02 Atif Javed releases 'Furkatt (Reprise)' Download Exclusive MP3: - Furkatt (Reprise)

19.09.02 Atif Javed releases title track 'Aasmaan'

Download Exclusive MP3: - Aasmaan

Atif Javed is a new, 20 years old, aspiring underground artist from Sharjah, U.A.E. He is a well-known guitar maestro among the local underground circles. To his title is the prestigious C.A.E. Spring Fiesta 2001, where he had beaten the cream of Dubai in its battle of the bands. Although he likes to experiment with his music but his typical genre is Slow Rock. He uses Electric and Classic guitars along with effect processors, drum machines and various software. He sings, writes and composes all his songs making him a one-man show. He is currently working on his album 'Aasmaan', which is expected to release later next year.

Download Exclusive MP3's: - Yaad - Zindagi - Furkatt To contact Atif Javed mail him at atif@karachiunderground.com.

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