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Congratulations Graduates!
Class of 2014
LJ-0100276591 269.968.2271
The Calhoun Area Career
Center wishes you all the
best as you continue your
education or enter
the job market!
MARSHALL The adults and offi-
cials called it historic, important
The kids just shrugged and said
they only did what came naturally.
Marshall High Schools Class of
2014 was unlike any other in the
schools history after Marshall Public
Schools absorbed Albion high school-
ers in the fall because Albion Public
Schools could no longer afford to run
a high school.
When the Albion school board
made the decision in spring 2013,
some kids and many adults worried
about the merger of two schools vast-
ly different demographically and so-
But, by multiple accounts, the
school year went off without a hitch
and even some of the most ardent
skeptics were won over. At a summer
youth symposium before the start
of the school year, students took to
calling themselves Redcats, a com-
bination of the Albion Wildcats and
Marshall Redhawks mascots.
Marshall Public Schools Superin-
tendent Randy Davis said students
were critical to the success of the col-
laboration and were leaders to
adults who had doubts. But R.J. Stone,
an 18-year-old 2014 graduate from Al-
bion, typified students response
when he said, Were just kids.
We didnt do anything commend-
able, said Parker Cruz, an 18-year-
old graduate from Marshall. I think
its just how we are, really Were all
friendly people. All we did was treat
each other like human beings.
Cruz and Stone exemplify the kind
of relationship Albion and Marshall
has celebrated. The two became close
friends participating in cross coun-
try, swimming and the National Hon-
or Society and, like other classmates,
helped the Albion students feel wel-
come in their new school.
Cruz recalled early in the school
year, when students were sitting at
lunch tables with friends from their
own communities and someone said,
Well, Im going to go sit with some-
one new.
Stone said many Albion students
were homesick early in the school
year, but that, eventually, that feel-
ing goes away and youre surrounded
by more friends than you had be-
To students, its not Albion High
School, its not Marshall High
School, Cruz said. Its one big
Such sentiment is what made the
year a success, school officials said.
We underestimate how strong
and knowledgeable our students are,
Albion Superintendent Jerri-Lynn
Williams-Harper said. I say bravo
to that.
Whether they see it or not, their
efforts to normalize the school expe-
rience so everyone would feel wel-
comed were inspirational, Davis
said, adding that teachers and staff
also played an important role.
Stone plans to start his postsecond-
ary education at Kellogg Community
College; he wants to be a caseworker.
Cruz is heading to Eastern Michigan
University to study history and plans
to join the U.S. Navy through a col-
lege ROTC program.
But both students said they believe
they and their fellow members of the
Class of 2014 leave a legacy of family
that younger students will take on as
new Albion freshmen come to Mar-
We went through this, and we
made it alright, Cruz said. So hope-
fully theyll see it wont be such a big
And both students said they could
see a return to their hometowns in
their future, where the graduates
said the Albion-Marshall community
would be a leader to other schools in
Michigan that might merge.
I feel like its bound to happen
more, Cruz said, and weve got a
role to play now that weve experi-
enced it.
R.J. Stone of Albion, left, and Parker Cruz of Marshall will graduate from Marshall High School, which absorbed Albion students in the fall. Stone said many Albion
students were initially homesick, but that, eventually, that feeling goes away and youre surrounded by more friends than you had before.JOHN GRAP/THE ENQUIRER
Redcats built new school family
Justin A. Hinkley
Were all friendly people. All we did was treat each other like human beings.
Olivet High School ......................................3
Pansophia Academy ...................................11
Quincy High School ....................................11
Tekonsha High School .................................4
Union City High School ...............................5
West Michigan Virtual Academy
Includes all area schools that submitted lists by the Enquirers deadline for this section.
Battle Creek Central High School ...............2
Harper Creek High School ...........................7
Lakeview High School..................................6
Pennfield High School...................................9
St. Philip Catholic Central High School ......7
Kellogg Community College ...................... 8
Robert B. Miller College .............................11
Athens Jr.-Sr. High School ............................2
Battle Creek Academy ................................2
Bellevue Jr.-Sr. High School ........................11
Bronson Jr.-Sr. High School ..........................4
Calhoun Christian School ............................5
Calhoun Community High School ..............6
Climax-Scotts Jr.-Sr. High School .................4
Coldwater High School ................................4
Colon High School .......................................2
Delton Kellogg High School .......................4
Doris Klaussen Developmental Center .......5
Franklin High School ...................................6
Galesburg-Augusta High School ................5
Gull Lake High School .................................6
Hastings High School ..................................5
Homer High School ....................................11
Maple Valley High School ...........................3
Marshall Academy ......................................11
Marshall Alternative High School ..............2
Marshall High School ..................................7
S2 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer
They helped ring in a new era
for downtown Battle Creek, and
now theyre starting a new era
of their own.
Eighty-six members of the
Class of 2014 make up the first
class to finish their high school
careers at the new downtown lo-
cation of the Battle Creek Area
Math & Science Center.
After 20 years at its original
home on Upton Avenue in
Springfield, the center was
moved to 171 W. Michigan Ave.
with a $7 million gift from the
Kellogg Co.s 25-Year Fund and
another $7 million from the
W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The
relocation was part of tens of
millions of dollars in invest-
ment to remodel downtown.
The gifts were announced
Feb. 17, 2011 and Battle Creek
Public Schools cut the ribbon on
the new facility Aug. 22, 2013.
That September, the first stu-
dents started classes there.
The new locations first grad-
uating class:
From Battle Creek Central
High School: Nicholas Cramer,
Alexandrea Davis, Olyvea Da-
vis, Ethan Fletcher, Matthew
Gastian, Lauren Grattan, Timo-
thy Pike, David Smith and Syd-
ney Williamson.
From Harper Creek High
School: Page Brady, Bradley
Carr, Margo Coon, Sean Cush-
man, Gregory Dangcil, Krista
Davis, Dionna Eggleston, Jor-
dan Freeburn, Travis Garlock,
Allison Hammer, Janelle Logan,
Jeffery Mann, Jason Mueller,
Christopher Newburn, Tabitha
Rose, and Alex Ziegler.
From Lakeview High
School: Kyle Beyer, Meghan
Butler, Justin Evankovich, Ste-
phanie George, Rachael Hager,
Nathan Hileman, Curran Kas-
pari, Dylan Kenney, Jensen
McPherson, Jaspreet Mondair,
Amanda Noakes, Hayden Palm-
er, Kelly Peng, Nickolas Rastos-
key, Colin Read, Elijah Reasons,
Thomas Steele, Jordan Strand,
Sumita Strander, and John
From Pennfield High
School: Samuel Dlugoss, Sa-
mantha Ely, Naomi Joseph,
Dryden Lachance, Logan Mir-
mozaffari, Benjamin Stephens
and Evan Thomas.
From St. Philip Catholic
Central High School: Trenton
Bartsch, Ellen Criswell, Maria
Dechant, Taylor Dressel, Brent
Finnila, Stephanie Gusching,
Gabriel Hanna, Jarden Heddin-
ger, Samuel Lehouiller, and
Jack Luoma.
From Albion (Marshall High
School): Sarah Ashley, Taylor
Oswald, and Gregory Wade.
From Athens Junior-Senior
High School: McKenzie Fuller,
Kevin Schuetz, Siana Stanton,
and Collin Waldron.
From Delton Kellogg High
School: Kaysie Hook, Samuel
Horrocks, Madeleine Reed, Wil-
liam Selby, and Nicole Thomp-
From Olivet High School:
Daniel Alexander, Tyler An-
drews, Caleb Embree, Aubrey
Fisher, Caitlyn Hines, Christine
Merritt, and Nicholas Muggio.
And Donn LaTour (Battle
Creek Academy), Griffith
Cook-Kirsch (Bellevue High
School), Matthew Parks (Cal-
houn Christian School), and
Suzannah Lenz (Hastings High
New era for city, now new era for students
The Enquirer
Students gather for a class photo during the Battle Creek Area Math & Science Centers Senior Recognition
Valedictorian, salutatorian
Siana Stanton, valedictorian,
daughter of Jeff and Sara Stanton,
plans to attend Michigan State
University to study veterinary
Marissa Squires, salutatorian,
daughter of Stewart and Babs
Squires, plans to attend Adrian
College to study mathematics and
Mercedes Banks
Allysha Beal
Hayden Bowersox
Brandon Budreau
India Cobbs
Mikayla Duncan
Drew Edgell
Mckenzie Fuller
Mara Garcia
Sonja Giles
Sabrina Greenman
Brandon Head
Whitney Hillman
Courtney Hollis
Garrett Jamerson
Breanne Kenyon
Devan Kinney
Jennifer Kroll
Hannah Martin
Devon Martinez
Racheal Masters
Devyn McLennan
Justin Mesecar
Kristian Moore
Audrey Oswalt
Nathan Parsons
Ian Paulsen
Scottlyn Schroder
Kevin Schuetz
Indya Stevens
Branden Tassell
Taylor Vaughn
Collin Waldron
Top 10
Olyvea Davis, valedictorian, daughter of Ron
and Deb Davis, plans to attend Western Michi-
gan University to study chemistry.
Madline Stagner, valedictorian, daughter of
Todd Stagner and Anne Brubaker-Stagner,
plans to attend the University of Michigan to
study public relations.
Caitlyn Cubberly, salutatorian, daughter of
Scott and Tracy Cubberly, plans to attend Grand
Valley State University to study public and non-
profit administration.
Ethan Fletcher, salutatorian, son of Coby and
Isabelle Fletcher, plans to attend Brigham
Young University to study physics and organ
Danielle LaJoie, salutatorian, daughter of
Ruth Lajoie-Daniels and Tom LaJoie, plans to at-
tend the University of Michigan to study politi-
cal science.
Julisa Mejia, salutatorian, daughter of Sabi-
no Mejia and Lourdes Callejas, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College and Western Mich-
igan University to study accounting.
Justice Bass, daughter of Gina Molen, plans
to attend Philadelphia University to study medi-
Courtney Cox, daughter of Kimberly and
James Cox, plans to attend Michigan State Uni-
versity to study English and creative writing.
David Maawma, son of John Sawitea and Bi-
ak Tei, plans to study engineering in college.
Rebecca Prysock, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.Jeffery Prysock, plans to attend Western
Michigan University to study criminal justice.
Bradford Adams
Mohammed Albagami
LeeZa Mikel Amos
Stacy Asher
Pyi Aung
Sara Alise Bagent
Brittany Barrix
Niang Bawi
Alec Belt
Joseph Bowser II
Siam Boyer
Anfernee Boykins
Jaylon Boykins
Devin Bradley
STerra Brazier
Tyris Brazier
Deshana Brown
Marissa Burton
Alex Butler
Darrein Butler
Daniele Bwamba
Demetria Byabato
Robert Bynum
Audrey Calery
Malaysia Capers
Thaylan Carr
Francisco Carrillo
Jonathan Carson
Zachary Chantrenne
Victor Conley
Jordan Cooper
Laurence Coy III
Nicholas Cramer
Kaegen Crisher
England Crump
Patia-Simone Daniel
Alexandrea Davis
Shania Davis
Bianca Derrick
Javante Dunbar
Treeonna Edmonds
Landan Edwards
Vicky Enriquez
Shaquana Esters
Ivory Farrow
Sierra Fires
Ulises Flores
Amber Fourn
Tyler Franklin
Kayla Frazier
Lynae Fuller
Matthew Gastian
Gage Gibbs
Sarah Goins
Daveena Graham-Bell
Lauren Grattan
Diamonte Green
Niesa Guess
Showna Hagedorn
Anthony Hale
TreVahn Hale
Nastasia Harden
Edward Harris III
Mildred Harrington
Heather Hentges
Luis Hernandez
Michell Hernandez Ser-
Nicollette Hickey
Kenneth Hightower
Makayla Hoffman
Emily Howard
Andrew Hoyt
Yulisa Hurtado-Cardo-
Kassem Husain
Elijah Jackson
Tristan James
Fatima Jamison
Alacia Johns
Corey Johnson Jr.
Jallen Johnson
Khalil Johnson
Ramon Johnson
Micah Jones
Steven Jones
Mafiaion Joyner
Claudio Juarez
Demaris Kannike II
Heather Kidd
Jessica Kilgore
Alexandria Kissinger
Nicholas Kucharek
Andrew Larner
Chantelle LeBlanc
Khalil Lee
Daniel Lian
Mi Lian
Thomas Lingbeek Jr.
Charles Love Rhames
Silvana Lucas
Tristen Lyle
Cristian Macias
Jasmine Maddox
Lun Mang
Ana Martinez
Humberto Martinez Jr.
Gracelynn Mayhew
Paris McCroy
Jarred Miller
Shelbie Miller
William Monroe
Alexandria Moody
Jesse Mosier
Tyesha Inez Moss
James Munsch
Shayla Nash
Lal Nei
Brandan Newsome
John Nieboer
Jose Nunez
Matthew Packer Jr.
Breeanna Pate
Corey Patterson
San Pau Yu
Jayla Perry
Muriel Peterson
Timothy Pike
Dayjua Pinder
Samantha Prescott
Chhing Puii
Montell Rainey
Darrian Ramon
Mariah Rayburn
Rahnie Richardson
Tre Richardson
Victor Rivera
Cody Robbins-Babbitt
Erica Robbins
Jami Robbins
Malik Robinson
Phillip Robinson
Daniel Romero
Jose Romero
Samantha Ruble
Alyssa Rue
Kaylee Ryan
Alexa Salas
Habeeb Salimon
Omolara Salimon
Hring Sang
Keanna Saulsberry
DeAndre Sawyer
Anika Settler
Daiquiri Shuford
Deontae Simpkins
Sean Sles
David Smith
Nequai Smith-Gudger
Rikalah Solomon
Ariana Southern
Ashley Sparks
Leslie Stout
Sui Sung
Paylend Swartz
Jordan Sweers
Trent Taylor
David Templeton
Joshua Thang
Van Thang
Kap Thawng
Samantha Titus
Karleana Todd
Eric Traylor
Jace Trevino
Curtis Trigg
Khalil Tubbs
Kareston Tucker
Juan Valencia
John Velez
Maria Vicente
Brandon Vines
Zo Vung
Mariah Wade
Jordan Walker
Brandon Wallace
Courtney Walsh
Jonathan Wardwell
Malik Warren
Tiara Warren
Joesph Watson
Keith Watts
Robert Welton
Alexander Williams
Imani Willis
Sydney Williamson
Juchelle Wilson
Ojore Wilson
Imari Woods
Mykel Yore
Julisa Mejia Justice Bass
Skyler Harvey, valedictorian,
daughter of Cindy and Gene Har-
vey, plans to attend Eastern
Michigan University.
