Do you wonder how much deeper in love you can Fall Before every molecule of yourself is non-existent without Me attached to it? Have you lost the delineation Of where you end and I begin? Do you wonder who lingers in my last thoughts As I lie naked in my bed D r i f t i n g into dreams? Do you wonder if sharing Love and lust and passion with another Would even bring a smile Now that we have been? We shouldnʼt ignore messages From the Universe. Is it possible for a human being to taste and smell another At such a distance with such intensity? Yes, for me it is. I can feel your fingers exploring the depth of my body

And soul Hazy Sweet Bliss and finally release comes Exploding bits of stars through me I can feel your lips being bitten by mine. I can feel your strong hands Leading mine to you Because You want so badly My touch Lust is only a symptom of our Love Passion a side effect of our hearts joined Desire the ultimate elixir to our love Mating An anecdote To the wetness Between my thighs. Do you wonder how much farther you could fall Into my depths With any hope of ever returning to your former self? The truth is you donʼt care if you ever return Fear seem so trivial now Because life seems to hold no purpose Other than us. A week without you Now seems like eternity I am your first thought as you wake And your last desire at night

You smell my scent Spread on your bed from Moments we shared The Stars and The Sun and The Moon Have witnessed us Together And it was the most beautiful thing On Earth. Choosing to deny them of that again Would be like a final eclipse of truth. Do you wonder if this is for You?

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