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We are teaching our kids boring things every day. Teachers always ask students the same questions such as "What's your name?" or "What are you doing"," just as they did decades ago. But kids are smarter than we think. They read more books and have more opportunities to travel abroad and meet Englishspeaking people, and they are able to think about things that happen around the world. Teachers should be ready to give our children many speaking opportunities in the classroom, and talk about more interesting, meaningful topics. This would lead to giving our kids more effective communication skills, including how to listen, how to think, and how to respond. To achieve these objectives, some teachers may need more aggressive preparation, but they can get much help from this series of English conversation books. In your next English class, why don't you ask, "What do you think?" instead of just "What's your



New Cl\il4ren'slaH( (1)
C(@\ntents i'
P@lrt I Picture I>escri~+ion
Lesson 1 What Is This and What Is It For? 12
Lesson 2 What's the Difference? 16
Lesson 3 Which Do You Like Better? Why? 22
Lesson 4 What Do These Signs Mean? 26
Lesson 5 What Do You Say? 28
Lesson 6 When Do You Say This? 32
Lesson 7 What Did You Do Yesterday? 36
Lesson 8 Who Are They? What Do They Do? 40
Lesson 9 What Do You Think He Should Do First? 44
Lesson 10 What Should He Do? 48
I Parl2 Questions 6( Answers
Lesson 11 "Who?" Questions 54
Lesson 12 "When?" Questions 60
Lesson l S "WhereT Questions 64
Lesson 14 "What T Questions 68
Lesson 15 "How?" Questions 72
Lesson 16 "Why?" Questions 76 P&lrt ~\ Let's Practice Making Questions

Lesson 17 Make a Question Starting with "What" 82
Lesson 18 Make a Question Starting with "When" 88
Lesson 19 Make a Question Starting with "How" 92
Lesson 20 Make a Question Starting with "Where" 96
Lesson 21 Make a Question Starting with "Why" 100
Lesson 22 Ask Him 104 Lesson 23 Santa Claus Lesson 24 I Am Sick Lesson 25 My Birthday

114 116 118

Lesson 26 My Parents Love My Younger Sister More 120

Lesson 27 If You Leave Me Alone ...




I, 1:6)® i r-IC'LUre

I © I ®

ew Chi dren's 1 a(

Lenon 1 Lenon 2- Lenon '3 Less» n IILess» n 5 Lenon 6 Lenon .., Lesson 8 Lenon 9 Lenon 10

W~at Ir1hi$ and W~at 1$lt For? W~at'$ the I>ifference?

Which 1>0 You Like Better? Why? Wh~t Do 1he$e Sign$ Mean? What 1>0 You Say?

When 1>0 You Say 1hif?

What I>id You 1>0 Yefterday?

Who Are 1hey? What 1>0 1hey I>o? What 1>0 You 1hink He Should 1>0 Fir$t? What Should He I>o?

Lesson 1 What 1s1h;t and What /tlt Foro?

This is a hard hat. People wear it to keep their heads safe. Athletes wear one when they play ice hockey or baseball. And miners and construction workers wear one on the job, too, for safety.





. I -

P'61rt 1 Picture Descrlptl@n t:£effOI) 1]




8 .



P@irt I Picture Descripti{6)n

LesS'o" 2.

What's the Difference?

thermometer vs

clinical thermometer


A thermometer is for measuring the temperature.

A clinical thermometer is a special kind, used to tell if a person has a fever. If you go to the hospital, a nurse checks your body temperature before the doctor examines you.

If your temperature is too high or too low, you are probably sick.

1. camera vs video camera

2. escalator vs elevator

P61rt I Picture Descriptl@n t£euon!J

3. tap water vs bottled water

4. cash vs credit card

5. CD player vs MP3

6. microscope vs telescope

7. skates vs skis

8. fan vs air conditioner

9. ramyon vs cup ram yon

10. TV v

s newspaper

Lesson "3 Which 1>0 YO(J Like Better? Why?


vs hamburgers

I like hamburgers because a pizza has too many strange flavors and is too messy. Pizza is also more expensive.

1. summer vs winter

2. bike vs motorcycle

3. math vs English

4. watching TV at home vs going to a movie theater



5. going to the department store with your mom vs

playing with your friends

Lesson Jf.

What {)6 1h.ese Signs Mean'?

currency exchange

If someone is going to visit another country, he will need that country's money, The sign means that the place is where he can trade his own country's money for the other country's money.