Amber Luedecking, valedic-
torian, daughter of Karen and
Brian Tomlinson, plans to attend
Baker College.
Jonathan Boyer, salutatorian,
son of Tina Boyer, plans to attend
Davenport Business College.
Brittany Whitfield, salutatori-
an, daughter of Diane Hinton and
Howard Whitfield, plans to at-
tend Baker College.
Darrin Abraham
Sarah Adams
Shaunta Adams
Bradley Brittingham
Brandon Broker
Jacob Casciano
Cole Clemens
Caitlyn Clipfell
Makayla Craun
John Fields
Michael Flick
Nicole Frye
Sarah Hutson
Samuel Jarrell
Briana Keeslar Ash
Jenafer Lance
Andrew Mock
Olivia Parshall
Kyle Poortenga
Ramsey Potter
Kara Reaper
Brianne Reichert
Tyler Schipper
Sarah Silk
Lucas Stoll
Calen Thibideau
Billy Vaughn
Isabel Vigil
Katelyn Walters
Dexter West
Samantha West
Ashleigh Wolf
Jonathon Wyant
DaNayah Allen
Travis Andrews
Nikalus Bailey
Isabel Barroso
Mina Buck
Katelyn Burke
Christa Cole
William Cox
Alize Crenshaw
Joshua Crull
DarQuarian Evans
Ian Forester
Brandi Furrenes
Hunter Gibson
Ivoryonnia Green
Justin Hagerman
Joshua Halstead
Emily Hency
Allen Henderson
Breanna Hites
Tyler Hrab
Shadylynn Hunt
KeAira Jackson
Faith Kelley
Devin King
Katie Kornmeyer
Zachary Lewis
Brian Madry
Bruce Madry
Kally Mains
Crystal Mast
Alec Miller
Johnathan Mix
Mara Munday
Serah Osborn
Austin Pelfrey
Meecayla Polendo
Frostie Russell
Brendan Sturgill
Kylea Topa
Jesse Vallad
Jacob White
Joshua Wixson
JoAnna Wood
Chelsea Warrix
Michael Zinke
Blake Agy
Florence Counsell
Robert Essex
Alysha Haire
Hannah Houghtaling
Donn LaTour
Melissa Pastrana
Aubraelle Porter
Stephan Santiago
Jenna Street
Battle Creek Enquirer Saturday, June 7, 2014 S3
Top 10
Daniel Bartoo, son of Tracy and Ja-
cob Allerding, plans to attend Grand
Valley State University to study biology.
Ivy Braden, daughter of Dawn and
Kert Braden, plans to attend Saginaw
Valley State University to study athletic
Micah Bromley, son of Rane Popa
and Bartt Bromley, plans to attend
Northwood University to study sports
Kyle Brumm, son of Tammy and
Adam Brumm, plans to attend Central
Michigan University to study biology
and natural resources.
Jack Elliston, son of Amy and
Charles Elliiston, plans to attend Michi-
gan State University to study nuclear
Tecumseh Hakenjos, son of Ratsamy
and Phillip Hakvongsa, plans to attend
Michigan State University to study me-
chanical engineering.
Aubrey Laubenthal, daughter of
Kathy Feasel and Kevin Laubenthal,
plans to attend Calvin College to study
special education.
Anthony Mahler, son of Lisa and
Richard Mahler, plans to attend Central
Michigan University to study actuarial
Aleesha Peake, daughter of Rhonda
Thompson and Brian Peake, plans to at-
tend Kellogg Community College to
study business accounting.
Jordan Woodman, daughter of Karen
and Wallace Woodman, plans to attend
Saginaw Valley State University to
study occupational therapy.
Mariam Abdelkhaleq
Anel Alejandri Olono
Usman Ali
Troy Allen
Willis Arnold
Nicholas Bartlett
Wesley Bastien
Samuel Benedict
Nathaniel Berkimer
Russell Billings
Bailey Blodgett
Stephanie Bumford
Gregory Bursley
Kristen Chambers
Matthew Christianson
Kenneth Christopher
Kaylie Clark
Mallory Cogswell
Mckenzie Cornwell
Austin Davis
Isabela DePaula
Laora Dezille
Joseph Eddy
Storm Ewing
Jeremy Fisher
Taylor Fisher
Travis Franks
Ge Gao
Cole George
Klista Gillean
Gorka Gomez Gracia
Austin Gonser
Megan Green
Renee Griffin
Michaela Grinage
Savanah Gross
Thomas Harris
Breanna Heinze
Gabriel Hicks
Hannah Hilton
Megan Hunt
Hadley Joppie
Dylan Kennedy
Tyler Kersjes
Christine King
Kara Krebs
Johanna Kyle
McKayla Lamance
Daniel Langman
Kandys Larsen
Lindsey Lashley
Austin Ledford
Sara Line
Luis Martinez Fernandez-
Emily Mattocks
Tad Mead
Juan Mena
Mclain Morehouse
Cody Morris
Nikol Myers
Sangtaek Oh
Anjali Panchal
Marissa Pierce
Kayla Pitcher
Zachary Pixley
Jordyn Price
Kristin Primm
Chandler Reckling
Zoey Robinson
Heather Rockwell
Austin Rood
Zackary Rosenberger
Niki Sailor
Joshua Sanchez
Katharina Sanner
Tiffany Schaub
Douglas Sears
Cathleen Seaton
Garret Shaw
Matthew Sherk
Christopher Snook
Sara Stachelhaus
Megan Stewart
Vima Tingginehe
Seth Trowbridge
Kalee Tyler
Hannah Upright
Courtney Walker
Robert Wenger
Kourtney White
Emily Wilber
Brandon Wilson
Jacey Wood
Kaitlyn Wright
Lawrence Zamarron
Louis Zhang
Ivy Braden Tecumseh
Kyle Brumm Aubrey
Top 10
Daniel Alexander, son
of Marion Alexander and
Barbara Mantarro, plans
to study mathematics.
Tyler Andrews, son of
Bill and Annette Andrews,
plans to attend Michigan
State University to study
Dylan Coolidge, son of Scott and Erica
Coolidge, plans to attend Grand Valley
State University to study mechanical en-
Caleb Embree, son of Dennis and
Dawn Embree, plans to attend Ball State
University to study genetics and zoolo-
Dallie Flower, daughter of Greg and
Lisa Flower, plans to attend Kalamazoo
Community College to study business.
Renae Morton, daughter of Bradley
and Teresa Morton, plans to attend Cen-
tral Michigan University to become a
physicians assistant.
Tara Schmidt, daughter of TerriLee
and Jeff Schmidt, plans to attend Coastal
Carolina University to study psychology.
Christopher Walkowski, son of Mark
and Kristi Walkowski, plans to attend
Grand Valley State University to study
cell and molecular biology.
Hayley Walkowski, daughter of Mark
and Kristi Walkowski, plans to attend
Lawrence Technological University to
study biomedical engineering.
Kelsey Walkowski, daughter of Mark
and Kristi Walkowski, plans to attend
Grand Valley State University to study
exercise science.
Brooke Aiken
Eleanor Alexander
Madeline Amey
Mikayla Austin
Joseph Barr
Matthew Bosserd
Burkley Briegel
Chase Briggs
Derian Britton
Blake Brown
Austin Bugbee
Jarred Calkins
Travis Campbell
Todd Candelaria
Keagan Carpenter
Dylan Coolidge
Emily Cords
Paige Cords
Brittany Crittenden
Rebekah Davenport
Evan Davis
Mikayla Densmore
Erica Etson
Aubrey Fisher
HarLee Foglesong
Katelyn Francisco
Cory Frazier
Cody Frisbie
Kristal Fuentes
Robert Funk
Stephanie Glasscock
Allen Gloor
Austin Gorden
Rebekah Greilick
Jessica Griffin
Kayla Harris
Tristan Heisler
Tyler Heisler
Jena Hess
Caitlyn Hines
Dalton Humphrey
Jodi Jones
Samuel Judd
Erica Karaba
Arren Kelley
Justin Kepsel
Andrew Kidder
Courtney Kirchen
Benjamin Koeske
Jake Koyl
William Kramer
Hayli Lane
Garrett Latta
Allison Lerew
Shane Loney
Austin Loyd
Ashley Martin
Craig Masters
Tyler McAdam
Bryce McCulloch
Rayce McCulloch
Chase McGill
Mandi McKeown
Chelsea Meeker
Christine Merritt
Carli Meyer
Leah Meyer
Matthew Moore
Nicholas Muggio
Ryan Nail
Emily Nelson
Jessica Nemore
Andreana ODell
Alizabeth Otto-
Lena Peak
Christian Pena
Joseph Penny
Brooke Piepkow
Ty Pion
Russell Pliley
Kiley Ploehn
Joseph Polhamus
Camilla Ponce
Lauren Pugh
Harry Reynolds
Ashli Sanders
Elizabeth Segar
Taylor Shaver
Ashley Shepard
Juliana Simoes
Jordan Sinclair
Austin Smith
Jonah Smith
Tucker Smith
Taylor Sosinski
Hayden Spoelstra
Kane Spotts
Emilee Steele
Mariah Sterley
Elisabeth Swanson
Alexis Tennant
Brock Thering
Tyler Thering
Isabella Troutner
Jacob Vaughn
Hannah Walker
Bailey Witt
Ryzer Zaremba
-'("$)!/+)!.'(# *$)&/)!%#,
5% !010. ,!% #.)'*),%- 0$ "8%1) /%8#!,- 718(%.-8,&
), +%440## 3022*18,& 3044%#%6
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S4 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer
Saleh Abubaker
David Afesumeh
Ahmed Ahmed
Alhareth Ahmed
Mohamed Aljabaly
Ali Alsraimi
Fawn Andrews
Joshua Anzell
Dannail Bailey
Emma Bailey
McKenzie Baker
Andrew Barnes
Mikayla Baughman
Jessica Becks
Preslie Bergman
Kyle Blanchard
Nicholas Blanton
Taylor Boehmke
William Bolash
Megan Boston
Darrien Bradley
Matthew Brown
Randy Brown
Tyler Brown
Kyle Butler
Devonte Carr
Scout Case
Eric Catlin
Danielle Cekander
Christopher Chartrand
Kyle Clary
Allison Clemens
Marshall Cole
Madelyn Colvin
Brianna Cooper
Jacob Covert
Micheal Covey
Natalee Dally
Michaela Dalman
Olivia Darnell
Amanda Davis
Parker Dove
Paige Dubois
Bradford Duke
Peeraya Dumrongpun
Logan Erickson
Daoud Esa
Lisa Escalante
Elizabeth Escobar
Jasmin Estrada
Shania Facemire
Sarah Fiebig
Gadge Fisher
Sarah Ford
Brandon Fry
MacKenzie Galloway
Kenneth Garrett
Dakota Gillette
Rebecca Glei
Cherish Gorby
Dalton Grubb
Ryan Hadley
Marandya Hantz
Haylee Harmon
Rebecca Harmon
Mariah Harper
Jeremy Harrell
Gabrielle Harris
Ashleigh Hart
Cayla Hart
Kyle Hart
Drake Harvey
Francisco Hernandez Silva
Chaz Heuer
Benjamin Hicks
Ryan Hoag
Courtney Hoath
Zachary Hoff
Nathan Howard
Sarah Ivarsson
Emmit Jarman
Joel Jepson
Lucas Johnson
Anton Kaiser
Ashley Keckler
Haley Kelly
Timmothy Kersting
April King
Morgan Klein
Morgan Kling
Alexandria Koch
Tristan Kosmerick
Leigha Lawrenz
Bailey Leal
Dai-Hua Lee
Samuel Leviton
Ya-Ping Lin
Dylan Linklater
Mariah Littley
Iciar Martinicorena
Dakota Mast
Grant Maurer
Jamison Maxson
John McClelland
Scott McHenney
Kenia Mejia Garcia
Quaid Miller
Katherene Milliman
Corey Mock
Ryan Mock
Abubaker Mohamed
Dylan Molnar
William Montgomery
Maggie Morrison
Saleh Mousa
Cooper Murphy
Noah Murray
Austin Nagle
Mylene Yaeko Nakano
Cearra Neal
Kattie Ness
Aubrianna Neusbaum
Austin Nichols
Briannah Norton
Joshua Norton
Tristan Oberlin
Allen Oeung
Eleanor Ohm
Abdulla Omar
Alex Otis
Kristen Otis
Zuzana Pagacova
Karrie Palmerton
Varisara Panyakorn
Shelsae Perkins
Kylei Philson
Kellie Pierucki
Cheyenne Porter
Anna Posthumus
Justin Pothoof
Jacob Powers
Cami Price
Hannah Puro
Hannah Raloff
Tylar Rankin
Austen Reichhart
Shawn Reincke
Serena Robison
Alexandra Rockwell
Jacobo Rodriguez
Austin Rose
Jana Rummer
Radhia Saeed
Savannah Salcido
Rodrigo Sanchez
Branden Sandahl
Sylvia Saucedo
Alexander Schein
James Scherer
Meghan Schorfhaar
Gerald Schultz
Charles Scott
Jacob Sexton
Brittany Shaw
Alexis Shenefield
Keegan Sherman
Zackory Sherman
Jordan Shiery
Jaden Shirkey
Austin Siegel
Taylor Slone
Sierra Smith
Rahshell Smitley
Tabitha Sommers
Jin Young Son
Andrea Sowles
Kala Sperbeck
Cody Squier
Lucas Stempien
Marisa Stempien
Gabrielle Stevens
Jordyn Stevens
Steven Suelzer
Lauren Swick
Ahmed Thabet
Shaiann Thompson Hunna-
Stephanie Toth
Tylor Trouten
Terry Uphold
Gonzalo Valle Arrizon
Brittnee VanBlarcom
Christopher VandenHout
Alex VanEvey
Kaitlyn Vella
Anitra Vuorinen
Lana Wagner
Cecelia Ward
Scott Wardwell
Jacob Wasson
Jakob Weaver
Johnathan Webb
Brett Welke
Anna Wendorf
Kyle Whitehead
Brandon Wilbur
Kalcey Wilder
Taylor Wilder
Summer Williams
Marlena Wills-Cilley
Levi Wilson
Shawn Wolcott
Alexys Wolfinger
Ian Wright
Sydney Wright
Quintin Yearling
Musa Yehya
Brandon Younce
Madison Zinn
Kaitlyn Aldrich,
valedictorian, daugh-
ter of Brian and Bran-
die Aldrich and Cindy
Aldrich, plans to at-
tend Kellogg Commu-
nity College to study physical therapy.
