Mr Neil Kerslake XXXXXXXXXXX Barry Vale of Glamorgan CF62 XXX

12 May 2009

Dear Mr Kerslake Thank you for your correspondence dated 22nd April 2009 addressed to Mr Geoff Hoon. Your correspondence has been passed to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ('DVLA') and I have been asked to reply. The content of the 'Notice' you provided has been noted. However, I should point out a number of points regarding the licensing of drivers and the registration and taxation of vehicles. The Road Traffic Act 1988 requires all drivers to hold a driving licence which is valid and appropriate for the class or category of vehicle in order to drive legally on UK roads. Those holding valid driving licences issued outside Great Britain may be permitted to drive here depending on the circumstances. In addition, the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 requires vehicles to be taxed unless they are properly declared as being used or kept off-road ('a Statutory Off Road Notification'). The tax disc must be properly displayed on the vehicle and the vehicle must be properly registered with the DVLA. Therefore, I am afraid that it will not be possible for you to remove the registration mark from the vehicle without first notifying DVLA. Also, small vehicles over three years old must have a valid MoT certificate and the driver must have valid motor insurance. The Notice you supplied, if it has any effect, does not provide for any exception or exemption from these requirements or any other requirements with regards the licensing of drivers and the registration and taxing of vehicles. If you are stopped by the Police and found to be in breach of the

law regarding your driving licence and/or vehicle then they will have no option but to report you for the offence. Similarly, if DVLA receive any notification of such a breach then we will have no option but to take the necessary actions to enforce the law. Further information on how to ensure that you may drive legally in on UK roads and on obtaining the necessary documents to do so can be found at Yours sincerely

Ian Aubrey Policy and External Communications Directorate Casework and Specialist Advice

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