Fart 1 Picture Descripti©n

Letson 5

What Do You Say?

When you tell someone some news and you don't want him or her to tell anyone else, what do you say?

1. Don't repeat this to anyone!

2. This is between you and me.

3. Don't tell a soul!

1. What do you say when you first meet someone?


3. What do you say when you want to surprise someone with big news?


What do you say when you meet someone who has just returned from a long trip?

What do you say when you don't know if that person understands you?

F@lrt I Picture De5crlpti@n !£enonJ]

What do you say when you don't understand what someone has said and you want it to be repeated?

5. What do you say when you apologize to someone?

7. What do you say when you hear sad news from someone?

8. What do you say when you suggest that someone try some new kind of food?


10. What do you say when you think someone is joking with you?

What do you say when you swear not to repeat what someone has told you?


Anytime a person has achieved some milestone in life - graduated, won an award, got a job or a promotion, gotten married, had a baby, and so forth .






7 .






,r 1 'I 1-

1. What time did you get up? - I got up at 8:00.

- I woke up at dawn and got up right away.

- I overslept and didn't get up until 10 a.m.

2. What did you have for breakfast? - I had rice and kim chi.

- I ate some cereal and fruit.

- I scrambled an egg and ate it with toast.

3. What did you do at school? - I studied English.

- I talked with my friends.

- We went on a field trip to the museum.

4. What did you do when you returned home? - I watched television.

- I did my homework and went to bed.

- My family went to a restaurant to celebrate my mom's


5. What was the best news you had? - I got good grades at school.

- I found out that my dad would be all right. He just

needs to relax more.

- My school's soccer team won the finals.

F~rt 1 Picture Descrirti!2>n


6. What was your worst news?

- My friend's mother was sick.

- My dog got loose and ran away.

- The dentist had to remove one of my teeth.

7. What did you talk about with your friends? - We talked about our teachers.

- We talked about the new movies we wanted to


- We gossiped about our other friends.

8. What did you talk about with your parents? - We talked about my future.

- We discussed how I could do better in school.

- We tried to decide a fair way of picking which TV

program we would watch.

9. What time did you go to bed? - I went to bed at 10:00.

- I fell asleep at 8:30.

- I went to bed early, but I couldn't get to sleep.

1 O. What is your plan for later today or for tomorrow? - Tomorrow I plan to go hiking.

- I think I will stay in bed until noon.

- I want to playa new computer game with my friends

this evening.

Lesso~ B Who Are Thev? What Do 1~ev' Do?



;fRJ . ~.,sweO

Politicians are people who engage in politics. Some of them are elected to make laws or to run the government. We want them to be honest so they will work for us, not for themselves. But many of them are not ethical. If we think our political leaders are not honest, we should vote against them at the next election .




P@1rt I Picture Descripti@n t£eS'fon 1]







Fart) P'lcture Descripil®n

• L~ssQn 9 What 1),0 You 1hink He Shou(d 00 Fi'rIt~

His friend is drunk, but he says it is "no problem."

He is about to drive home.

~ ~nswea

He should take away his friend's key and put him in a taxi. His friend may be angry at him, but he will understand later. If an accident happens, it would be too late to take action to prevent it .


1. His house is on fire.

The doctor insists that he should go on a diet.

3. He sees a burglar breaking into a house.

F§lri I Picture Descrtrti®n t£eS'S'on !J


He has left his school bag in the subway train.

5. His car has a flat tire.


He found out his pocket was picked .

7. ;:EN9



~-------~ . ." ~

.~ ~ ~~ .. ~:r~~, ~~

~C~""'- ~

~- - -.::-~ ~

=-=-- -~ ~

He sees a man drowning in a river.

8. He knows his friend is cheating on a test.

He wasn't invited to his friend's birthday party.

He should ask why he wasn't invited. Maybe they are not really friends, or maybe it was just a mistake. But he should find out what his friend really thinks about him.

1. His grades are lower than he expected and he is afraid that his parents will be disappointed.

2. His parents forgot his birthday.

P0lrt I Picture Deseri ptl@n

~S"S'O'" ill

3. He doesn't know what to get for his friend's birthday.

4. His parents are always too busy to play with him .



S. He wants to have a more advanced computer but his parents say "no."

6. His friend is always late for their appointments.

.... == '"= ~_ I © &

(~ues . J~)ns ~ ,




Lenor) 11 "Who:" Questions
Lenor) 12- "When:" Questions
LcS"Sor) 1'3 "Where:" Questions
Less» 0 1 J/. "What?" Questions
Lenor) 15 "How?" Questions
tenor) 16 "Whv?" Questiot)s Who do you think is the happiest person in the world?

