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For Example that the Client wants to configure in such a way that while performing Material determination
he wants to swap the materials y Customers description ! gi"en in Customer Material #nformation
$ecord%which is not a functionality of SAP&For this you will e creating the field in the Field Catalogue for
creating Material determination tale with the help of user Exits&!A'APConsultants %
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Gap analysis is the study of the differences etween two different information systems or applications !ex/
existing system or legacy system with Client and new is SAP%, often for the purpose of determining
how to get from one state to a new state& A gap is sometimes spo0en of as 1the space etween where we
are and where we want to e&1 Gap analysis is underta0en as a means of ridging that space&
Actual gap analysis is time consuming and it plays "ital role in lue print stage&
2he Gaps can differ from company to company& Most commonly, howe"er, missing functionality is
#n customer master data the client re4uirement needs legacy customer numer which can e sol"ed
with 5ser exit&
#n sales order we need customer Phone numer, we can use user exit
#f client want new field in customer master li0e nearest fire station&
GAP analysis is done in 'lue Print stage& #t aims to understand what can e done with the standard SAP
and how the client actually wants a particular scenario to e processed&
#ts an understanding of the GAP etween the actual 6 re4uired scenarios&
2the difference etween agreed wor0 and completed wor0 is GAP Analysis&
E&g&+ 2o Fill 2his Gap, 7e 5se 2he Enhancements,2hese Enhancements 8i"ided #nto Exits, )i0e 5ser
exits, Field Exits Screen Exits 6 Menu Exits&2hese Enhancements are used to update the standard
program in its $especti"e 'usiness 2ransactions, 5sed as a Gateway to Meet the Client $e4uirements&