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Natalie Burnham
Foundation & Marketing Director
(315) 493-0114
Upcoming Blood Drive at Carthage Area Hospital
(June 5, 014) !"#$%"&', N( ) $he !arthage "rea %o*+ital ,ab -e+artment i*
*+on*oring an "merican #e. !ro** Bloo. -ri/e on $hur*.ay, June 19, 014 at !arthage
"rea %o*+ital locate. at 1001 0e*t 1t. in !arthage. $he Bloo. -ri/e 2ill run 3rom
11430am until 4430+m. 5lea*e call (315)493-1000 e6t. 470 to ma8e an a++ointment.
0al8-9n* are 2elcome. -onating bloo. can hel+ *a/e u+ to three li/e*. !on* gi/ing
the gi3t o3 li3e to hel+ tho*e in nee..
About Carthage Area Hospital
Carthage Area Hospital was founded as a 501-(c-! federal ta" e"e#pt and not-for-profit
organi$ation in 1%&5' (ocated in Carthage) *+) the ,--.ed hospital pro/ides ser/ices to
a rural population residing in 0astern 1efferson) 2outhern 2t' (awrence) and *orthern
(ewis Counties of *orthern *ew +ork' 3n addition to the #ain ca#pus in Carthage) the
hospital includes 14 outl5ing clinics and 1 assisted-li/ing facilit5' For #ore infor#ation)
please /isit www'carthagehospital'co#'

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