Emily Langridge, salutatorian, daughter of Jerry and Gail
Langridge, plans to study graphic design.
Sydney Garber, honor student, daughter of Jaqueline Ham-
ilton Joe Garber, plans to attend Cornerstone University.
Nicole Charles
Ethan Crouch
Nathan Dadow
Devanie Eckardt
Jose Perez
Ryan Hoeltzel
Mya Kavanaugh
Emily Knack
Nathan McDonald
Sierra Miller
Miranda Moore
Takuya Naganowa
Kasey Nemore
Thomas Shaffer-Cole
Chayton Wiescholek
Senior scholars
Katherine deAraujo, valedictorian, daughter of
Solano and Jennifer deAraujo, plans to attend
Georgetown University to study international de-
Mikayla Johnson, salutatorian, daughter of Ste-
phen and Melissa Johnson, plans to attend the Uni-
versity of Michigan to study nursing.
Brandylyn Bennett, daughter of Warren and
Brenda Bennett, plans to attend the University of
Michigan to study biochemistry and Spanish.
Matthew Cosby, son of Mark and Debra Cosby,
plans to attend the University of Michigan to
study aerospace engineering,
Haley Davis, daughter of Chad and Stacy Da-
vis, plans to attend Trine University to study
chemistry and forensics.
Caycia Ransbottom, daughter of Jenni Brewer
and Chad Ransbottom, plans to attend the Univer-
sity of Michigan to study clinical psychology.
Elizabeth Swift, daughter of Donna Purvis and
Dale Swift, plans to attend the University of Mich-
igan to study nursing.
Taylor Aleman
Deziree Alger
Ashlee Ashby
Heather Avery
Ryan Bailey
Regan Bailer
Elizabeth Baker
Mallorie Bassage
Elisabeth Borchert
Stephen Bull
Kassidy Bystry
Chase Carpenter
Alondra Castillo Her-
Benjamin Caudill
Chelsey Clawson
Jarrett Cole
James Cook
Sara DeBoard
Erik De La Paz
Guadalupe De La Paz
America DePaz Leon
Ryan Eaton
Braxton Elliott
Adrian Farris
Brianna Farst
Christian Fenton
Blake Fox
Logan Graybill
Samantha Griffith
Jonathon Guernsey
Danielle Hagel
Ryan Hagen
Juana Hernandez Ran-
Maritza Hernandez
Brelyn Hoard
Donald Howk
Hannah Hyska
Olivia Hyska
Elisia Johnloz
Kevin Kech
Ashley Laukhuf
Taylor Losinski
Cristal Luviano Rodri-
Bernardo Martinez
Courtney McNees
Cassandra Morris
Beau Murphy
Johnna Nickle
Mattie Noble
Norma Nunez Reyes
Cole ONeill
Jose Andres Orozco
Areli Ortiz Pina
Carlos Ortiz
Shalina Pinkera
Grace Pyles
Giovanni Quiroz
James Ramsey
Mathes Rausch
Skyler Riker
Mariah Roberts
Ashley Robinson
Kevin Rodriguez
Haley Russell
Desaree Scantlen
Tana Shimp
Wade Shortridge
Lindsey Sikorski
Makayla Sikorski
Allison Smith
Damion Smith
Dylan Smith
Courtney Souva
Nathan Stemen
Joseph Truex
Kaitlin VanNuys
Lauren VanVorst
Esmeralda Vargas
Mercedes Vond
Courtney Wallace
Nicholas Warner
Bryanna Wills
Scott Wyant
Tonyelle Yoder
Haley Davis Katherine
Top 10
Marceline Stevens, valedictorian, daughter of
Richard and Elaine Stevens, plans to attend Wayne
State University to study pharmacology.
Chase Henderson, salutatorian, son of Aaron
Henderson and Jill Survilla, plans to attend the
University of Michigan to study biomedical engi-
Kaysie Hook, daughter of Steven and Michelle
Hook, plans to attend Michigan State University to
study animal science.
Samuel Horrocks, son of Bud and Deb Hor-
rocks, plans to attend the University of Michigan
to study chemistry.
Eleanore James, daughter of Daniel and Mary
James, plans to attend the University of Michigan
to study molecular biology and genetics.
Robin Medema, daughter of Jill and Kenneth
Medema, plans to attend Western Michigan Uni-
versity to study nursing.
Jacob Morgan, son of Bill and Mary Morgan,
plans to attend Northwestern University to study
manufacturing and design engineering and art
theory and practice.
Nicole Thompson, daughter of Cindy and Mark
Thompson, plans to attend Michigan State Univer-
sity to study genetics.
Cameron Tobias, son of Chris & Kim Tobias,
plans to attend Kellogg Community College to
study machine and tool.
Emily Warren, daughter of Stacy Jones, plans
to attend Western Michigan University to study
psychology and writing.
Daisy Aguirre-Sanchez
Jessa Aldridge
Dayquana Anderson
Alexander Barker
Caitlin Barker
Jonathan Bechtel
Shelby Bissett
Joshua Blaszak
Bobby Bottom
Lorraine Bouchie
Robert Brindley, Jr.
Jennifer Brown
Audrey Carpenter
Kanoelani Chaffee
Hunter Chilton
Christopher Colwell
Evan Curtice
Anthony Dallavalle
Harley Daniel
Sierra Elkins
Brandon Freds
Sydnie Frie
Aric Gan
Damian Garrett
Carter Garrison
Triston Hagy
Carlye Hammond
Rushell Hammond
Rachel Higdon
Chelsea Hoadley
Alexas Holben
Jesse Hollister
Anthony Houtrow
Gustavo Intelizano
Franklin James
Kyly Janowski
Sarah Jones
Juliene Jozwik
Devin Kalee
Dylan Kelley
Alex Kline
Kaitlin Koon
Bethany Kruger
Alexander Kulinski
Cortney Leinaar
Kollin Leinaar
Mallory Leinaar
Cassandra Lepper
Easton Lovell
Joshua McCarty
Mackenzie McNett
James McRae III
Reo Miller
Brady Mills
Jeffrey Minehart
Jesse Mishler
Dwayne Moederzoon,
Danielle Morse
Gabriel Neujahr
Mackenzi Nottingham
Hannah Okeley
Tyler Oliverio
Tucker Onderlinde
Vitoria Pamplona
Megan Papesh
Mason Partlow
Andrew Petzold
Kaleb Pluchinsky
Madeleine Reed
Sarah Rendon
Garold Richardson
Michael Robinson II
Skyler Rogers
Spencer Saurers
Katharina Schmitter
William Selby
Courtney Sheffer
Nora Sheffer
Dutch Sinclair
Chretien Skaggs
Hunter Smith
Mikelah Snell
Raymond St. Onge
Jordanne Terry
Joseph Tolhurst
Maria Vacas de Bru-
Juztyn VanderWoude
Shelby Varney
Kelsey Vaughn
Eric Ward
Gavin Warner
Micheal Warner
Elaine Weimer
Cara Wellington
Amanda Wessels
Troy Wooden
Valedictorian, salutatorian
Taylor Piper, valedictorian, daughter of Tim and Teri
Piper, plans to attend the University of Michigan.
Samuel Eshuis, salutatorian, son of Rick and Sue Esh-
uis, plans to attend Hope College.
Shawn Arnett
Darion Bartholomew
Alexis Belland
Phillip Bent
Kyle Bowering
Logan DeKilder
Nichole DeVries
Holly Eshuis
Haley Fleck
Joshua Fleck
Matthew Fleck
Samantha Forward
Brandon Gibbs
Kiah Gibbs
Darren Gibson
Shelby Gray
Tanner Gray
Lillian Gruver
Christopher Hawk
Kacey Henning
Mallory Hollomon
Danielle Hunter
Kayla Keiser
Meagan Latty
Crystal Lawrence
Nils Mann
Anson Mannes
Benjamin Middleton
Cody Moody
Kingsley Perkins
Shelby Priest
Courtney Pulka
Elissa Rapacz
Shelby Rapacz
Zachary Rietkerk
Travis Rupert
Zachary Selbee
Kevin Shafer
Logan Simmons
Brenton Skelton
Isaac Swager
Eldon Ulsh
Mersadez Vogel
Ashley Wagar
Logan Wilcox
Weston Williams
Taylor Piper Samuel
Battle Creek Enquirer Saturday, June 7, 2014 S5
Hennessy Coons,
daughter of Jeff Coons
and Denise Coons, plans
to attend Spring Arbor
University to study
Spanish and elementary
Cameron Hiscock,
son of Eric and Michelle
Hiscock, plans to attend
Michigan State Univer-
sity to study agricul-
Matthew Parks, son
of Scott and Ellen Parks,
plans to attend Taylor
University to study
physics engineering.
Trenton Steele, son of Jeff and Sara Steele, plans
to attend Western Michigan University to study me-
chanical engineering.
Alexis Cornwell
Haley Flach
Nicolas Henderson
Nicholas Lorencen
Makayla Martin
Gregory Specht
Zachary Taylor
Dustin Thorne
Claire Tribbett
Haley Addison
Sarah Alspaugh
Seth Alward
Dillon Anderson
Kamonchanok Aram-
Miguel Rodriguez
Lauren Arnett
Ridge Augustine
Aaron Baker
Hannah Barnard
Rebecca Barnard
Noe'lle Beiner
Logan Bleam
Chrystal Boniface
Grace Bosma
Autumn Bowerman
Thomas Bowles
Marissa Branham
Andrew Bromley
Mitchel Brooks
Shayna Brooks
Jade Brown
Katherine Brown
Audrey Bush
Abigail Campbell
Austin Caris
Liberty Case
Amber Childers
Logan Clements
MacKenley Clisso
Paige Comp
Drew Cooley
Baylee Crittendon
Andrew Cybulski
Katherine Cybulski
Jake Dalman
Ashley Davis
Tyler Davis
Katy DelCotto
Casey DeMink
Nicholas Denniston
Constance Depue
Matthew Dupree
Joshua Ehredt
Anna Ellege
Kinsey Elliott
Lucas Elliott
Tyler Falls
Cassie Fischer
Aaron Fleischer
Ian Gaiski
Annika Ganji
Brenda Garcia-Aguillon
Dakota Gaskill
Mitchell Gee
Lennon Gildea
Karley Goodenough-
Devin Hamlin
Emily Hayes
Connor Hays
Ethan Haywood
Philip Hess
Jordan Hildebrant
Taylor Horton
Michelle Howlett
Gabrielle Hubbell
Devin Hughes
James Isola
Lanie Johns
Kylie Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Michaela Kalmink
Stephen Kendall
Nicole Ketchum
Jacqueline Klump
Samantha Kobe
Kara Krebs
Taylor Kuhlman
Emily Kurnik
Jacob Lancaster
Kristen Lancaster
Alyssa Larsen
Ingrid Lauvsland
Stephanee Leask
James Lee
Suzannah Lenz
Alicia Leonard
Caprice Lowinski
Haley Lyke
Brody Madden
Michael Mansfield
Whitney Martin
Dominic McArthur
William McKeever
Sadie McKinstry
Zachary McMahon
Mairi McMellen
Lane Merrill
Jacob Miller
Alexandra Mills
Ariel Moore
Bo Morgan
Austin Morris
Christopher Morris
Kraig Morris
Marlee Morris
Cheyanna Nance
Kylee Nemetz
Ryan Nicholas
Janae Nickerson
Jacob Norris
Tracy Norris
Tyler Olds
Cody Olsen
Lorraine Osborne
Clara Peltz
Nathan Pewoski
Mitchell Philley
Morgan Pierce
Alyssia Piper
Alison Porter
Marissa Poth-Miller
Kylee Prentice
Tyler Preston
Martin Quesada
Travis Raab
Marko Rabe
Saka Radulovic
Haley Rein
Rachel Rimer
Amanda Rodd
Curtis Root
Tara Rowe
Morgan Santos
Mercdes Satterelli
Nicholas Schaefer
Benjamin Schilz
Melany Schwab
Swantje Schwantes
Kelsee Shaffer
Stephen Shaffer
Brieanna Sheldon
McKayla Sheldon
Laura Shinavier
Emma Shute
Kody Simmons
Patrick Singleterry
Chase Slater
Brandon Slocum
Brad E. Smith
Joseph R. Smith
Sydney Smith
Tarra Smitherman
Taylor Sordillo
Miguel Soto
Daniel Soya
Daniel Sprague
BreAnna Stanley
Ashley Stanton
Dalton Stayton
Alexander Stiles
Corey Stout
Trista Straube
Allison Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Hannah Tebo
Anne Teunessen
Logan Teunessen
Tyler Traister
Nao Tsutsumi
Shelby VanderMel
Dexx VanHouten
Connor von der Hoff
Dustin Vrooman
Clayton Walden
Kailyn Wales
Ashley Weinbrecht
William Weinert
Sabrina Welch
Rebecca Westbrook
Jordan Wheeler
David White II
Mallory White
Steven White
Jon Wilcox
Zachary Wilcox
Amanda Wilgus
Dillon Wilkinson
Aaron Williams
Carson Williams
Monique Williams
Aubrey Woern
Steven Wolfe
Justice Woods
Lillian Young
Kaley Ziegler
Megan Ziegler
Trevor Zimmerman
Valedictorians, salutatorian
Katelynn Birch, valedictorian, daughter of Dennis and Sa-
ra Birch, plans to attend Central Michigan University to study
Jessica Donihue, valedictorian, daughter of Mike and Amy
Donihue, plans to attend Spring Arbor University to study
Spanish and mathematics.
Vanessa Ford, valedictorian, daughter of Leland and Anne
Ford, plans to attend Ball State University to study journal-
Karisa Gaylord, valedictorian, daughter of Rebecca
Briggs and Paul Gaylord, plans to attend Kellogg Community
College to study physical therapy.
