Approved by: Sgt. Smith Date: 06/05/14
0911 Patrols completed a traic stop o! "lm Street. A verbal #ar!i!g #as iss$ed.
0916 %ecord chec& completed or 'ederal ($rea$ o )!vestigatio!s or sec$rity cleara!ce.
09*+ 'i!gerpri!ts completed or a ,o#! o Potsdam reside!t or employme!t p$rposes
0956 -ehicle a!d ,raic complai!t received. )!vestigatio! co!ti!$es.
104. %ecord chec& completed or a /a# "!orceme!t Age!cy completi!g a lice!si!g i!vestigatio!
1100 Patrol completed a traic stop o! Sisso! Street. ,he passe!ger1 2regory 3. 4eille$r age 0. o
5erma!1 #as iss$ed a traic s$mmo!s or 6!o seat belt7 ret$r!able i! Potsdam -illage 8o$rt o!
1140 8a!to! Police Departme!t re9$ests Potsdam Police be observa!t or a vehicle i! 9$estio!.
Descriptors #ere provided a!d Patrols dispatched
Patrol completed Police Departme!t ,o$rs or 4 pre:; classes thro$gho$t the shit
1054 Patrol located a! $!sec$re door i! a vaca!t b$ildi!g. ,he b$ildi!g #as cleared a!d the o#!er
#as !otiied
1915 Patrol respo!ded to a! alarm activatio! o! /eroy Street. Determi!ed to be a! accide!tal
1941 Patrol respo!ded to a b$si!ess o! 4ar&et St. or a possible ra$d complai!t.
1950 Patrol completed a traic stop o! 4ar&et Street. 4ichael ,. 4at<ell1 =*+> o Potsdam1 ?.@. #as
iss$ed a! Appeara!ce ,ic&et or litteri!g ater patrol observed him as a passe!ger i! a vehicle
thro#i!g re$se o$t i!to the street. ,he tic&et is ret$r!able to Potsdam -illage 8o$rt o! 3$!e *0
*014 at 9:00 am.
*045 Patrols respo!ded to a s$spicio$s vehicle o! 4$!so! Street.

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