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Scavenger Hunt
Goal: To complete the tasks in each box by following the directions. All tasks must be
explained or shown to another student or teacher for them to sign off your box.
You must have a different person sign each box
You must not lave the classroom
You must give a correct answer to get a signature. If you’re not sure look it up, or
ask teacher
You may not sign your own
Find an object Correctly write Find an object Correctly write What is the
that has a the formula for with a density the formula for density? Mass
density that is volume less than water Density 40g, volume is
higher than 20cm3
Show how to Show how to Find the Describe how Draw a picture
find volume by find the density volume of a rocks would be of the earth with
using a by using an board sorted by a all of its layers
graduated overflow can stream

Tell about the Tell one Find the density Correctly define Tell how to get
density of each knock-knock of a rock mass centimeters
of the earth joke cubed

Talk about why Find a picture How many What state of Explain
ice floats on of the earth layers does the matter is the plasticity
water layers atmosphere outer core?

What did early What is the Find the density Describe why Explain density
scientists density? Mass of a board some beaches
believe about 2g, volume are all sand and
the inside of the 2mL no large rocks

Assignment must be passed of to teacher before handing

in. ________