Audrey Robertson, valedictorian, daughter of John and
Faith Robertson, plans to attend Central Michigan University.
Jared Shepard, valedictorian, son of Michael and Rochelle
Shepard, plans to attend North Central University and Ohio
State University to study engineering.
Makayla Stuart, valedictorian, daughter of Paul and An-
nette Stuart, plans to attend Kellogg Community College and
Lake Superior State University to study environmental sci-
Rachel Sutherland, valedictorian, daughter of Roger and
Cindy Sutherland, plans to attend the University of Michigan
to study English.
Evan Cross, salutatorian, son of Alan and Lorraine Cross,
plans to attend Kellogg Community College to study environ-
mental science.
Cassandra Alldredge
Travis Allen
Nicholas Austin
Cailie Bercaw
Brianna Burnham
Dakota Cable
Joshua Carnell
Joshua Cook
James Couey
Alec Davis
Anna Dendy
Carley Dibert
Robert Dunn
McKenna Edwards
Sheldon Edwards
Alyssa Ferree
Heidi Gartley
Michelle Goodrich
Lindsay Griffith
Monica Grinnell
David Haehl
Chase Harvey
Shayne Hasty
Grace Hilarides
Logan Hooker
Jordan Inman
Allison Jackson
Hunter Johns
Justin Jones
LayLa Kelsey
Shawn Kennedy
Kyle Kidney
John Kinney
Lance Klopfenstein
Wesley Kosier-Chatfield
Danielle Kubasiak
Russell Link
Nolan Loss
Tyler Loughman
Andrew Lynd
Damon Manchester
Tabitha Miller
Alexis Musselman
Ashley Nivison
Elizabeth O'Dea
Ryan Racolta
Lake Reed
Tyler Reilly
Ruben Ringle
Michael Rumsey
Ashley Sigourney
Alisha Smith
Blake Smith
Parker Smith
Meaghan Snyder
Cloe' Taylor
Seth Theodore
Daylon Ulrich
Matthew Vaccaro
Justin VanWormer
Justin Whitcomb
Chaise White
Mykal Wilson
Austin Witte
Austin Wolfinger
Aryanna Woodson
Heavein Woudstra Cunic
Evan Cross Makayla
Top 10
Geneva LaForce, valedictori-
an, daughter of Joseph and Glo-
ria LaForce, plans to attend Ball
State University to study genet-
Emily Fletcher, salutatorian,
daughter of Richard and Mar-
sha Fletcher, plans to attend
Kalamazoo College to study
computer science and anthro-
Elizabeth Bolhuis
Brianna Buller
Kyle Hoyt
Robert Repke
Christie Schmitt
Charles Shugars
Rachel Sims
Allison Thomas
Shane Balch
Noelle Barrus
Crystal Bartzen
Kirstin-Roberta Batey
John Beard Jr.
Paige Beaty
Caitlin Boniface
Kalyn Bonifas
Jordan Born
Sierra Brooks
Julianna Bruinekool
Camaro Cashwell
RoShanna Diehlman
Bryce Doorlag
Morgan Dragicevich
Kalie Foreman
Justine Hannon
Brooke Haycook
Emily Hickman
Eric Holman
Bradley Hosmer
Zachary Howes
Madeleine Humphries
Sean Kerney
Kalee Kershner
Jarrod Kirk
Jacob LamBert
Kasey Little
Martha Lumbard
Ethan Moguel
Kaitlin Moore
Morgan Mumbower
Jennah Newton
Brian Norman
Kayla Nyitray
Chloe Ostlund
Paige Parsons
Blake Patterson
Benjamin Rankin
Anna Smith
Kaitlin Thompson
Audrey Walk
Alexa Welch
Galesburg-Augusta High Schools Class of 2014 Top 10 is, in
front, from left, Geneva LaForce, Brianna Buller and Allison
Thomas; center row, from left, Emily Fletcher and Elizabeth
Bolhuis; and, in back, from left, Rachel Sims, Christie Schmitt,
Robert Repke, Kyle Hoyt, and Charles Shugars.
Daryl Butler
Jared Cousineau
Cortney Delaney
Sarah Foulkes
Marissa Green
Jordan Woudstra
William Woudstra
Chelsea M. Staines receives her degree in photography and multimedia at Kellogg Community Colleges May 15
commencement ceremony at Kellogg Arena. AL LASSEN/FOR THE ENQUIRER
A photo finish
S6 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer
4.0 graduates
Alexandra Angelo, daughter of Laura
Krause and Tom Angelo.
Jose Bautista-Alcantar, son of Jose
Bautista and Maria Alcantar, plans to at-
tend the University of Michigan to study
Kyle Beyer, the son of Mona and Lar-
ry Beyer, plans to attend the University
of Michigan to study engineering.
Jacob Bolden, son of Craig Bolden and
Jody Unrue, plans to attend Kellogg
Community College and Grand Valley
State University to study mechanical en-
gineering .
Meghan Butler, daughter of Mary
Butler, She plans to attend Michigan
State University to study communica-
Amy Capinegro, daughter and Tom
and Ann Capinegro, plans to attend West-
ern Michigan University to study athlet-
ic training/sports medicine.
Kaciana Champlin, daughter of Talia
and Randall Champlin, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College and West-
ern Michigan University to study fi-
Madelynn Drikakis, daughter of Amy
and Jim Drikakis, plans to attend Olivet
College to study medicine.
Justin Evankovich, son of Shelley and
John Evankovich, plans to attend Michi-
gan Technical University to study elec-
trical and computer engineering.
Taylor Gailhouse, daughter of Kath
MacMillan and the late Jeffrey Gail-
house, plans to attend Kellogg Communi-
ty College and Western Michigan Uni-
versity to study exercise physiology and
Stephanie George, daughter of Sheila
George and George Cherian, plans to at-
tend Western Michigan University to
study biochemistry.
Jolanua Holmes, daughter of Detra
Hervey, plans to attend Michigan State
University to study medicine.
Alisha Horan, daughter of Marlyee
and Oatrick Horan, plans to attend Mich-
igan State University to study medicine.
Mina Kukuk, daughter of Christine
Kosmowski and Wayne Kukuk, plans to
attend Kellogg Community College to
study geology.
Allison Marsh, daughter of Steven
Marsh and Kristen Glubke, plans to at-
tend Central Michigan University to
study graphic design.
Isaya Miyata, son of Yuri and Takayu-
ki Miyata, plans to attend the University
of Michigan to study civil and environ-
mental engineering.
Milan Morrissette, daughter of Trista
and Jans McIntosh, plans to attend Mich-
igan State University to study market-
Amanda Noakes, daughter of Phil and
Debbie Noakes, plans to attend Wayne
State University to study biology.
Madison Olsen, daughter of Moises
and Stacey Olsen, plans to attend Purdue
University to study biomedical engi-
Kelly Peng, daughter of Shawn and
Andy Peng, plans to attend Scripps Col-
lege to study human biology.
Sumita Strander, daughter of Bindu
Madhok and George Strander, plans to
attend Dartmouth College to study neu-
roscience or chemistry.
Alexandria Welsch, daughter of Julie
and Jay Welsch, plans to attend Grand
Valley State University to study special
Kathleen Wendt, daughter of Liam
and Tim Wendt, plans to attend Purdue
University to study speech and language
Jamyll Adams
Brandon Allman
Kassidi Allred
Abigail Almeida-Arrieta
Ardenia Anderson
Amanda Andrews
Alexandria Armstrong
Zachary Arndt
Anntanique Asberry
Nicholas Ashbay
Briana Ashley
Morgan Ashley
Jasmine Auingan
Arlana Austin-Davis
Alexander Babineau
Kelly Bailey
Hope Baize
Joshua Baker
Madison Banks
Alexis Bartram
Elijah Berrios
Marisa Bettels
Haydin Bishop
Jake Bivens
Daniel Blaskie
Robert Blunier
Tyler Blunier
William Bonnema
Dana Bottom
Alisha Bratcher
Seth Britton
Alexandra Brooks
Chianti Brooks
Allison Brown
Devin Brown
Madison Brown
Jacob Budd
Arlandes Callahan
Michael Campbell
Brittany Carey
Ayrtonn Cariuty
Trevor Carr
Haven Chane
Huiyi Chen
Xiaolin Chen
Dontrel Childress
Ryan Christian
Ma Cia
Rashound Cobb
Sophia Cohen
Taurice Coleman
Mitchell Collyer
Timothy Coloma
Nathan Cook
Brady Cooper
Nicholas Council
Jordan Cowan-Fisher
Arthur Crothers
Maryann Culp
Rilei Damron
Riley Davis
Leah Deboe
Seth Dennis
Marcus DePeal
Anastasia DeSouza
Coleton Dopp
Marcus Dowe
Kendrick Downs
Travon Dufraine
Jasmine Dunfield
Austin Dunlap
Brianna Dunn
Sean Egelston
Erika Einhardt
Hayden Eldred
Evan Eldridge
Dalton Enterline
Donald Ernsberger
Janie Espinosa
Casey Etheridge
Kirstie Etheridge
Jalen Evans
DeJahnique Fields
Vonda Fletcher
Emily Freds
Miranda Frye
Jacob Gallaway
Jacob Gardner
Sara Gay
Jesse Gillum
Lea Godel
Cha-on Gordon
Benjamin Graves
Nena Green
Briana Greene
Garrett Gresly
Rachael Hager
Camden Hames
Julie Haring
Isaiah Harris
Jacob Harvey
Logan Henkel
Nathan Hileman
Jeremy Hinton
James Hlawnceu
Andrew Hoke
Samuel Honkanen
Travor Hrangthawng
Kelsie Hubbart
Chloe Huckaba
Greg Hudson
Guadalupe Hurtado
Olivia Jayakar
Juliano Jean-Jules
Courtney Johnson
Adam Johnston
Curran Kaspari
Ami Kato
Kari Keagle
MacKenzie Keithley
Dylan Kenney
Kiara Kline
Mayuto Kobayashi
Maike Korschow
Sabrina Krum
Hayden Larochelle
Morgan Larson
Olivia Lassen
Ashten Lawson
Benjamin Lemaire
Edgar Leon Torres
Austin Lewis
Xinyi Li
Tess Lile
Uriah Lindsey
Casey Looper
Jacob Love
Hannah Ludwa
Kyla MacCreery
Joya Magee
Jessica Martinovich
Russell Mathiak
Alison May
MiKayla McCaughna
Hollee McGuire
Jensen McPherson
Hunter Melges
Destiny Mendez
Chaz Meredith
Emily Mesecar
Paige Miller
Hunter Moga
Jaspreet Mondair
Anissa Moon
Peter Moore
Taylor Lee Moser
Karmandeep Munder
John Munoz
Cheyenne Murray
Camella Myers
Destiny Nichols
Evan Niedzielski
Stephanie Niemann
Thomas Nunley
Hailey Olson
Marysa Opala
Nicholas Oswalt
Ashley Packer-Brockway
Hayden Palmer
Kelsee Palmer
Sabrina Pancost
Jeanne Parker
Robert Paul
JayShaud Potter
Chelsea Prater
Justice Price
Allisyn Rainwater
Megan Ramon
Megan Randle
Luther Randolph
Nickolas Rastoskey
Kyle Razon
Colin Read
Elijah Reasons
Kaitlyn Reimer
Alison Renkiewicz
Kaleb Richardson
Spencer Riegle
Kayla Ritchie
Jose Rivera
Tyler Roedersheimer
Brianna Root
Austin Roush
Brooke Rowe
Hannah Royal
Joshua Rush
Nicholas Sanford
Tawi Sang
Jesse Schaefer
Madison Schimpf
Alex Schwartz
Austin Secord
Elijah Shelly
Kylee Shepard
Katherine Sherrill
Harnoor Singh
Gregory Skitt
Kevin Smith
Jaryn Snell
Brittany Stanley
Alexandra Steinecke
David Stephens
Jordan Strand
Megan Strole
Donovan Swartz
Rebeca Tani
Danielle Terrell
Blaine Teunessen
Rinda Thanzam
Alyssia Thompson
Joseph Thompson
Tybracia Thompson
Allison Tobey
Anji Tong
Jose Torres Mendoza
Mitchell Truex
Jacob Tuttle
Emily Tuyls
Trevor Underwood
Molly VanVranken
Alejandro Vega
Michael Viano
Treasure Walker
Ying Wang
Kelly Weers
John Wentworth
Kylie Whipple
Tyler Whitman
Mackenzie Wilcox
Tyler Wilkey
Minuet Williams
Terrell Williams
Cameron Williamson
Nautika Wilson
Amber Womack
Morgan Woolfolk
Yue Xu
Suxin Yan
Benjamin Zaborski
Kristen Anderson
Chelsea Chatfield
Jocinda Clark
Jordan Curtis
Annette Deeren
Phillip Everett
Dylan Fill
Kevin Herman
Garrett Hoyt
Ashley King
Angela Klingman
Krystal Maschino
Mercede Miller
Dylan Moore
Marissa Panton
Jessica Pfeifer
Misty Richardson
Steven Ringle
Ravean Risk
Gilberto Saucedo
Anissa Smith
Tres Snellenberger
Kaelin Swain
Bridget Swihart
Thaya Turley
Hollie Walters
Jacob Ward
Top 10
Hannah McGinnis, valedic-
torian, daughter of Lisa Murray
and Michael McGinnis, plans to
attend Kellogg Community Col-
lege to study law enforcement.
Alicia Moser, salutatorian,
daughter of Heather Moser and
Ronald Moser, plans to attend at-
tend Kellogg Community Col-
Ashley Bowen, daughter of
Thomas Bowen and Lori Huerta,
plans to attend Kellogg Commu-
nity College to attend nursing.
Brandi Bailey, daughter of
Stacie Prominski, plans to at-
tend Salon Spa Academy to
study cosmetology.
Stephanie Howes, daughter
of Rob and Karen Howes and Li-
sa and Al Cook, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College.
Zoe Marriott, daughter of Ni-
cole Llewellyn and Jason Mar-
riot, plans to attend Kellogg
Community College.
Zing Par, daughter of Van
Duh Lian, plans to attend Kel-
logg Community College.
