describing a line. The marks at first appear asymmetrical. More binding confines the issue. A gouge. A cut.

Gold tooling on leather. I find, collect. The smell of lavender. With your hands on your face. Mislukte. Describe.

Fig. 4

In the sitters gaze uncertainty is central to the image.

Uncertainty in the gaze is the sitter central to the image. Central to the gaze is the uncertain image. To the image is the sitter. Gaze. Central to the image.

A man is reading a newspaper. The marks at first appear asymmetrical comma clean and activated quickly to agitate the cut

Fig. 5

The eyes. The same eyes. The same eyes see. Do the

same eyes. See the image in the same way. Central to the image. In the same way do the same eyes. See the same eyes central to the image.


My body is only. At any time it I am a picture. strange it disturbs the [invert comma] transgression which my body is to writing in parenthesis normal and motion always am and i go i go out, (unspecified location) disturbs it to go out it flows oblique out from the moment it is to prevent a device, it is beautiful and the moment when there is at once freedom which is only pause to identify, comma, it is and [iss hyphen error] not well acquainted


Partial discolouration on the lower left side. Deep set, hollow eyes. Posture is relaxed. There is uncertainty in the gaze. Composition misaligned. A single protruding arm. The texture of words lack surface and context

Turn russet

Turn fire in blood

scorch and line with silver

spinning thread in quick rotation


The figure is located to the left of the image. The knees are placed together. The hand is placed in the lap. Your gaze does not meet my gaze.

Fig. 6

Central to the image


Blood red stoops. from gaping mouths of o doors. Cardinal RED. My oma on the back step. An inherent errant errand. pen the




A RANT. Trespass is a pulse is a heart beat is a.

We perch on buckets shelling / peas

Mot is a word.


He is in her. (31)5