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An Idea on an Alternative Form of Energy

An Idea on an Alternative Form of Energy

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This can be treated as a brief essay written on alternative energy in the abstract after receiving word of Plasma Gasification for the first time.
This can be treated as a brief essay written on alternative energy in the abstract after receiving word of Plasma Gasification for the first time.

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Published by: Omar Alansari-Kreger on Jun 07, 2014
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An Idea on an Alternative Form of Energy

Omar Alansari-Kreger

The physical dimensions of the Earth are definitely not expanding which means that the
scarcity of space is beginning to decrease. That is not to suggest that entire populations face
imminent displacement into the ocean, but this particular factor strictly concerns the
conventional methods that are employed to dispose of our artificially disposed waste. The
reduction of any landfill can be channeled into an alternative that uses the actual waste as a
source for an electrical source of power; however, that is already being done on a marginal
basis under the alias of burning waste which actually arrives at a great cost to the environment.
Unfortunately that process consumes more energy when compared to what is produced.
It is impossible to not imagine the sheer amount of air pollution that is being emitted into
the atmosphere when waste is indiscriminately burned into oblivion. Nonetheless, when
substances are burned in their totality it becomes clear that pollution becomes an eventuality
and society is faced between the choices of two morally ethical priorities. That specifically brings
us to the forefront of two widely known energy alternatives to consider which should ultimately
bring us to a choice. That is described as the burning of waste or shoveling it all into immense
landfills. Perhaps energy theories that pertain directly to plasma gasification can be directed
toward stockpiles of radioactive waste derived from empty uranium cylinders stored beneath
facilities that produce nuclear energy?
The only question that remains from that point of reference goes on to state the
following: can plasma gasification and radioactivity peacefully converge by recycling the former
into a renewable form of energy? If nuclear energy was fully recyclable we would truly have an
eco-friendly alternative for electrifying human civilization’s energy grid in the abstract. In the very
least we should realize that the mindset that advocates for advanced plasma power is exactly
what humanity needs at a time of great resource scarcity and environmental endangerment.
Changing the method in which civilization derives its primary source of energy is in fact the
bigger picture issue at hand; if we can’t do that the world will continue to be divided and
conquered along the lines of resource wars made in the name of finite fossil fuels.
Attaining a paradigm shift that specifically targets the extraction, harvesting, and
production of civilization’s energy will be a game changer when factoring in a new blueprint for
that highly controversial term that is otherwise known as a new world order. It is the moral
responsibility of an emerging generation to find a sustainable pathological alternative that can
conserve, reuse, and maximize a frequency of infrastructural energy for human civilization;
however, universally common interests, inalienable to us all, must prevail as opposed to
exclusive ones safeguarded by elite agendas. With the arrival of peak oil we should muster all
the encouragement we need in order to expedite this process sooner rather than later.
Arrogance is our weakness in the sense that popular culture tries to convey a message
that undercuts the inconvenient truth that is omitted from the sharp scarcity of resources. We
want to believe that things will last forever especially when a resource is cheap and abundant
for the taking in the here and now. That is why the architects of civilization should hash out a
blueprint for damage control that introduces plausible alternatives once finite resources reach
their inevitable peaks.

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