Donavon Ricketts, son of
Christianna Offerman and Da-
vid Rickets, has secured a job at
Denso Manufacturing Michi-
Cindy Sanchez is daughter of
Ana Mendez.
Kyria Sherlin, daughter of
William Sherlin and Melissa Da-
vis, plans to attend Canton Com-
munity College in Ohio to study
early childhood development.
Nicholas Ayres
Dakota Barnes
Brooke Burdette
Jack Burdette
Amanda Burke
Mckenzie Buschini
Brandon Etheridge
Lucas Finney
Brittany Getman
Kristal Hart
Maiko Hernandez
Jeffery Jones
Raheem Milliner
Haley Mitchell
Kathy Mosher
Kenny Mosher
Samantha Nunez
Michael Olney
Justin Pelfrey
Ashley Ponds
Jamicquia Priester
McKayla Prude
Joseph Ramos
Michael Reed-Davis
Gabriella Rheynard
Garrett Rice
Brennan Riedel
Mayce Robb
Christian Roberts
Alma Romero
Cindy Sanchez
Van Siang
Andrew Spencer
Tanner Stanley
Darin Stone
William Swims
Denisha Tate
Alexander Thomas
Kelly Valencia
Nickolas Whitesell
DAndre Woodard
Adam Yukic
Evan Yukic
Zing Par Donavon
Taylor Kenyon
Dakota Kimbrough
Rebecca Kiss
Mackenzie Kistner
Hannah Klepper
Samantha Knight
Hannah Korendyke
Erica Kovacic
Matthew Kruse
Anastasia Kupstas
Jake Lamons
Jennifer Landers
Sarah Langejans
Mackenzie Latt
Alexander Lee
Taylor Liggett
Megan Lipovsky
Juliette Lundberg
Daniel Maddix
Corey Mader
Andrew Madison
Benjamin Madison
Jeremiah Mansfield
Lukas Marklin
Laura Marsh
Barthelemy Martinon
Sarah McMullen
Allyson McNees
Sarah Melbow
Bentley Mendez
Larisa Michalek
Andrew Milan
Kemps Miller
Nicholas Miller
Odell Miller
Shane Miller
Wesley Mink
Leia Monk
Briana Morgan
Monte Morrow
Cameryn Murray
Ryan Mutchler
Tristan Nederveld
John Neumann
Caden New
Todd Newberry Jr.
Katelyn Newell
Sydney Nikitas
Morgan Nusbaum
Reagan Oakley
Connor OBrien
Austin Pedersen
Justin Perigo
Noah Perschbacher
Samuel Peters
Samuel Peters
Marie Pinto
Jordan Poth
Andrew Power
Taylor Rau
Grace Reid
Jared Edgerton
James Egan
Abigail Einhardt
Jordan Erickson
Edward Escandon
Sylvia Farmand
Morgan Feltner
Jason Fisher
Emily Flaget
Jenna Flaget
Richard Flaget II
Leah Flagg
Alana Fletcher
Jamie Fleury
Darion Flie
Maria Foley
Rachel Fouts
Clairece Freeland
Kelsie Gammons
David Garner
Denise Garner
Angus Gibbs
James Gibson
Nathanael Giguere
Jonah Glau
Carley Gordon
Walter Graf
Ilse Granados Lerma
Dana Green
Madelyne Greene
Zachary Grusezynski
Mariah Gumper
Haley Haasch
Seth Haase
Colin Hakman
Hannah Hamay
Margaret Harma
Elizabeth Harnden
Kenneth Harnden III
Makenzie Hayes
Nicholas Herbert
Abbie Higley
Kaci Hodge
Catherine Holt
Lorenzo Hooper Jr.
Roxanne Hoorn
Erica Hope
Brooklyn Horn
Susanna Howson
Hunter Huggett
Tuan Huynh
Natalie Jackson
Paige Jackson
Rachel Jennings
Tyler Johnson
Cody Jones
Diamond Jones
Michael Jones
Shelby Kalkowski
Elizabeth Keene
Tyler Kellam
Luis Acevedo
Jeffrey Adamski
Jamez Alexander
Nicole Ambrosio
Joshua Amundson
Thomas Anders
Katie Anderson
Riley Atchu
Julia Avery
Amber Awadi
Spencer Bagi
Ryan Ball
Marissa Banaszak
Kelsey Bauer
Moriah Baxter
Tanya Belous
Alexis Benedict
Tasia Blaesser
Mackenzie Bogema
Bailey Boyd
Tayler Boyd
Tabitha Boze
Colin Brenner
Kaitlyn Briggs
Courtney Brown
Nicole Brown
Samuel Butler
Tori Butler
Dalton Campbell
Ashleigh Carr
Christopher Carter II
Kylee Chaffin
Carter Chamberlain
Rachel Chang
Ashley Charlton
Madison Chase
Emiline Chipman
Aaron Claussen
Anastasia Clemens
Sierra Coay
Patrick Coleman
Leonardo Costa
Chase Courtney
Grace Cox
Maryanne Cox
Thomas Crandell
Michael Crawford
Susanne Crum
Scott Cunningham
Kathleen Curtenius
Sarah Daniels
Caelan Deater
Olivia DeLucia
Felicia Diaz
James Dingman
Shaun Dunyak
Maddison Dyer
Emily Rhodes
Shelby Richmond
Collin Rickey
Madeleine Riegle
Kylee Ringle
Megan Rininger
Kelsey Ritter
Dominick Rock
Erica Root
Mallory Rossen
Taylor Ryder
Rumsha Sajid
Thomas Sandell
Collin Sanders
Morgan Schick
Michaela Schnell
Bailey Schultz
Alexander Scott
Miranda Sebright
Courtney Senkewitz
Alexis Sherman
Samuel Sikkema
Jennifer Slagell
Lucas Slater
Catherine Slucter
Emily Smith
Lyrica Smolenski
Jordan Sosnoski
Ashlyn Spyker
Joseph Stap
Bailey Stark
Charon Stewart
Emily Stewart
Breanne Stiemsma
Andrew Stults
Emily Sulka
Isaiah Sweezie
Kyle Tobias
Ryan Tomer
Clay Turner
Mikhale Tustin
Brittany Tyson
Tyler VanderMolen
Patrick Vantine
Mark Veres Jr.
Mary Volesky
Victoria Warren
Abagael Watson
Jamie Wendel
Ryanna West
Benjamin Whitaker
Sydney White
Brennan Wieber
Rachel Williams
Preston Willis
Sophia Wright
Irissa Wyckoff
Garrett Young
Jenner Zamora
Andrew Zesiger
Battle Creek Enquirer Saturday, June 7, 2014 S7
Valedictorians, salutatorians
Marissa Alvarez DeLos Santos, vale-
dictorian, daughter of Aaron and Mi-
chelle Alvarez DeLos Santos, plans to at-
tend Southern Nazaarene University to
study physical therapy and athletic
Travis Garlock, valedictorian, son of
Gary and Ann Garlock, plans to attend
Western Michigan University to study
Karlee Hancock, valedictorian,
daughter of Tom and Holly Hancock,
plans to attend Kellogg Community Col-
lege to study journalism.
Joshua Knoll, valedictorian, son of
Thomas and Cathleen Hancock, plans to
attend Michigan State University to
study environmental economics and pol-
Janelle Logan, valedictorian, daugh-
ter of John and Julie Logan, plans to at-
tend Michigan State University to study
animal science.
Jeffrey Mann, valedictorian, son of
Douglas and Kathy Mann, plans to attend
the University of Michigan to study bio-
Tabitha Rose, valedictorian, daughter
of Kevin and Cindy Rose, plans to attend
Michigan State University to study food
Danielle Schneider, valedictorian,
daughter of Brian and Tammy Schneid-
er, plans to attend Central Michigan Uni-
versity to study psychology.
Chelsea Tungate, valedictorian,
daughter of Rodney and Carla Tungate,
plans to attend Western Michigan Uni-
versity to study psychology.
Gregory Dangcil, salutatorian, son of
Gregory and Rochelle Dangcil, plans to
attend Western Michigan University to
study engineering.
Krista Davis, salutatorian, daughter
of Lee and Linda Davis, plans to attend
Michigan State University to study me-
chanical engineering.
Jason Mueller, salutatorian, son of
Steve and Laurie Mueller, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College to study en-
Kayla Adams
Jessica Adamson
Sandra Alonzo
Mitchell Artis
Logan Ashley
Ricci Ashley
Ashley Austin
Oksana Balaban
Michael Barea
Jenna Bartow
Austin Bean
Jesse Beaver
Olivia Black
William Bonynge
Elizabeth Bradfield
Page Brady
Schae Brandt
Ariana Brock
Tyler Brodhagen
Haley Burritt
Alisa Burton
Christopher Bush
Jessica Carlsen
Bradley Carr
Ashley Chaney
Sarah Chapman
Elise Christlieb
Alexander Clark
Zachary Conine
Zartan Conine
Margo Coon
Shelby Cosgrove
Andrew Counts
Ashley Crider
Mackenzie Crumpton
Sean Cushman
Nellie Cuyler
Daisy Dale
James Dean
Austin Denton
Whitney Durham
Jesse Echtinaw
Dionna Eggleston
Alexander Eifler
Marissa Elliott
Jennifer Elliston
Christian English
Dominic Favorite
Dayze Fletcher
Kathlynn Fox
Brianna Freeburn
Jordan Freeburn
Landon Frost
Evan Galloway
Mariah Garr
Jasmine Gilbert
Nicole Gilbert
Courtney Gilmore
Julia Goerg
Bricelyn Goins
Brooklyn Goins
Logan Gray
Kip Green
Lauren Grimes
Carmen Gutierrez
Megan Gwathney
Tyler Hagen
Zachary Hagen
Amanda Hainline
David Hall
Alison Hamner
Steven Hanson
Kodi Harkins
Gary Hartman
Kerah Hatton
Tylor Hatton
Nicholas Hazel
Kaitlyn Headley
Anyisa Heider
Branden Hillman
Kaylin Holley
Taylor Holley
Mariah Holmes
Brook Hubbard
Hayden Huge
Austin Hutchings
Trevor Johnson
Cathryn Jones
Kevin Kelley
Brittaney Kinney
Molly Klutts
Catherine Kohanski
Madison Nicole
Logan Kruszka
Whisperr Lafferty
Jerrod Lepper
Brennan Leson
Luke Lightcap
Elijah Lopshire
Andrew Maddox
Fawn March
Brayden Martineau
Scott Maxwell
Raechel McCormick
Caleb McCulloch
Kimberly McKellar
Darby McMillon Jr.
Anthony McNichols
Joshua Michael
Garrett Miller
Hanna Miller
Regan Miner
Logan Misner
Ashley Morris
Vincent Morse
Chelsea Nay
Anthony Neumann
Christopher Newburn
Justin Nichols
Douglas Nunn
Damon Nye
Logan Otis
Austin Ottinger
Jeffery Owens
Erika Patterson
Wayne Paul
Breanne Perrin
Austyn Peters
Ashley Potter
Brennen Pourchez
Thomas Pruitt
Justin Pyle
Heather Rauch
Jesse Raymond
Olivia Reed
Brek Rice
Donald Rink II
Austin Roberts
Earl Roberts
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson
Shevy Rocho
Dominique Roemke
Alyssa Rohr
Kiana Schoonover
Meghan Schulz
Chandler Scott
Benjamin Sellen
Nickolas Sexton
Turner Shaw
Paige Shellenberger
Reba Short
Grace Simpson
Caleb Smith
Dalton Smith
Leann Smith
Tyler Snell
Kelsey Stedman
Wyatt Stephan
Elijah Tanner
Brody Taylor
Zachary Testolin
Alexandria Throop
Cody Thurston
Ashlyn Tkac
Randi Turner
Mackenzie Tutewiler
Madison Vaive
Carlee VanWagner
Corena Vantrease
Michaela VanVleet
Morgan Watkins
Sadie Weller
Joshua WIlkey
Dakota Wilson
Shane Wilson
Shelby Wolverton
Evan Wood
James Wright
Emily Young
Emily Youngblood
Alex Ziegler
Josh Knoll Janelle
Krista Davis Karlee
Top 11
Sarah Ashley, daughter of Kevin Ash-
ley & Shantel Tabiadon, plans to attend
the College for Creative Studies to study
illustration and entertainment arts.
Ethan Cook, son of James and Connie
Cook, plans to attend the U.S. Military
Academy at West Point.
Julie Crone, daughter of Jeffery and
Sharon Crone, plans to attend Olivet Col-
lege to study biology.
Parker Cruz, son of Luis and Michelle
Cruz, plans to attend Eastern Michigan
University to study history.
Zane DeGraw, son of David and Karin
DeGraw, plans to attend Michigan State
University to study chemical engineer-
Hao Yu Guo, daughter of YanLi Cheng
and Wei Feng Guo, plans to attend Grand
Valley State University to study Chinese
and medicine.
Mitchell Konkle, son of Steven and
Sally Konkle, plans to attend Hope or Al-
ma college.
Monica Lubis, daughter of John and
Jodi Lubis, plans to attend the U.S. Air
Force Academy.
Katrina Peterson, daughter of Brad-
ley and Alice Peterson, plans to attend
Brigham Young University to study psy-
chology, music and nutrition.
Kelsey Postema, daughter of Kenneth
and Raymie Postema, plans to attend
Oakland University to study law.
Devin Price, son of Barry and Eva
Price, plans to attend the U.S. Military
Academy at West Point.
