realty. Land and anything growing on, attached to, or erected on it, that cannot be removed
without injury to the land. — Also termed real property.
uasi!realty. "ist. Things that the law treats as fixed to realty, but are themselves movable,
such as title deeds.
realty trust. $ee nominee trust %&' under TR#$T.
nominee trust. (. A trust in which the beneficiaries have the power to direct the trustee's
actions regarding the trust property. 2. An arrangement for holding title to real property under
which one or more persons or corporations, under a written declaration of trust, declare that
they will hold any property that they acquire as trustees for the benefit of one or more
undisclosed beneficiaries. — Also termed %in sense &' realty trust. )*ases+ Trusts (,,-(./. *.0.$.
Trover and *onversion 11 (,, &.&-&.,, &.2-&2(, &2.-&23.4
nominal trust. $ee passive trust.

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