Rifenburg Literacy Task I Engl 2230

Engl 2230

ENGL 2230
Writing for an Online Audience

Final Draft due: June 8 by 11:59p.m., in the appropriate D2L dropbox
Quick Reference Guide
 Word count:1800-2400 words
 Stance: Your choice
 Topic: Responding to issues within technology and writing
 Format: MLA or APA format
 Audience: Me
 Images: Up to two, if appropriate to your stance and audience
Thus far, we have been engaging with a variety of foundational readings on the
intersection of technology, largely computers, and writing. We have read how politics,
race, and sexuality are intertwined with technology, how individuals use social
networking, and how computers may be thinking a bit too much for us. Specifically, we
read the following:
 Alexander, Jonathan. “Out of the Closet and Into the Network: Sexual
Orientation and the Computerized Classroom.” Computers and Composition 14
(1997): 207-216. Print.
 Banks, Adam. “Taking Black Technology Use Seriously: African American
Discursive Traditions on the Digital Underground.” Race, Rhetoric, and
Technology: Searching for Higher Ground. Mahwah, NJ: LEA, 2006. Print.
 Buck, Amber. “Examining Digital Literacy Practices on Social Network Sites.”
RTE 47.1 (2012): 9-38. Print.
 McGee, Tim, and Patricia Ericsson. “The Politics of the Program: MS Word as the
Invisible Grammarian.” Computers and Composition 19 (2002): 453-470. Print.
 Selfe, Cythnia L. “Technology and Literacy: A Story about the Perils of Not Paying
Attention.” CCC 50.3 (1999): 411-436. Print.

Rifenburg Literacy Task I Engl 2230

In this literacy task, I invite you to use the Selfe piece as a way to begin a conversation
regarding the role of technology in writing and then place your educational and personal
experience in conversation with either the Alexander, Buck, Banks, or McGee and
Ericsson piece.
In other words, use Selfe to tell me why the issues revolving around technology and
writing are important and then tell me how you relate (or not) to one of the other four
When evaluating your writing, I will be looking for the following:
 Pull appropriately from Selfe to position your argument as kairotic or timely
 Construct a clearly articulated main point early in your writing
 Reflect on and pull examples from your education experience
 Connect these experiences with a specific reading
 Point to specific words or passages in this specific reading
 Connect with your audience
 Properly format your essay according to MLA or APA guidelines
Good luck! I’m happy to help if you need some additional assistance at any stage of this
paper. My office hours are before and after class and by appointment. You can reach me
as well via email at Michael.rifenburg@ung.edu or on Twitter @JMRifenburg.

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