Format The manuscript should be typed using Arial font, 12 points, double-spaced on lettersize (8 x 11.5 inches) paper, and submitted in electronic copy. Document should be in Microsoft Word format, Windows version 1997-2003. 2. Organization of Content The content should be arranged as follows: First page: (1) Title of the Study (2) Author/s’ complete name, affiliation and address (omit social titles) Second page: (1) Abstract (maximum of 200 words) (2) Keyword index Succeeding pages: (1) Main text, should not exceed 12,000 words. Please follow this format: HEADING 1 – BOLD, ALL CAPS Subheading 2 – Bold, Title Case Subheading 3 – Bold, Italicized, Title Case Subheading 4 – Italicized, Underlined, Title Case Subheading 5 – Italicized, Title Case (2) Acknowledgment (3) References (4) Tables (5) Figures 3. Artwork, Tables and Figures Original artwork for figures must be included in the submission. Each table and figure must be on a separate sheet, numbered in order, and placed at the end of the whole text in MS Word document format. All tables and figures must also be submitted in ONE MS Excel file with each table and figure saved in a separate sheet. Text for tables should not be smaller than 9 points but not exceed 11 points. Scanned or digital photos should be at high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi). 4. References

References should be in the following order: a) Journals: Author. “Title of Article”. Journal Name Volume Number (Month and/or Year of Publication): Page Numbers. Ex: Balisacan, A.M. and N. Fuwa. “Going Beyond Cross-Country Averages: Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in the Philippines”. World Development 32 (November 2004): 1891-907. b) Books: Author, “Title of Book”, Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication, Number of Pages. Ex: Ryan, J.G. and D.C. Spencer. “Future Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural R&D in the Semi-Arid Tropics”. Andhra Pradesh, India: International Crops Research Insitute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, 2001, 83 pp.


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