Abigail Adams
Ambar Albarran
Arada Anansukseree
Mariah Ayres
Vicki Baker
Richard Balmer
Brice Banfield
William Baranski
Lauren Becker
Angus Bennett
Chelsey Bennett
Benjamin Black
Katlyn Blad
Jade Blair
Molly Blanchard
Tanor Blowers
Megan Bolger
Erica Borsum
Kyle Bosserd
Sergeo Brown
Audrey Brunt
Davonte Burch
Jessica Bush
Austin Busse
Kevin Claucherty
Alisha Coppo
Grace Crawford
Savannah Crittenden
Collin Davis
Lelah Davis
Braidon DeBow
Dillon DeBrabander
AJ DeVos
Samantha Donahue
Jacob Dornton
Johnathan Dorosh
Kate Douglass
Adam Dubbs
Dalton Earl
JaShelle Embry-Womack
Antonio Erasmus
Colleen Ewing
Lauren Feasel
Ashley Flemister
Alexander France
Airi Franklin
Kaitlin Frazier
Kenneth Fry
JaQuai Gamble
Jared Gardner
Jacob Glover
Kyle Goodrich
Lydia Green
Holly Groat
Sigrid Halsen
Chelsea Hancock
Kirk Hautau
Brandon Hawkins
Donovan Hayes
Mie Hedelin
Rikka Helle
Jack Herman
Kelsie Hicks
Jasper Hilger
Olivia Hoffman
Ashley Holbrook
Courtney Hounshell
Quinn Hovarter
Matthew Howard
Nathaniel Hunt
MaKenzie Hurley
Hannah Inman
Schuyler Jeffers
Samantha Jeffery
Cord Jennings
Taylor Jungel
Melanie Kellogg
Ashley Kent
Caleb Kiessling
Inhyuk Kim
Corinna Kimmel
Megan King
Alexander Klingel
Katie Koch
Morgan Koetje
Ella Kramer
Sherah Kurtz
Jie Lai
Rachel Lampert
Brittany Leffew
Molli LeMay
Antonio Lerma
Andrew Libbrecht
Kathryn Lowe
Mackenzi Loyer
Bailey Lutz
Terrance Lyles
Tyler MacFarland
Andrew Maisner
Emily Marshall
Aaron McCoy
Brett McDonald
Tesla Meade
Michael Moore
Chloe Morse
Amber Mulkey
Hector Muniz Haaz
Johanna Murray
Skyler Newman
Shatoria Nicholson
Olivia Olmstead
Tierra Orban
Taylor Oswald
Robert Owens Jr.
William Patterson
Christopher Pratley
Noelle Preston
Jill Puckett
Cameron Ragan
Sydney Reichenbaugh
Andrew Reid
Aurora Reyna
Landry Reynolds
Katie Richards
Emily Ripley
William Ross
Brenden Rudolph
Alexander Ruede-Passul
Madeline Samra
Rachel Sayers
Heather Sell
Matthew Serbantez
Taylor Shippell
Courtney Sims
Lindsey Spottek
Timothy Stillson
Raymond Stone II
Samantha Stone
DeJhannique Straham
Isaac Sturdevant
Aaliyah Tanner
Abigail Taylor
Moria Thelen
Karim Thrash
Augustus Tierney
Mary Townsend
Faith Trescott
Zakary VanArman
Ashton Vandenburg
Alyssa VanderWeg
Wesley VanderWeg
Carly Van Zyl
Chandler Veich
Gregory Wade
Jerome Washington
Joshua Webb
Kyle Weck
Daniel Welke
Noah Wertheimer
Hannah Wheeler
Ian Williams
Mayalin Williams
Taysia Wilson
Nicole Wolf
Benjamin Woods
Laura Wright
Megan Zoss
Ethan Cook Parker Cruz Zane
Julie Crone Hao Yu Guo Katrina
Devin Price
Top 10
Stephanie Gusching, valedictorian,
daughter of Gregory and Suzanne
Gusching, plans to attend the University
of Michigan.
Frederick Hallacy, valedictorian, son
of John and Ellen Hallacy, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College.
Rachel Gallagher, salutatorian,
daughter of John and Ann Gallagher,
plans to attend Michigan State Univer-
Trenton Bartsch, son of DJ and Libby
Bartsch, plans to attend Kellogg Com-
munity College.
Jacob Campbell, son of Susan Camp-
bell, plans to attend Aquinas College.
Ellen Criswell, daughter of Mike and
Anne Criswell, plans to attend the Uni-
versity of Michigan.
Maria Dechant, daughter of Tim and
Kelly Dechant, plans to attend the Uni-
versity of Pittsburgh.
Emily Freybler, daughter of Timothy
and Linda Freybler, plans to attend
Michigan State University.
Joseph Lin, son of Peter Lai Lian and
Betty Siang Par, plans to attend Kellogg
Community College.
Moline Mallamo, daughter of Domin-
ic and Pamela Mallamo, plans to attend
Western Michigan University.
Abriana Burrill
Isaac Cloward
Racheal Cummings
Brent DeBree
Alexander Doyle
Taylor Dressel
Brent Finnila
James Fleming
Gabriel Hanna
Anna Harrington
Jared Heddinger
Sierra Hubbard-Neil
Tyler Hubbard-Neil
Sarah Kewley
Daniel Kuenzel
Samuel Lehouiller
Evanna Liewald
Jack Luoma
John Marsden
Nicholas Newton
Edgar Reyes
Darin Scriber
Jeremy Winkler
Daniel Yates
Joseph Lin Rachel
S8 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer
Andrea Armstrong
Carlton Blair
Ciara Blair
LaQueena Brewer
Joyce Carter-Bouyer
Jennifer Caudill
Tyler Collins
Justin Eagen
Julie Frost
Christina Gilliland
Meggan Leche
Michael Maddux
Annette Mann
Danielle Martinez
Anna Ott
Thomas Paugh Jr.
Brian Peck
Brendan Pheley
Danielle Prater
Aisha Ridley-Melton
Kaisha Simpson
Alan Sprouse
Momo Vincent
Tammy Washington
Megan Hall
Zachary Bassler
Judith Strehlau-Ward
Stephanie Glasgo
Ann Arbor
Delorean Brunt
Catharine Clark
Kyleigh Stevens
Scott Greive
Catherine Jones
Kathy Lichtenberger
Erin Roe
Christina Staley
Battle Creek
Misra Ahmed
Brenna Allen
Erica Allen
Megan Allen
Tiffani Allwardt
Nicole Andritsis
Joanna Arnold
Kayla Arnold
Eric Artis
Karen Ball
Amelia Barber
Chelsey Barnes
Steven Barnes Jr.
Katrina Bartlett
Micheal Bartok
Keith Bartzen
Lacy Batterson
Shayna Bauman
Michael Behrndt
Daniel Bell
Sherrice Benjamin
Carol Bennett
Tiera Bernheisel
Morgan Bey
Nicole Bieskie
Tiffany Blackman
Eric Bowen
James Bradtke
Benjamin Brecht
Jackson Bredehoft
Allison Brenner
Rosetta Brewer
Brent Briegel
Amanda Brininstool
Jeremiah Brown
Samantha Brown
Beverly Buchanan
Nicole Burbank
Debra Burkart
Marcella Burke
Tanna Burtch
Angela Bushouse
Danielle Byrd
Justin Byrd
Heather Carmichael
Jami Carpenter
Shelby Carpenter
Christopher Carr
Thomas Carter
Brittany Case
Christopher Cassleman
Jennifer Cavinder
David Cem
Lindsey Christoff
Kimberly Cichy
Jill Clark
Michael Clark
Heather Cleveland
Chase Clifford
Martin Coffman
Amanda Combs
Stephanie Conners
Megan Covieo
Kristyn Crapo
Carol Crawford
Natalie Crippen
Larsen Cronkright
Kimberli Cross
Leann Crouch
Travis Davidson
Bailey Davis
Melvin Davis
Nathan DeBoer
Erick Delgado
Jeffrey DeShon
Chrystal Dimock
Christi Dowding
Debra Drayton
Max Drenth
Irene DuBois
Michael Durham
Christina Dzingle
Kelsey Eason
Nancy Eastman
Katherine Eberhard
Gloria Edwards
Kristen Edwards
Leah Elliston
Efrim English
Melissa Erskine
Jodi Estelle
Emily Fairbanks
Clara Fields
Ethel Fitzpatrick
Andrew Fleming
Loni Fleming
Jeanne Ford
Jeremy Forsythe
Toni Fox
Tyler Francis
Elizabeth Frederick
Charles Gaddis
Nathan Gambrel
Brandon Gandy
Amanda Genoe
Kayla Gentry
Shauna Gibson
Robert Gillett
Waititu Githagui
Cassie Goins
Joseph Gonzales
Tabitha Gorham
Thomas Graham
Christopher Grathwol
Kynadi Gray
Timeya Gray
Cory Green
Gloria Green
Cherise Greenfield
James Greenfield
Douglas Grigsby
Latisha Grisham
Clayton Haddock
Stacy Haight
Moniquka Hale
Dominique Hall-Taylor
Lolita Hammond
Robin Hampton
Tina Harouna-Maiga
Edward Harris II
Sandra Harrison
Neecie Hart
Polly Hart
Matthew Hartung
Marcelle Heath
Melissa Hecht
Kirstey Henderson
Ronald Henson
Kaylene Hill
Tina Hill
Bianca Hinton
Nita Hinton
Hayley Holbrook
Misty Holladay
Taffy Howard
Kari Hummell
Kyle Infante
Lorraine Ives
Emily Jarrard
Corey Jeffery
Jon Johnson
Quentin Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Rebecca Jones
Tarlochan Kaur
Alexandra Keathley
Ryan Kelly
Cassidy Kerr
Jonathon Kilbourn
Robert Kilbourn
Lexi King
Martin King
Kailee Knickerbocker
Danyell Knight
Kami Kracht
Abigail Kramer
Megan LaBerteaux
Matthew Lake
Darren Landis
Regina Lane
Jordan LaPrairie
S. Allan Lassen Jr.
Bridget Lawrence
Lisa Lemons
Tawni Lenz
Sean Lewis
Chance Loman
Rebecca Lomonaco
Julie Loppnow
Nicole Losey
Thomas Losey
Braulio Losoya
Michelle Lutzke
Nancy Flores Macias
Wendy Maddix
Kristie Madsen
Jonathon Mahmat
Ericka Mahoney
Alyssa Mario
Kelli Marske
Dennis Martinovich
Shameka Mason
Rachael Matuschka
Brigette Mautin
Judy Mawi
Lal Mawi
Tanner McCarn
Kayla McCarthy
Kolin McClendon
Felicia McClenney
Kimberly McFate
Gelyn McIntosh
Letitia McKissic
Erin McLain
Dawn McMillon
Amanda McNees
Richard McNees
Andrew Mesarik
Erica Miller
Robert Miller
Tracy Miller
Ashley Mills
Stephanie Mingle
Tashana Misner
Courtney Mitchell
Brittany Morgan
Erica Munie
Kayla Munn
Lauren Murray
Sadick Mwilima
Holly Nava
Bianca Neal
Lisa Nink
Craig Noaeill
Monique Norton
Jasmine Oldham
Daniel ONeill Jr.
Ryan ONeill
Jessica ORourke
Brianna Owens
Jonathan Page
Mehmet Pamukcu
Patrick Paniccia
Kacee Parker
Bijal Patel
Kelly Penny
Joseph Potter
Adelle Pouliot
Delores Pruitt
Christianne Rapp
George Reed
Michelle Render
Jorge Reyes
Derek Rice
Jack Rich
Maria Rodriguez
Kelli Rombaugh
Kenzi Rombaugh
Susan Rudolph
Denise Ruffin
Kristen Russell
Nicolas Sachjen
Michelle Saltzman
Dayne Sanmiguel
Amanda Saw
Celeste Schmidke
Richard Schwark
Haley Schweigert
Echo Secor
Andre Settler Jr.
Kirk Shack
Kristen Sheets
Laura Sheets
Chelsea Shoemaker
Monica Shores
Jessica Skowron
Kelsi Slann
Tiffany Sloan
Brandon Smith
Hannah Smith
Iesha Smith
Kelly Smith
Kristi Smith
Nathan Smith
Charles Southern
Benjamin Spieldenner
Gary Stephens
Savannah Stuart
Kortney Summers
Tracey Sunkins
Michelle Tanner
Ciria Taylor
Kaitlin Thompson
Jennifer Thuahzathang
Kristy Towery
Anthony Travis
Aaron Tuhacek
Elizabeth Tutewiler
Kelly Valerio
Tara Vandenberg
Grace Vander Weide
Susan Vanderweide
Ryan Vanvleet
Ashley Vaughan
Brittiany Velez
Ronald Vinson
Tamara Wagner
Ashley Waite
Casey Waltz
Melody Warner
Carolyn Washington
Ashlee Watson
Latoya Watson
Dianah Wells-Wilson
Kayla Westbrook
Colleen Wetherill
Daniel White
Amanda Whitfield
Michael Whitlock
James Willbrandt
Johnny Williams
Megan Williams
Joseph Wilson
Sharon Wingard
Kayla Wood
Taylor Woodard
Robyn Wright
Tamara Wright
Kimberly Wynn
Amanda Wyrick
Jena Wyrick
Derek Yoder
Nicholas Yuill
Ashley Berkheiser
Susan Bertz
Ashley Boyd
Tiffany Bramer
Kathryn Brauer
Jason Bushong
Joshua Cordova
Anastasia Griffin
Michelle Harris
William Hartman
Marley Munn
Elizabeth Ogden
Mark Pestun
Tina Pestun
Angela Sanborn
Morgan Wernowsky
Amber Zech
Paul Bodenberg
Kristen Arnett
Jessica Brauker
Valerie Gilbert
Becky Gilroy
Miranda ONeill
Rachel Skaggs
Debra Wheaton
Sandra Arlt
Ryan Leson
Leslie McCracken
Taylor McDowell
Christina Rigel
Colby Votava
Burr Oak
Paulino Hernandez Jr.
Byron Center
Amanda Orlowski
Brenda Creager
Patricia Furney
Tonya Patterson
Dennis Casey III
Brian Greenlee
Elissa Hagadorn
Kylie Hookway
Lawrence Howard
Cathleen Knoll
Alexis Munn
Ellen Paugh
Cory Roberts
Daniel Wilkins
Andrew Winter
Rachel Binns
Amanda Brand
Jason Cole
Brandon Eldridge
Holly Evert
Kevin Fiala
Elise Fullerton
Rebecca Hall
Amie Laudenslager
Kevin Love
Sonja Place
Christina Schlack
Kimberly Sinclair
Amber Stiver
Andrea Kauffman
Cassandra Kauffman
Andrea Mantlo
Debra Smith
Linzi Teusink
Clifton Forge
Gordon Hammond
Nicole Boulter
Michelle Lacy
Jessica Relken
Heather Aker
Lindsay Alexander
Carl Archie
Laura Armstrong
John Arnold
Nancy Barnett
Denys Brecheisen
Maria Cebrero
Kristin Clary
Christopher Cox
Amy Diamond
Patricia Earl
Erin Fischer
Travis Fosdick
Amy Fowler
Jessy Gigowski
Kara Greene
Joshua Gutowski
Christopher Hall
Kathleen Harrington
Paige Hawley
Chelsea Hawver
Desiree Hoff
Chris Kanouse
Lisa Kirk
Brandon Larned
Jamie Lewis
Jesse Locklin
Uriah Marriott
Cherie Mathews
Jonathan Maxson
April McCulley
Anthony Meccia
Andrea Mekas
Amanda Miller
Bradley Mobley
Sara Obenour
Vaishaliben Patel
Selias Pittman
Eric Posler
Aimee Prater
Rebecca Prince
Constance Ramsey
Amy Reade
Angela Gutierrez-Schnell
Denim Schooley
Sara Skutt
Julie Smolen
Brent Somerlott
Jennifer Stockwell
Brooke Stout
Spensor Tanner
Michael Tighe
Barbara Vroman
Amber White
Lyndsay Williams
Amy Stewart-Yaudes
Zachery Carter
De Pere
Dana Sobleskey
James Halliwill Jr.