A clown is the happiest person because he makes people laugh. And I think I'm happy, too. I have a mom and dad, a brother and a sister. They are healthy and love me a lot. We eat out on weekends. And I have many friends to talk to, many books to read .


1. Who is the most important person in your life?


3. Who is your favorite singer?

Who is your best friend?

F@lrt 2 (@.uestJ'@ns & Answers

4. Who is your favorite movie star?

Who do you respect the most?

6. Who cooks in your home?

7. Who does the dishes at home?


Who makes the major decisions in your family?

9. Who decides which channel to watch on TV?

F©lrt 2 t(~ue5ti~)'ns & Answers


10. Who makes you feel happy?


Who makes you sad?

12. Who makes you laugh?

13. Who do you depend on for good advice?


Who do you think is the busiest person in your family?

15. Who do you think lies most often?


When do you feel happy?

I feel happy when someone gives me a present, and vice versa. I feel happy when someone praises me. I feel happy when I can help someone in need. But I feel happiest of all when I finish something by myself.

1. When is your birthday?


When did your parents get married?


3. When did you take your last vacation?

When did you start learning English?

Part 2 i@luestJ®ns & Answers


s. When do you feel like giving up on learning English?

When does your family eat out?

7. When are you under a lot of stress?


8. When do you feel lonely?

When do you see a doctor?

10. When are you planning to go around the world?


Where are you from? Talk about your home town.

I'm from Busan. It is a port city, with many ships from around the world. Busan is famous for Haeundae, the best beach in Korea. People a11 around the country flock there to enjoy themselves in the summer. They can eat raw fish cheaply there, too .

1. Where do you live? Talk about your neighborhood.


Where do you usually go on Sundays? Tell us what you do there.

3. Where do you go when you meet your friends? What do you do there?


Where are you going after this class? Are you going alone? What will you do there?

P@1rt 2 I@uest.i'®ns & Answers


5. Where did you go on your last vacation? Describe it.


7. Where do you most want to visit? Why?

Where are you planning to go for your next summer vacation? What do you want to do there?


8. Where do you usually


buy your clothes?

Why do you shop there?

Where do you most often see beggars? What do you think about them?

10. Where do you want to live after you grow up? In this country or abroad? Tell why.

What time do you usually get up?

I usually get up at 7:00 in the morning. I have to study English for one hour every day. So I have to go to bed early, at about 10 in the evening. My alarm clock wakes me up every morning.

1. What is your favorite food?

Do you eat it every day?


3. What is your favorite snack?



What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you like it?

What is your favorite season? Why?

P&irt 2 (g1uestl@ns & Answers


5. What is your hobby?


What do you want to be in the future?

What makes you feel happy?

7. What do you do to improve your English?


9. What makes you feel sad?

What do you do to make your parents happy?

11. What do your parents do for a living? What do you think about their jobs?

What are you saving your money for? How much have you saved?

. '. .

How would you feel if your grades were lower than you expected?

The most important thing is to believe I can do better next time. Then I need to work harder every day, step by step. There is no shortcut to learning .

1. How many hours do you sleep?

3. How do you go to school?

How can we get up early in the morning?

How many hours do you study English every day?

Part 2 {9!uestJ@ns & Answers


5. How can we improve our grades?


How can you persuade your parents that success in school is not the only thing that rna tters?

7. How can we get along better with our friends?

8. How much pocket money do you spend a month?


How can we maintain our health?

10. How do you know your parents love you?


Why must we exercise?

We have to exercise to stay healthy. Exercise is good for our mental and physical health. The two are closely related, in fact. If either one is not right, the other soon follows suit .

1. Why do we have to study?


Why do we study English?


3. Why do we need friends?

Why should we obey our parents?

P51rt 2 (g!uestl@ns & Answers


Why are some of our friends hooked on TV or a computer?

5. Why are our parents angry with us sometimes?

7. Why are some of our friends too interested in their own appearance?

8. Why do many people want to make more money?

Why do your parents disagree with you on almost everything?

