render,n. Hist. 1.A payment in money, goods, or services made by a feudal tenant to the
landlord. 2. A return conveyance made by the grantee to the grantor in a fine. ee !"NE#1$.
render,vb.1. %o transmit or deliver &render payment'.2. #(f a )udge$ to deliver formally
&render a )udgment'.*. #(f a )ury$ to agree on and report formally &render a verdict'.+. %o pay as
due &render an account'.
fine,n.1. An amicable final agreement or compromise of a fictitious or actual suit to
determine the true possessor of land. , %he fine -as formerly used as a form of conveyance to
disentail an estate. . Also termed final concord/ finalis concordia. ee !((% (! %HE !"NE.