&
:ro$ the co$pany point of vieD a person or Or)ani*ation Dho is )oin) to receive a$ount De Dill call as "upplier6
Types of Ino!ces:-
". Standard
2. Cred!t #e$o
3. %e&!t #e$o
4. '!th (old!n) Ta*
+. Po %efault
,. #!*ed
-. Pre Pay$ent
.. /*pense 0eport
1. 0ecurr!n) Ino!ces
"2. 3u!ck #atch
Standard Ino!ce:- >e Dill create the "tandard Invoice to particular "upplier and "upplier site De Dill enter the
invoice a$ount. invoice date and soonKK66
Cred!t #e$o 4 %e&!t #e$o Ino!ces:- =oth Invoices has )ot ne)ative -ve) a$ount and adIusted a)ainst "tandard
Invoice6 8redit 'e$o Dill be created Dhenever "upplier is )ivin) discount6 /ebit 'e$o Dill be created if buyer is
)oin) to deduct the a$ount6
'!th (old!n) Ta* Ino!ce:- If supplier is not re)istered supplier then buyer Dill $a0e the Inco$e 5a1 to the
)overn$ent on behalf of supplier6
Po %efault Ino!ce:- ?ere De Dill create the Invoice as per Purchase Order a$ount6 >e Dill )ive the Po nu$ber
syste$ Dill retrieve PO a$ount and Invoice Dill be created as per PO details6
Prepay$ent Ino!ce:- >hen ever De Dant $a0e pay$ent to supplier in advance that to$e De Dill create this
Prepay$ent Invoice and De $a0e the Pay$ent6
/*pense 0eports Ino!ce:- It Dill be created for e$ployee e1penses as per the e$ployee )rade. position this
Invoices Dill be calculated6
0ecurr!n) Ino!ce:- :or so$e of the Invoices De Dill not be havin) supplier invoice that ti$e De Dill create
Recurrin) Invoices6
E+,- $or rent account we will be creating )nvoice which has got .i+ed amount and .i+ed rate /duration0&
3u!ck #atch Ino!ce:- >hile creatin) Purchase Order De Dill be )ivin) the $atch approval option as per that $atch
approval De Dill create the Invoice and the Invoice type is Fuic0 'atch Invoice6
#!*ed Ino!ce:- 'i1ed Invoices Dill be created for $iscellaneous e1penses6 Once De create the invoice you have to
do folloDin) ( activities6
16 Validate Invoice
*& Approve the Invoice
1& 8reate Accountin) entries for Invoice
?ere De Dill select the Invoice type and De Dill )ive the "upplier nu$ber. na$e. site invoice date. invoice nu$ber.
invoice currencies. and a$ount6 "elect /istributions button to distribute the Invoice a$ount into different accounts6
16 Invoice total should be equal to the distributions total then De Dill call it as Invoice validated successfully6
*& "elect ActionsK1 button chooses approve chec0 bo1 press OG then syste$ Dill approve the Invoice6
1& "elect ActionsK1 button choose create accountin) chec0 bo1 press OG button it Dill create the accountin) entries De
can see all this accountin) transactions fro$ tools vieD accountin) option6
",7,85 9 :RO' AP;I-VOI8,";A77 >?,R, I-VOI8,;-!'%@I-V+213@ --I-VOI8,;I/%3((CE
.--V,-/OR;I/7I-G =H>AP I-VOI8, A-/ PO;V,-/OR"
",7,85 9 :RO' AP;I-VOI8,;/I"5RI=!5IO-";A77 >?,R, I-VOI8,;I/%3((CE
Ino!ce (olds:- If invoice is not approved then that invoice Dill be 0eepin) under hold status6 =y selectin) holds
button in invoice for$ De can see the holds details6
$or view )nvoice holds details,
Select 4 .rom a(5holds5all
$or view release the )nvoice holds names,
Select 4 .rom a(5holds5release5name5v6
Pay$ents:- Once the Invoice is approved then De can )o for pay$ents6 5he Pay$ents are or ( types6 5hey Dere
16 'anual
#6 Fuic0
(6 Refund
#anual:- ?ere De Dill issue the chec0s $anually to the supplier and De Dill capture that infor$ation in the
pay$ent sche$e by usin) $anual pay$ent option6
3u!ck:- 5hrou)h the Fuic0 Pay$ent type De can )enerate chec0s throu)h the syste$ and De can have the
transactions directly in the syste$6
0efund:- >hen ever co$pany is )oin) to )ive advance bac0 to the custo$er that ti$e De Dill select pay$ent type
as Refund6
5a!)at!on steps for Pay$ents:-
pay$ents 667 pay$ents
$or view list o. (ayments,
Select 4 .rom a(5invoice5(ayments5all6
Select 4 .rom a(5(ayment5schedules5all6
$or check7s in.ormation,
Select 4 .rom a(5checks5all6
$or check .ormat,
Select 4 .rom a(5check5.ormats6
Select 4 .rom a(5checkrun5conc5(rocesses5all6
%!str!&ut!on Set:- It is one of the option is available in Invoices "creen6 >hile creatin) the Invoice De Dill attach
distribution set6 "yste$ Dill auto$atically create the transactions in distributions for$s as per the distribution set6
set-up !in"oice! distri#ution set
To view Distribution sets at header level,
Select 4 .rom a(5distribution5sets5all6
To view Distribution sets at lines level,
Select 4 .rom a(5distribution5set5lines5all6
Transferr!n) Transact!ons fro$ 8P to 9::-
>e Dill e1ecute the concurrent pro)ra$ fro$ "R" >indoD6 5his pro)ra$ Dill transfer all the pay$ent
transactions into the 467 'odule6 It Dill ta0e folloDin) para$eters6
Program !ame,- Payables Trans.er to General 8edger
Set o. 9ooks !ame
Trans.er :e(orting 9ook/s0
$rom Date
To Date
;ournal Category
2alidate Accounts
Trans.er To G8 )nter.ace
Submit ;ournal )m(ort , yes (It should be always YES)
To view .rom AP to G8,
Select 4 .rom gl5inter.ace6
To view <ournal im(ort details,
Select 4 .rom gl5<e5headers  .or =eaders
Select 4 .rom gl5<e5lines  .or 8ines
Select 4 .rom gl5<e5batches  .or 9atches
To view (osting,

Select 4 .rom gl5balances6

After sub$ittin) the request select vieD output button6 It Dill shoDs nu$ber of transactions has been
transferred to 4676 then select 467 'odule General 8edger> 2ision 3(erations /?SA00&
",7,85 9 :RO' 47;L,;?,A/,R"
",7,85 9 :RO' 47;L,;7I-,"
",7,85 9 :RO' 47;L,;=A58?,"
",7,85 9 :RO' 47;=A7A-8,"

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