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Portfolio Project Part 3 Rebecca Fowler

BabyCakes is a successful bakery in New York City that was foune by !rin
"ckenna# $he bakery s%eciali&es in all natural' or(anic (luten-free' e((-free' airy-free
an soy-free %roucts# $he bakery is one-hunre %ercent )e(an an (luten-free# $hey
ne)er use white su(ar or to*ic che+ical sweeteners' instea they use or(anic a(a)e nectar
an un%rocesse' e)a%orate cane juice# For foo colorin( they use all natural occurrin(
in(reients ,%ink - beets' (reen - chloro%hyll' yellow - tur+eric' blue.%ur%le - re
cabba(e/# For fats they use two ty%es of oils' non-0"1 canola oil an col %resse
coconut oil# BabyCakes also has a %a(e on their website that breaks own the nutritional
infor+ation of the %roucts they offer such as 0luten Free Chocolate Cu%cakes so
consu+ers can see e*actly what they are eatin(#
Besies the founin( bakery in New York City' the owner of BabyCakes' !rin
"ckenna' has o%ene bakery locations in 2os 3n(eles California an 1rlano Floria#
Portfolio Project Part 3 Rebecca Fowler
"rs# "ckenna has also %ublishe two cookbooks' an has a BabyCakes facebook
%a(e' insta(ra+' twitter' blo( that co)ers anythin( fro+ her book reci%es to fre5uently
aske bakin( 5uestions or in(reient substitutes an )ieos#
Portfolio Project Part 3 Rebecca Fowler

6he also has an 3%% for iPhone an iPa co+in( out this fall that has reci%es fro+
her first two cookbooks ,see works cite for book title an author/' tele)isual cheat sheets
for )e(an an (luten-free bakin(' bakin( ti+e with 7iernan 6hi%ka' chattin( )e(anis+
with "ark Bitt+an an +ore# BabyCakes eli)ers locally usin( +essen(ers an
nationally usin( o)erni(ht Fe!* an all orers +ust be +ae atleast fourty-ei(ht hours
in a)ance#
8ere are so+e %ictures of the %roucts they offer# ,3ll %hotos were taken fro+
BabyCake9s :nsta(ra+ %a(e#/

Cu%cake 3ssort+ent 6%ecial 1rer Birthay Cake
Portfolio Project Part 3 Rebecca Fowler

Blueberry ;onuts Chear-Broccoli Biscuit
Chocolate 6unbutter Cu%cake with Coconut Flakes
Portfolio Project Part 3 Rebecca Fowler
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6nickerooles by !rin "ckenna
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York9s "ost $alke-3bout Bakery by !rin "ckenna
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