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Girls Inc. camps

Girls Inc. camps

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Chattanooga's Girls Inc. offers a variety of camps.
Chattanooga's Girls Inc. offers a variety of camps.

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Published by: nooganews on Jun 05, 2014
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Open to all girls in Hamilton County

Elementary School Break Camps

Girl OWNED and OPERATED (Summer Break, June 2 - 27, 2014)
Girls ages 6-8 and 9-11 will use hands-on activities to explore several aspects of
business, including entrepreneurship, economics, business structure, marketing and
communications, finance, and accounting. This camp will teach participants the tools
necessary for economic independence and allow them to create and showcase their
own business ideas.

Girl SAMARITAN (Summer Break, July 7 - August 1, 2014)
Girls ages 6-8 and 9-11 will learn about populations in need and create and implement
service projects that are meaningful to the girls. Participants will gain an appreciation of
why giving back is important and will have the opportunity to explore societal issues on
a deeper level. At the end of this camp, girls will present their service learning projects
to the community.
G.I.R.L. (Girls Interested in the Rule of Law) (Fall Break, October 6 - 10, 2014)

Girls ages 6-8 and 9-11 will learn about U.S. government, women’s history, laws, and
the legal system. Participants will learn and develop skills in debating and public speak-
ing through hands-on and mentally-challenging exercises including mock trials.

Middle and High School Break Camps Listed on the Back!

Middle and High School Break Camps

Girls on Wheels (Summer Break, June 2 - July 3, 2014)

How often do you get the chance to earn your very own bicycle? This summer, Girls Inc.
and the Southeast Youth Corps’ Trips for Kids program are partnering to bring you
Girls on Wheels, a summer camp for girls ages 12-15 that offers a new and unique
opportunity blending cycling, conservation community service, environmental education,
and photography. All girls who successfully complete the program will earn their very
own mountain bike!*
Activities will include learning bike maintenance and trail safety, learning and applying
photography skills in nature, and gaining volunteer hours by contributing to a conserva-
tion service project.
*Participants must complete 90% of the scheduled rides, maintenance clinics, and vol-
unteer days to earn a bike at the end of the program.

Girls In Action: Going Global (Summer Break, July 7 - 25, 2014)

Do you know a girl who wants to be on the radio? Win a debate? Does she love get-
ting up in front of a crowd, or is she the type who can’t wait to jump up and play a
game? Join us for Girls in Action: Going Global, a place for girls to experience their
favorite things in a whole new way. Girls will have the chance to play, debate, perform,
or create depending on which two focus areas they choose from the following: Sports &
Fitness; Speech & Debate; Performing Arts; Media Production.

Ms. Independent (Fall Break, October 6-10, 2014)

Would your teen know how to protect herself from harm? Does she have a green thumb
or know how to sew? During Ms. Independent camp, she will enter into a life skills boot
camp and emerge with the know-how to solve real-life problems on her own.

Girls Inc. of Chattanooga
709 S. Greenwood Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404
(423) 624-4757

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