Lisa Herzog
McKenzie Lester
Daniel McIntyre
Eric Osborne
Kristen Warner-Palmer
Carrie Williams
Cassandra Bartell
Holly Jackobs
Kimberlie Skidmore
East Lansing
Nathaniel Jost
East Leroy
Jennifer Cook
Janis Emery
Theresa Kincaid-Fulker-
Taylor Lewis
Cindy Older
Tony Tudon
Taylor Williams
Eaton Rapids
Tonya Block
Kristi Kunkel
Chanda Massey
Tammy Boyd
Morgan Pitt
John Buell
Alesha Handy
Jennifer Garrett
Sarah Jones
Kaitlyn McNee
Grand Rapids
Jacson Celestin
Melissa Swarts
Grass Lake
Megan Wheeler
Jamey Adams
Anna Banister
Kathleen Belter
Kimberly Bird
Sarah Chaffee
Brianne Courtney
Alexandria De Goa
Lyndsay Devault
Mark French
Katie Hotchkiss
Leslie James
Susan Johnson-Byrd
Michael Kaczmarczyk
Dawn Kerby
Ashley King
Kimberly Kuhlman
Nichole Louden
Robert Lyke
Christa Mathis
Amy McClelland
Courtney Morse
Annette Noel
Katharine Nyenhuis
April Ogrodzinski
Sarah Okamoto
Shawn Olmstead
Tara Pennington
Lyndy Prior
Colin Randall
Sara Scofield
Hannah Scofield
Sara Scofield
Sally Shoptaw
Stephanie Sparks
Mallori Spoelstra
Timothy Taylor
Derek VanDenBurg
Sadie Walsh
Aaron Winegar
Desiree Zoet
Desiree Belote
Darcie Miller
Brian Burke
Eric Chard
Ryan Cupp
Daryl Keifer
Melissa Martin
Jacqueline Payne
Leah Robinson
Anna Skelly
Tiffany Thatcher
Jeannette Hurst
Mahalia Conant
Mary Demoulpied
Ashley Nearpass
Lindsay Robbins
Felicia Showerman
Janice Watson
Amanda Anderson
Kyle Berube
Sadie Blatchley
Paula Brewer
Kiah Campbell
Meredith Cowels
Jennifer Craven
Katie Deckard
Robert DeCoster
Manle Do
Nicole Eaton
Jonathan Ekema
Keri French
Kimberly Harris
Kraigen Hegelmann
Jamie Henson
Erica Johnson
Lila Lamorandier
Adam Lung
Joe Marcotte
Samantha Mayer
Brook Miller
Amy Morales
Marie Osler
Nola Phillips
Frank Reed
Alexandra Reits
Deonda Robertson
Pamela Sackett
Brandon Taylor
Victoria Triemstra
Maria Wiles
Jamie Presley
Michelle Walbeck
Lake Odessa
Kimberly Alderink
Rachael Hyatt
Roni Klein
Hally Villanueva
Clavel Wells
Chelsea Zook
James Cook III
Denise Disbrow
Jacquelynn Fedewa
Allie Ford
Joseph Heine
Abby Mulvaney
Sheena Perkins
Shamerel Valerio
Jeffrey Biggers
Chad Orton
Samantha Elston
Palin Spradlin
Kevin Arquette
Ann Bagi
Olivia Benesh
Brenda Blauvelt
Courtney Brown
Sharon Brown
Chad Burdette
Ashley Dillon
Amber Dingee
Paul Dwyer Jr.
Michelle Dykstra
Maria Fenimore
Michael Fingas
Carrie Ford
Blair Fuerstenberg
Jody Fuller
Carla Gabala
Tiffany Gore
Laura Herman
Gail Hershock
Kelli Hills
Cody Hoehne
Alicia Kornmeyer
Travis Merkel
Stacy Miltenberger
Paul Molina
Brenda Moorehead
Curtis Osborn
Tammy Phillips
Anthony Ramirez
Madeline Schnorr
Brandon Sweet
Megan Walters
Rachel Ward
Jessica Woods
Whitney Nicholson
Nicole Keast
Nathan Maurer
Jennifer Degrow
Jessica Mansfield
Arthur Priest
Jessica Sutton
Courtney Twyman
Matthew Batson
Holly Howe
Lisa Johnson
Sabrina Kuhtic
Dana Madole
Thomas Nozal
Nicole Samson
Don Stratton
Heather Tuffs
Jennifer VanDommelen
Samantha Freel
Grace Boyer
Jessica Hillard
Amy Abbott
Shelby Christopher
Micah Coplin
Christina Curtis
Robert Day
Robert Garrett
Michael Morehouse
Matthew Scramlin
Tyler Tefft
Sarah Homan
Seth Campbell
Lacy Janousek
Victoria Mellino
Kari Obrinske
Ashlie Fullerton
Steven Hoag
Katelyn Harmon
Rebekah Brown
Michelle Fielbrandt
Patricia Hover
Pleasant Lake
Kari Shaver
Melissa Burke
Kathlynn Caffrey
Sari Deters
Mikka D. Dryer
Jessica Harper
Jayne Helton
Alissa Phelps
Jessica Vander Vliet
Jessica Webb
Ashley Newman
Amanda Normington
Jacob Cook
Haley Dangerfield
Brennen Holroyd
Arthur Morrison Jr.
Brittany Randall
Andrea Richmond
Penny Beeman
Roy Rearick
Gary Sims
Seth Hart
Morgan Paul
Warren Rachor
Tresha Strate
Amanda Thompson
Rives Junction
Cherilyn Brown
Vince Van Vleck
See KCC, Page S9
Battle Creek Enquirer Saturday, June 7, 2014 S9
Jenica Blok
Jeremy Burton
Carie Cook
Sara Cowgill
Brittany Clippinger
Taylor Vanschoick
Heather Zemitans
Hazel Devries
Jessica Meyer
Katie Wetzel
Jeannie Cronkhite
Naomi Dingman
Spring Arbor
Matthew Chamberlain
Dennis Collier
Richard Corron
Jessica Hawkins
Linda Helton
Dylan Konway
Thomas Kubasiak
Kaylee Kuczka
Nang Lahpai
Todd Losure
Megan Overley
Lyndsay Smith
Zackery Smith
Henry Honaker Jr.
Nichole James
Sadie Lundy
Kimberly Olcheske
Andrew Reule
Shoni Sharp
Theresa Solis
Tina Tollefson
Sonja Crisp
Jonathan Johnson
Samantha Kevwitch
Nicole Klingaman
Crystal Laskey
Three Rivers
Elizabeth Fairbanks
Derek Guthrie
Union City
Bobbiejo Briggs
Samantha Brock
Jessica Campbell
Laney Draper
Jordan Green
Adam Hollingsworth
Ashley Kilyanek
Tara Mack
Carla Perry
Timothy Powell
Stephanie Priest
Luke Renshaw
Jacob Stickney
Cameron Woodard
Amanda Theisen
Marisa Collins
Vanessa Hoekstra
Mindy Lux
Nicholas Tultz
Troy Bishop
Kenney Hirons
Samantha Howe
Lindsey Baker
Brittany Denker
Manda Lafler
Daniel Thomas
Continued from Page S8
Thelma Brown
Tylan Bryant
Hannah Correa
Stephanie Flores-Padilla
Sondia Hayes
Zion Hollis
Autumn Kerber
Daniel Lucas III
Terrence Lytle
Riley Peterson
Austin Ramirez
Malik Taylor
Coltin Tuttle
Tierra Upton
Elmarko Williams Jr.
Farrah Williams
Deshina Wilson
John Damon
Hannah Day
Kianna Dean
Taylor Dennis
Jaden DeOliveira
Kyley DeOliveira
Samuel Dlugoss
Dustin Dodson
Austin Douglas
Bradley Duck Jr.
Alexis Duncan
Andrew Eddy
Taylor Elwell
Samantha Ely
Taylor England
Ethan Everett
Timothy Ferris
Cody Fleming
John Freelove
Kristi Frommert
Robert Furman
Destanee Gardiner
Stephen Garland
Zachery Geno
Kaitlynn Gibson
Briana Gilliard
Carolyn Goldman
Jake Grimes
Alia Hack
Meghan Hagenbuch
David Haviland
Schuyler Henderson
Christian Hoban
Ashley Hoenes
Dustin Howard
Andre Howlett Jr.
Top 10
Naomi Joseph, valedic-
torian, daughter of Joseph
George and Dolly Joseph,
plans to attend the University
of Pittsburgh to study chem-
ical engineering.
Dryden Lachance, vale-
dictorian, son of Laurie and
Roch Lachance, plans to at-
tend the University of Chicago to study biochemistry
or bioinformatics.
Logan Mirmozaffari, valedictorian, son of David
and Nikki Mirmozaffari, plans to attend the University
of Michigan to study chemical engineering.
Shelby Miller, salutatorian, daughter of Kraig and
Kim Miller, plans to attend Central Michigan Univer-
sity to study business.
Makayla Bennett, daughter of Dan and Michelle Lat-
ta, plans to attend Kellogg Community College and
Western Michigan University to study special educa-
Kylee Eckman, daughter
of Jeff and Tori Eckman,
plans to attend Kellogg Com-
munity College and Michi-
gan State University to study
Spencer Hunt, son of Den-
nis and LaVon Hunt, plans to
attend Western Michigan
University to study chemical
Nicole Koenigsknecht, daughter of Nick and Rita
Koenigsknecht, plans to attend Michigan State Univer-
sity to study German and international studies.
Kaitlynn Perry, daughter of Karen Fay and Jim Per-
ry, plans to attend Columbia International University
and study intercultural studies.
Benjamin Stephens, son of Sandra Miller and Gary
Stephens, plans to attend Michigan State University to
study chemical engineering.
Christopher Acton
Carlee Allred
Armani Anderson
Joseph Antes
Nathan Antes
Wayne Arnold
Amanda Bailey
Cody Baker
Tyson Banker
Jacob Bell
Meghan Bishop
Kelsey Bloomfield
Bryce Bohrmann
Riley Boles
Audrianna Bornamann
Aaron Brown
Autumn Brown
Zechary Browning
Nicholas Burnett
Lauren Butters
Toni Calhoun
Garrett Case
Kaleb Champlin
Carly Chapin
Mariah Childress
Michaela Cipcic
Connor Clark
Jonathan Clements
Joshua Collige II
Jesse Coppess
Nathaniel Cornell
Jeremiah Cowham
Tyler Cox
Carl Crosslan
Tyler Cushman
Hailey Johnson
Stormy Johnson
Alexis Jones
Karena Karns
Tyler Kipp
April Kragt
Jacob Lahr
Meghan Ledbetter
Hannah Lenz
Derek Lipps
Tracy Lively
Sonny Marry
Daniel Martinez
Rebecca McIlroy
Kathleen McNees
Jamie Miller
Emily Morales
Tayler Morey
Candis Mosteller
Avery Naas
Lacey Newberry
Carol Osenbaugh
Jay Patton
Kyle Paulus
Kierstin Phelps
Caleb Pizarro
Spencer Prater
Alexis Pratt
Dixie Purcell
Maria Quispe
Charissa Ray
Madison Rench
Kyle Rivera
Heather Roadcap
Sarah Roller
Jason Sears
Baylee Shelton
Cody Shepard
Brandon Shepherd
Brittany Shepherd
Lindsey Shive
Rachael Shulters
Bryce Sidnam
Neil Simmons
Camila Smith
Crystal Smith
Josie Smith
Anthony Staib
Allison Stark
Daprice Straham
Amber Summerhill
Rebekah Taylor
Zachary Taylor
Evan Thomas
Caleb Tindol
Eston Tolf
Kira Tyler
Skylar VanArman
Phillip VanOrder
Brandon VanVleet
Nikki Vasquez
Austin Walker
Shailyn Walker
Austin Wassenaar
Seth Wesley
Danielle Whitehead
Zackary Wilber
Taylor Wilcox
Trevor Wilkey
Fall Classes
Begin August 28th
Fall Open House
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S10 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer
Lakeview High School Class of 2014
4.0 Students & Infuential Educators
Alexandra Angelo is the daughter of
Laura Krause and Tom Angelo.
Jose Bautista-Alcantar is the son of Jose
Bautista and Maria Alcantar. He plans to
attend the University of Michigan College
of Engineering. His mentor teacher is Mr.
Lonnie Goodman, Lakeview High School.
Justin Evankovich is the son of Shelley
Evankovich and John Evankovich. He plans
to study electrical and computer engineering
at Michigan Technical University. His mentor
teacher is Mr. Charlie Payson, Battle Creek
Area Mathematics and Science Center.
Taylor Gailhouse is the daughter of Kath
MacMillan and the late Jefrey Gailhouse. She
plans to study exercise physiology and nutrition
at Kellogg Community College and Western
Michigan University. Her mentor teacher is
Mr. Mark Gibbs, Lakeview High School.
Stephanie George is the daughter of Sheila
George and George Cherian. She plans
to study biochemistry at Western Michigan
University. Her mentor teacher is Mrs. Jill
Corstange, Lakeview Middle School.
Jolanua Holmes is the daughter of Detra
Hervey. She plans to attend Michigan State
University to study pre-medicine. Her mentor is
Heather Albee, Lakeview High School.
