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Amy Beitscher

5810 Canvasback Road Burke, VA 22015

Phone: 202-809-6426 E-Mail:

To desire a position in which I can continue to teach and utilize my creativity, critical thinking skills, and knowledge of technology in order to
differentiate and promote student engagement, academic achievement, and life-long learning.

Education & Certifications
Towson University Graduated December, 2013
M. ED- Masters in Elementary Education with a concentration on Gifted and Talented Learning.
Highly qualified in Gifted and Talented Education
West Chester University of Pennsylvania Graduated May, 2009
B.S -Bachelor of Science in Special Education and a Minor in Elementary Education
Highly Qualified in Elementary Education
Summa Cum Laude- Deans List Status 5 semesters
State of Maryland: Masters in Elementary Education: Grades 1-6 & Special Education Grades K-12: Issued 2009.
State of Virginia: Masters in Elementary Education: Grades K-6 & Special Education Grades K-12: Issued 2014
State of New Jersey: Elementary Education: Grades 1-6 & Special Education Grades K-12: Issued 2009.
State of Pennsylvania: Special Education Grades K-12: Issued 2009

Professional Teaching Experience
Greencastle Elementary School August 2009-Current
Full Time Special Education Home School Model Teacher Grades 1-4
Educate students with disabilities using plug in and pull out services while accommodating and modifying instruction to meet their
individual needs.
Design and implement multisensory and hands on lessons to include technology for all subject areas using the Maryland Common
Core State Standards.
Balance whole group, small group, and individual instruction to accommodate different academic levels and learning styles in all
academic areas.
Efficient in planning and managing complete processes for EMT, Evaluations, and IEPs while maintaining open and effective
home and school communication and providing student progress reports.
Efficient in planning and assessing reading and math interventions and supports for all students with and without special needs.
Administer and proctor State Assessments to students with accommodations and supplementary aids/services in Reading, Writing,
and Math.
Lesson plan and cooperatively teach with general education teachers within the general education classrooms.

Extended School Year- ESY Preschool Special Education Summers 2010-2013
Bethesda, Maryland- Ashburton Elementary School
Planned, Taught and developed daily lessons in the Preschool Education Program (PEP) that focus on the students critical life skills as
described in their IEPs for children ages three through five, who have disabilities in two or more developmental areas.
Consulted and collaborated with staff (teachers, related service providers, parent educators, and Para-educators)
Provided direct support to parents with regards to academics, developmental concerns, and strategies.
Developed and differentiated daily lessons based on the social and developmental needs of the students.

The Commonweal Foundation Tutor-SLP School Years: 2010-2013
Provided small group academic tutoring to students in grades 1-5 with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or other
processing difficulties that negatively impact a students ability to learn in the general education setting.

Student Teaching Experience January 2009- May 2009
Elementary Education Student Teaching Experience Grade 4: Shamona Creek Elementary School
General Education Classroom, Downingtown Area School District, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Instructed to the PA State curriculum standards in all core subjects: Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and
Science including Health.
Prepared, administered, and scored formative and summative assessments.
Differentiated lessons for small and whole group instruction and for students with special needs.

Special Education Student Teaching Experience Grades 1, 2, and 3: East Pikeland Elementary School
Learning Support Classroom, Phoenixville Area School District, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Implemented Response to Intervention (RTI), differentiated instruction in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Written
Language. Conducted technology lessons and implemented classroom management practices to meet individual student needs.
Participated in and attended IEP and IST meetings.
Beitscher 2

Relevant Skills & Competencies
Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint Promethean Board/ActivInspire Experience Kidspiration Kurzweil
Classroom management Discovery Education Familiarity Curriculum Development Critical Thinker (PADI)
Early Interventions in Reading (EIR) Junior Great Books Fountas and Pinnell Jacobs Ladder
Administering and Assessing the WJ-III

Recognized as "A Leader in Gifted and Talented Education" by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)
February, 2014
Developed an innovative third grade curriculum for Gifted and Talented students with Autism (Gifted and Talented Thesis Project)

Professional Development
Gifted and Talented Education Courses- Certification Equivalency
Gifted and Talented Elementary Education- Instruction designs and strategies workshop
Culture Club Training and Experience - Best practices for equity amongst students and staff
Certified in CPI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention)
Collaborative Mini Grant Leader for Special Education
Experience with PBIS
Program of Assessment, Diagnosis, and Instruction (PADI)
Administration & Interpretation of the Woodcock-Johnson III

References: Available upon request.