10. Why do our parents love us unconditionally?

Or why do you think they don't?

p@lrt~) --
l 1. fi) ~0) 1. ®

et, S J'-r&lC'Llce

'\ @


: ------------------


k (

Lenon 11 Make a Que~tion Starting with "What" Lenon 1 s Make a Que~tion Starting with "When" Lenon 19 Make a Que~Hon StarH~g with "How" Lenon 2.0 Make a Queftion Starting with "Where" Len'of) 2.1 Make a Queftion Starting with "WhV" Lenon 2.2. A~k Hj~

LesIon 17 Make a Question Starting wIth "What'"

I want to be a doctor.

1. What do you want to be in the future?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

3. What do you want to do someday?

L = __ : ~=_··~ _


~ __ ~ ~~If

For the foUowing answers, Make at (east one question starting with "What."

1. I slept all day yesterday.


3. I'm going to see a movie tonight.

I like bulgogi.

4. I enjoy swimming every day.


Wa termelon is the best fruit in summer.

6. I feel relaxed when I listen to music.


7. I go to church every Sunday.


9. I think using an English - English dictionary is a good way to study English.

Math is the most difficult subject for me.

P©!rt ~\ Let~s Pr~ttlte M@!hln~ (Qiuestl©ns


10. She wants to be a movie star.

Yesterday I went to see a movie with my girlfriend.

12. My parents always tell me to be patient.

13. I want to have spaghetti for lunch.

15. I have a cold.

I have a date tonight with a new girlfriend.

Lesson 18 Make a QuestioD Starting with "When"

I usually get up at six.

1. When do you usually get up?

2. When do you wake up?

3. When does your day begin?


For the foUowing answerS', \\lake at (east one queS'tion starting with "When."

1. I usually go to bed at midnight.


3. He will be back in two hours.


I'm planning to take a round-the-world trip in five years.

The Korean War broke out in 1950.

Peart~' let~5 Practice Mahin, (~j.ue5tJ@n5

~~~O ill

5. My school starts at nine.

I was born in 1995.

7. I feel happy when I play with my dad .

8. I started learning English when I was six.

10. Soon after getting off the subway, she realized she'd left her bag behind.

The last time I saw him was in the middle of October.

I ask my friends to come to my home, and Mom prepares a special cake for us. My friends always give me books or movie tickets as presents.

1. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

2. How do your friends celebrate your birthday?

For the lo((owing answerS', ",a{(e at (esst one queftion starting with "HOWe"

1. I've been living here in Korea for two years.


3. I have two close friends.

I've been studying English since elementary school.

It takes ten minutes by car from here to Yongsan.

p@lrt~' let"s Pr@tctice M@thin, (@juestl@ns

~S'S'Of) ill

5. I usually read two books a month.


I feel much better.

7. I brush my teeth three times a day .

8. I want to make as much money as I can.


It was a real bargain - I got them for only 20 bucks apiece.

10. It was great. I visited my grandparents in Seoul and enjoyed walking in Seoul Forest.

~al\ll"fiJ I'm planning to go to Mt. Sorak this summer.

1. Where are you going to go on your vacation?

2. Where do you want to go this summer?

3. Where would you like to vacation?


For the fo«owing answers, ~ake at (east one question starting with "Where."

1. I'm from Seoul.


I live in] ongno.

I am going to go to the East Beach this summer.

3. I usually meet my friends in a downtown bookstore.


Part ~\ Let~s P'ractice M@ihin, {§1uestl®ns

tfno" ill

S. I was in Inchon yesterday.

7. We can meet in the New York Bakery .

My parents live on Ie]u Island.


k (1

8. I left my bag on the bus.


10. You can buy clothes cheaply in Dongdaemoon.

My father was born in Chicago, but he grew up in Moscow.


Lesson 2.1 Make a Question Starting witn "Wnv"

~a'"'''(iJ English is necessary for my job.


1. Why are you learning English?

2. Why is English important?


For the fo((owing answers, ~al(e at (east one question starting with "Whv."

1, I overslept.


I guess I just didn't study hard enough.

3. I love the beautiful scenery in the countryside.

Clean air makes me feel refreshed. That's why I live here.

P®lrt ~I let~5 Pr~ctlce M@lhin~ (~ue5tl@n5

~SS'O'" ill

4. Oh, no. I just want to relax at home. You know, there is no cure for a cold.

Running is the best exercise! It is cheap and I can do it anywhere.

6. I'm a vegetarian .

7. I have to help my mom with chores around the house. She has a full-time job.

~al\ll"(D Ask him why he lives in a big city.


1. Why do you live in a big city?

2. Do you enjoy living in a big city?

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