Alisha Horan is the daughter of Marlyee
and Oatrick Horan. She plans to attend
Michigan State University and study pre-
medicine. Her mentor teacher is Mr. Jake
Zimmerman, Lakeview High School.
Mina Kukuk is the daughter of Christine
Kosmowski and Wayne Kukuk. She plans
to begin her study of geology at Kellogg
Community College. Her mentor teacher is
Mr. Brian Massey, Lakeview High School.
Allison Marsh is the daughter of Steven
Marsh and Kristen Glubke. She plans to
attend Central Michigan University to study
graphic design. Her mentor teacher is Mr.
Ken Gordon, Lakeview High School.
Isaya Miyata is the son of Yuri and
Takayuki Miyata. He plans to study civil and
environmental engineering at the University
of Michigan. His mentor teacher is Mr. John
Burdette, Lakeview High School.
Milan Morrissette is the daughter of Trista
and Jans McIntosh. She plans to attend
Michigan State University to study marketing.
Her mentor teacher is Mrs. Myra Bost.
Amanda Noakes is the daughter of Phil
and Debbie Noakes. She plans to attend
Wayne State University to study biology.
Her mentor teacher is Mr. Tony Evans,
Lakeview High School.
Madison Olsen is the daughter of Moises
and Stacey Olsen. She plans to study
biomedical engineering at Purdue University.
Her mentor teacher is Mr. Ciaran Byrne,
Lakeview High School.
Kelly Peng is the daughter of Shawn and
Andy Peng. She plans to study human
biology at Scripps College. Her mentor
teacher is Mrs. Becky Pryor, Lakeview High
Sumita Strander is the daughter of Bindu
Madhok and George Strander. She plans
to attend Dartmouth College to study
neuroscience or chemistry. Her mentor
teacher is Mr. Walter Erhardt, Battle Creek
Area Mathematics and Science Center.
Alexandria Welsch is the daughter of Julie
and Jay Welsch. She plans to attend Grand
Valley State University to study special
education. Her mentor teacher is Mrs. Jodi
Darland, Lakeview High School.
Kathleen Wendt is the daughter of Liam
and Tim Wendt. She plans to attend Purdue
University to study speech and language
pathology. Her mentor teacher is Mrs. Kelly
Kerschbaum, Lakeview High School.
Meghan Butler is the daughter of Mary
Butler. She plans to study communications
at Michigan State University. Her mentor
teacher is Mr. Charlie Payson, Battle Creek
Area Mathematics and Science Center.
Amy Capinegro is the daughter of Tom
and Ann Capinegro. She plans to study
athletic training/sports medicine at Western
Michigan University. Her mentor teacher is
Mr. Don Bussler, Lakeview High School.
Kaciana Champlin is the daughter of Talia
and Randall Champlin. She plans to pursue
a degree in fnance at Kellogg Community
College and Western Michigan University.
Her mentor teacher is Mr. Ciaran Byrne,
Lakeview High School.
Madelynn Drikakis is the daughter of Amy
and Jim Drikakis. She plans to attend Olivet
College to study pre-medicine. Her mentor
teacher is Mrs. Heather Sawyer, Lakeview
High School.
Jacob Bolden is the son of Craig
Bolden and Jody Unrue. He plans to
study mechanical engineering at Kellogg
Community College and Grand Valley State
University. His mentor teacher is Mr. Jason
OConnor, Lakeview High School.
Kyle Beyer is the son of Mona and Larry
Beyer. He plans to attend the University of
Michigan College of Engineering. His mentor
teacher is Mr. Walter Erhardt, Battle Creek
Area Mathematics and Science Center.
Battle Creek Enquirer Saturday, June 7, 2014 S11
Academic honor students
Curtis Arnold, son of Michelle and
Dan Arnold, plans to attend Kellogg
Community College to study journalism.
Alicia Blevins, daughter of Charles
Blevins, plans to attend Olivet College to
study biology.
Ethan Bloch, son of Ed and Vickie
Bloch, plans to attend Kellogg Communi-
ty College to study education.
Raquel Brumit, daughter of Susan
and Mark Brumit, plans to attend Olivet
College and Michigan State University
to study veterinary medicine.
Marissa Burns, daughter of Gary and
JoAnn Burns, hopes to become a mis-
Griffith Cook-Kirsch, son of Richard
and Celeste Cook-Kirsch, plans to attend
Central Michigan University to study
Kaylee Graves, daughter of Michael
and Stacy Downer, plans to attend Kel-
logg Community College and the Uni-
versity of Michigan to study physical
Casey Hart, daughter of Yvonne
Murphy and Matt Hart, plans to attend
Kellogg Community College and Cor-
nerstone University to study educa-
Janelle Kuiper, daughter of Kent
and Margaret Kuiper, plans to attend
Ivy Tech Community College of Indi-
ana to study medicine.
Ashley Ladd, daughter of Roger and
Deanna Ladd, plans to attend Ferris
State University to study special educa-
Chase Maxson, son of Matthew Max-
son and Michele Sisco, plans to attend
Baker College to become a paramedic.
Cheyenne Morris, daughter of Pat-
rick and Theresa Morris, plans to at-
tend Western Michigan University to
study aviation flight science.
Anna Passino, daughter of Matthew
Passino, plans to attend the Art Insti-
tute of Indianapolis to study media arts
and animation.
Steven Reynolds is the son of Tara
Potter and Chad and Mollie Reynolds.
Emily Rice, daughter of Robert
Rice, plans to attend Kellogg Communi-
ty College to study nursing.
Autumn Wesner, daughter of Melis-
sa Walker and Rob and Michelle Wesn-
er, plans to attend Grand Valley State
University to study medicine.
Caleb Angus
Isaac Bell
Wheaton Bender
Bryce Dolph
Jessica Haynes
Megan Jaquette
Andrew Kerr
Randi Kurtzman
Cole Madry
Katherine Marble
Alexander Martens
Cody Metzger
Gino Espinel
Alliceea Moreno
Chad Pieknik
Cody Rauschenberger
Gerald Roberson II
Joseph Robinson
Dillon Rose
Brennon Russell
Jenna Shannon
Devin Triestram
Taylor Wagner
Samantha Wallace
Dawn Zeeryp
Ethan Bloch Raquel
Ashley Ladd
Casey Hart
Emily Rice Autumn
Cecilia Benefattori
Shu-Ting Chan
Misty Cram
Damian Feldbauer
Jacob Fenner
Karina Galvan
Edgar Guajardo
Paige Jaskolski
Angelica Kydd
Cody Macklin (not pictured)
Hannah Martin
Marissa Nelson
Isaiah Osborne
Kaddy Rockol
YeEun Shin
Lisa Trejo
Aaron Valdez
Janine Wiesheu
Lily Wisniewski
Sonbol Azarbahram
Tamra Bagwell
Angela Balowski
Paul Baranowski
Lauren Berry
Tara Bigelow
Christopher Bitgood
Saddi Burns
Danny Cavinder
Charles Celli
Susan Clark
Lindsey Cook
Troy Cook
Tammy Cramer
Erin Creed
Glen Crum
Nicole Dejune
Meagan Depew
Christena George
Nichole Greene
Carli Hammond
Michelle Hampton
Kristin Hankinson
Erica Hayden
Susan Hecht
Dora Hiramatsu
Rachel Hoard
Nathan Hoffman
Shannon Holt
Amanda Hoyt
Jason Johnson
Kristine Johnson
Janet Katz
Kevin Laubenthal
Lisa Livingston
Nina Mathews
Iris McKinley
Darin McGinn
Tracy McMillen
Dale Moon
Courtney Nighbert
Holly OBrien
Eric Otis
Michael Patzkowsky
Chrystal Porter-Rogers
John Poudrier
Kenneth Quick
Lindsey Rigel
Debra Robidoux
Maria Rocco
Kelsey Sinclair
Lori Shive
Michelle Shoup
Mahogany Smith
Michael Sparks
Julie Spyker
Heather Stahlhood
Sharon Stevens
Amber Suedmeyer
Brittany Swift
Donald Tate
Tyler Tefft
Jena Thorp
Jaclyn Wallen
Han Wang
Adrianna Wilbur
Daniel Wilkins
Patrick Withrow
Justin Young
Valedictorian, salutatorian
Raegen Frederick, valedictorian,
daughter of Angela Elkins and Kevin
Frederick, plans to attend Ferris State
University to study nursing.
Kasandra Bitz, salutatorian, daughter
of Linda and Anthony Bitz, plans to at-
tend Grand Valley State University to
study veterinary sciences and business
and culinary arts.
Selena Anderson
Gabriel Banghart
Cheyenne Blaine
Claire Bourdeaux
Justin Evans
Gregory Fouty
Clayton Gretzner
Caitlyn Hagenbarth
Senior Scholars
Kelsey Bean, daughter of Tom and
Sherry Bean, plans to attend Case West-
ern Reserve University to study bio-
medical engineering.
Alyssa Bracy, daughter of Doug and
Deb Bracy, plans to attend Loyola Uni-
versity and study abroad.
Anna Brockway, daughter of Timothy
and Penny Brockway, plans to attend
Western Michigan University to study
human resources.
Andrea Ferrin, daughter of Eva Bar-
row and Mark Ferrin, plans to attend
the University of Michigan to study
Dalton Hard, son of Mike and Rachel
Hard, plans to attend Michigan State
University to study agri-business man-
Riley Horn, son of Derek and Loretta
Horn, plans to attend the University of
Michigans to study kinesiology.
Kristina Moore, daughter of Brad
and Michelle Moore, plans to attend col-
lege to study film directing.
Abbygayle Parshall, daughter of
Jeffrey and Sharon Parshall, plans to
attend Hope College to study biology.
Bobbie Avra
Scott Avra
Hunter Beebe
Brittany Bird
Marike Bornholdt
Zackary Bowerman
Michelle Brewer
Tristan Broad
Edgar Castro
Jordan Cekander
Cody Connin
Dallas Connin
Kori Contreras
Hunter Cook
Justice Corwin
Abigail Cottman
Kyle Cox
Aaron Cutler
Jacob Cutler
Gwendolyn Davis
Taylor DeKlein
Ashley DeNudt
Courtney Dules
Dason Eyre
Geoffrey Fields
Zale Fillmore
Michael Foehr
Cody Gollnick
Lorin Hammond
Erin Hard
Hunter Harpster
Austin Hawes
Tristin Haylett
Justin Helgoth
Ryan Henning
Logan Herman
Brett Hinkle-Singer
Nina Hunkeler
Skyler Jones
Allyssah Justice
Solvilla Kauffman
Logan Kestner
Jason Kiesel
Ashton King
James King
Kevin Kirt
Bailey Knaack
Jordan Kotwicki
Kyler Landis
Morgan Lentz
Taylor Longardner
Caleb Lopez
Rose Lothamer
Alexis Luckadoo
Bobbie Luckadoo
Demetria Meyer
Justin Morris
Bryan Morrow
Macy Muncy
Melissa Myers
Kiersten Null-Tobalske
Michael ODell
Ashley Olney
Collin Palmer
Ethan Paul
Michael Peterson
Jolene Phelps
Benjamin Phlipot
Morgan Pish
Garrett Purcell
Allen Rogers
Connor Rzepka
Ian Sherman
Gavin Shiery
Quintin Shilling
Carter Silva
Zachariah Slack
McKayla Smith
Mitchell Smith
Benjamin Stayner
Dokota Stempien
Gabriella Stevens
Silas Stevens
James Strock
Kalie Swift
Michael Tesch
Logan Timmons-Miller
Joseph Vavro
Erin Washburn
Dustin Waterbury
Riley Waterbury
Danielle Wheeler
Makaila Wilson
Hunter Winger
Luke Wiser
Kelsey Bean Alyssa
Riley Horn Kristina
Dalton Hard Abbygayle
Top 10
Alex White, valedictorian, son of Jim
and Janis White, plans to attend Kalama-
zoo College to study economics or fi-
BreAnna Bates, salutatorian, daugh-
ter of Bern and Karen Bates, plans to at-
tend Grand Valley State University to
study accounting.
Amanda Reagle, daughter of Greg
and Leslie Reagle, plans to attend Hills-
dale College to study business.
Alexis Johnson, daughter of Tonya
Johnson, plans to attend Trine Univer-
sity to study physical therapy.
Danielle Farmer, daughter of Marci
and Gary Farmer, plans to attend Jack-
son College to study sonography.
Kristin Nelson, daughter of Alan and
Suzanne Nelson, plans to attend Central
Michigan University to study dietetics.
Chris Marvil, son of Tim and Meg
Marvil, plans to attend Central Michi-
gan University to study Spanish.
Katie Rosebrugh, daughter of Cathy
Jackson, plans to attend Northern
Michigan University to study business
and education.
Tyler Ridgeway, son of Rob and Lisa
Ridgeway, plans to attend Central
Michigan University to study account-
Sydney Riddick, daughter of Kevin
and Nancy Brown, plans to attend Kala-
mazoo College into study psychology
and studio art.
Anthony Ball
Austin Boyd
Kelsey Butler
Matthew Butler
Taylor Case
Trenton Conley
Thomas Cuatt
Joshua Davis
Jaimie Dibble
Aluera Dobbertin
Amber Everts
William Gamble
Tyler Gay
Dakota Glassburn
Mackenzie Green
Ashley Guerrero
Taylor Hackworth
Matthew Hagerman
Kayla Hamilton
Cody Heath
Chaz Hopkins
Alissa Howard
Allina Hurst
Cheyenne Johnson
Robert Johnson
Alexander Keifer
Kelsey Konkol
Thomas Marvil
Abigail Moore
Meranda Moore
Tyler Mosher
Emmalee Owens
Kayla Owens
Kasy Perkins
Evan Pollman
Bradley Porter
Ryan Rafferty
Lilymae Ratliff
Mallory Ray
Summer Reese
Jonathan Ressler
Dylan Thomas
Gavin Towery
Kyle Trout
Kendra Updyke
Jonathon VanMeter
Brody Vincent
Shannon Wagner
Mariah Warner
Molly Warner
Jared Warsop
Kyle Winchell
Duo Xu
Darrin Zuck
Brandon Ritchie
Brooke Robinson
Preston Russell
Ava Sever
Justin Sharp
Gabriella Stepp
Caitlin Sylvester
Alex White BreAnna
S12 Saturday, June 7, 2014 Battle Creek Enquirer

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