Chapter 2

An intense heat burned through the centre of her back as she stumbled more into unconsciousness. Now beyond a comatose sleep, Bella was aware of only one thing, the excruciating, inconceivable pain that now tore through her entire body. What had once started as a mild flame now felt like a blazing fire which had engulfed and trapped her. However as soon as the pain had become unbearable it had seized abruptly and had begun to fade away. Even though the burning anguish had now left her she could still feel its tormenting presence. A cool breeze washed over her stinging body. For Bella it was a welcomed change. At first the difference between the two sensations startled her. The breeze felt like a refreshing waterfall consuming her whole body. The pain seemed to wash away with the soft touch of the wind, as if like two forces working against each other. Her mind finally started to work once more. With the smouldering anguish now lost to the gentle wind that carefully caressed her skin, she summoned the strength to open her eyes. Blinking several times, it took her a while to adjust to the bright light. Moving hesitantly, she cautiously stood up. “What the...” she managed before being silenced. Looking around she was startled by the preciseness of everything, nothing lacked detail. Each curve in the pebbles stood out, the sky was no longer a plain sheet of blue but a canvas of tiny blue dots. As each wave crashed she could hear the loud roar of the water that she had never heard before. Glancing down at her feet she noticed the grainy sand. Once deemed soft and golden, Bella now could see how far off she had been. The sand was more of beige/brown, not yellow enough for gold and certainly not smooth enough to be soft. Returning to the entire scene, she absorbed all the new information in, as if she had never experienced the world before. “You’re alive.” Startled by the voice, Bella froze. “What have you done?” Bella asked. “Nothing. I thought I had killed you, I certainly didn’t mean for this” Victoria rejoined, her speech showing her seriousness. “This?”

“Why, you’re a vampire now. Like me” Victoria happily informed her, emphasising on the latter part. “No!” “No?” “I am not like you!” Bella yelled, placing her hand against her temple in an attempt of controlling her sudden dizziness. A smile replaced the blank expression that had covered Victoria’s face. Allowing her eyes to turn to a deadly shade of black, the redhead sprang at her, forcefully knocking into Bella. Slamming into the rough pebbles she had previously admired, Bella was surprised when she felt nothing. Rising, she watched Victoria’s grin falter. “I’m not fragile anymore Victoria. In fact I’d say I’m stronger than you” Bella announced, her voice malicious. A brief flicker of fear raced through Victoria’s eyes before being quickly hidden. However before Vitoria could answer there was another voice. “Bella?” said the figure running towards them. Immensely tall, well built and tanned, Jacob moved speedily, a fierce expression replacing his natural softness. Reaching them he only then realised what had happened. “Bella... you’re a...” “Vampire” she finished. “Why? How?” “Victoria” she answered, only then noticing that the redheaded vampire was no longer present. “Victoria!?” he questioned, his speech and eyes becoming engulfed in rage. “She did this? That little –“he said before being cut off by the piercing look she was giving him. Abruptly Jacob’s attitude changed. He became conflicted. Nearing him, Bella asked, “Jacob?” “Stay away from me” he said through gritted teeth as he slowly backed away. “Jacob?”

Shaking, the werewolf refused to speak any further or look at her. “Jacob?” “SHUT UP!” he yelled, his body heaving as he lost control. Shocked by his reaction, Bella immediately took to a defensive stance, something that she had never done before. “Look at you” he spat. Still in a defensive crouch, she gradually rose. “What?” “You’re like them. Hell you are one of them!” “But...” “You’re a bloodsucker, a leech, you make my skin crawl.” Staring at him, she understood what he was getting at. Picking herself up she questioned, “You hate me?” “Yes.... No... I can’t help it.” “But why? I haven’t done anything wrong.” “Yet” he corrected. “Jacob listen to yourself! I have done nothing wrong. So I’m a vampire your point is? I’m still the same Bella you once knew. I’m still that girl, the girl you love.” Advancing towards her, he radiated a threatening power. “The girl I love is dead. DEAD! You are a vampire. You are a killer! You’re a selfish creature and I hate you! Everything about you.... Your evil.” Stunned by what he had said, Bella was most pained by his final words. “If I’m evil then kill me.” Glaring at her, he walked away. “Kill me!” she ordered. With little time to react, Bella moved just in time before Jacob hit the empty air where she had once stood.

“If you want death so bad go to the volturi.” “Why won’t you kill me?” “I think you should leave Bella.” “Why?” “I’ll tell everyone you were killed, I’ll make sure it’s believable.” “Why won’t you kill me?!” she repeated. Slamming her into the water, Jacob released his anger. As she stood amongst the waves she heard his retreating figure say, “I love you.”

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